If I leave the tube, when is it due?


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Here's the pregnancy coming to an end… Very soon you will become the happiest mom in the world! Even a little bit, and there will be the most important meeting-the meeting of mother and child. What could be more of this happiness? Naturally you are waiting for this event with joy and fear, and how everything goes? But in any case, no matter how great the fear of childbirth, this day the woman waits impatiently.

Leaves the tube, when to give birth

If moves tube, when is it due? Many women find that they have vaginal discharge mucous plug goes, I think that may soon be giving birth. And they are right. But when she goes into labor and water breaks? Let's try to understand!

The Tube is a clot of mucus, the consistency similar to raw egg white. It is formed in pregnant women in the cervix. Appears it under the action of the hormone, finally formirovalas the end of the first month of pregnancy. When the fertilized egg implanted in the uterus, then there is the mucous plug. Sometimes it may contain specks of blood or blood streaks. It's totally normal, and you shouldn't be afraid. And that leaves the tube. When is it due?

Before answering this question, let's see what it does. The mucous plug has a protective function in a woman's body and prevents entry into the uterine cavity infection. Under the action of the hormone estrogen at the end of pregnancy it softens and begins to slowly move away. Women who had given birth, I know that it often starts a generic process. But what if young expectant mothers, seeing that departed mucous plug, when to give birth, do not understand anyway?


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Away mucous plug when I give birth?

When will the process exit tube, just no one can say. This brand individually. In some women it comes out all at once and then she started to come. In others, it can cut off parts in a week or two. As you can see, it depends on the female body. But it is seen that if the tube came out fully, and there are blood streaks or is it pink, the birth will begin very soon. If the release is gradual, the birth will be a few days or even a week. But, however, and in these observations there are exceptions, so a definite answer to the question: “Departs tube, when is it due?” - does not exist.

The doctors: tube output occurs no earlier than two weeks before the birth. But you give birth tomorrow or next week, can't say no. Another feature: a discharge of mucus can be triggered by gynecological examination, therefore, make him to be careful.

No One can give a precise answer, if moved tube, how to give birth. But the gist you already know.Stepped tube, how to give birth

Remember that the output of mucus – one of the three main precursors of childbirth, of course, is not as basic as discharge of water and start contractions, but also may indicate imminent delivery. In any case, you should inform the doctor that leaves the tube. When to give birth - about (!) - will determine the doctor in the examination.

We Wish you a successful and easy delivery and can't wait to see your favorite kid! Let him grow up healthy and happy!

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