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In Russia it is customary to blame the government. Sometimes rightly and sometimes quite wrongly. Dissatisfaction often arises from misunderstanding by society of the ideas of the ruling elite, and all incomprehensible due to always very simple - evil designs of the reformers. This has a direct relationship to attempt the cultivation of potatoes in Russia. Under Catherine II all the efforts to instill the interest of Russians to this culture ended with the fact that the potatoes on a large scale began to grow the Germans, who instill's not required. This fact only exacerbated the rejection of the peasant environment of the root. The logic was simple: the Germans well – then we die.

The Second, more serious stage of instilling the love of potatoes came under Nicholas I. the government Decree obliging the state peasants to sow this culture was perceived as the forerunner of the end of the world. The villages went itinerant preachers, claiming that the Apple, for which people were banished from heaven, fell from the hands of Adam and turned into a potato tuber. I should add that that summer, when the decree, was exceptionally hot and it seemed that all hell broke loose. In areas affected by the unrest, the troops were introduced, the preachers were arrested, but fans of potatoes, these measures are not added. Peasants with all my heart was attached to the turnips, and it seemed that nothing may cause them to fall out this fruit. Who does not believe, let him read Russian folk tales. No other product has stirred positive emotions in ordinary people.


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This experience was repeated under Soviet rule: then introduced in the agriculture of corn. Riots implementation is not called, but led to big problems in providing citizens with bread.

In the end, common sense won, the end of the world was postponed indefinitely, and Russian people absolutely stopped eating turnips for food. Cooking only benefit from this, is simple as pie it is enriched by a variety of complex and delicious dishes, one of which is fried potatoes with onions.

To potatoes fried with onions turned out well, it is necessary to thoroughly preheat the pan with poured in her oil. Oil regret not necessary, the potato gets a nice Golden color, objetivas it in oil. Cut potatoes into strips and thin plates, the main thing – the pieces were small enough and well cooked.

Chopped onion is added somewhere near the middle of the roasting process. It is necessary to prepare on strong fire, not forgetting to stir. When the potatoes are browned, the pan can be removed from the heat and cover with lid. Let them reach five minutes. This can be considered that potatoes fried with onions is ready.

Potatoes fried with minced pork is also very tasty dish. The stuffing is better suited to this dish, if it consists of 2/3 beef and 1/3 pork. The stuffing is added to minced or finely chopped onion, pepper and salt to taste, a little pulp of white bread, soaked in milk.

Mince fried in vegetable oil until tender. Potatoes cut into half rings and fry separately until Golden brown. Then both parts of the dish mixed. On top put sliced tomatoes and onions. All filled with sour cream and sprinkled with grated cheese. Then the dish goes in a few minutes in the oven. It turns out not worse, than fried potatoes with onions.

Here is another simple and nourishing dish – fried potatoes with egg. Good heat the pan with oil. Fry the potatoes over high heat for about five minutes. Then add the tomatoes and continue frying. When potatoes are browned, pour the dish with the beaten eggs. When the egg white turns white, the dish is ready – please to the table!

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