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The Word “therapy” has Greek origins and translates as “recovery” or “treatment”. Also in the present structure of healthcare in many countries, this concept refers only to the adult population, that is, to adult citizens, and she is medical care in the conservative management of patients until complete recovery, or before or after the transfer to surgical methods. And therefore therapeutic compartment has in any multidisciplinary health care setting, whether a hospital or clinic. Now consider the concept in more detail.

What are the hospital

therapeutic office of hospitalIn General, any hospital has in its structure, administrative-household building, library, emergency room, ancillary diagnostic studies (ultrasound, x-ray, endoscopic methods) and, in fact, specialized medical wing (surgical and medical ward). Delivery hospital (maternity, perinatal centers) are located separately. However, if it is the district aid station or small hospital, you are required to have surgical, therapeutic and pediatric Department. In other words, patients with a variety of nosological units are placed and maintained together.

Structure of a therapeutic profile

therapeutic office of hospital

If this is a multidisciplinary medical facility with a large territory, a therapeutic Department of a hospital is divided into components. For example, it may be rheumatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, neurology, pulmonology, cardiology Department and many others. Thus, patients with diseases of the different areas are located and maintained separately. It is convenient both for staff and for patients themselves, since it is much easier to distribute satellite equipment, medicines, provide food and care for the sick. So, for example, in the therapeutic Department of the hospital there is no need to deliver tools for domestic interventions and a range of disinfectants, as in surgery where sterility – the main condition of operations.


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therapeutic Department of the polyclinicAs for the clinics, in urban institutions employ many specialists of different directions, which also requires a corresponding differentiation on branches and buildings, because here every day accept patients with infectious diseases. It is important to minimize their contact with children and pregnant. That is why the therapeutic Department clinics also usually located in a separate wing according to targeted areas. You should also consider that family doctors treat patients with different pathologies, including infectious, but because in every room of the office must be a quartz lamp is used for periodic treatment of rooms.

Read More about therapy

This area of medicine is studying the ‘internal medicine" (that is, all nosologic units, affecting the organs): their etiology, pathogenic variants, clinical variants, diagnostic schemes, treatment and prevention. Therapy Department always works in conjunction with laboratories and research structures hospital (endoscopic, visual, radiation) because it requires not only the correct result of the search of the diagnosis, but also control the quality and the effectiveness of remedial measures. The latter concept includes only conservative schemes, i.e., drugs, physical (UHF, electrophoresis, laser, magnetotherapy, etc.) and biological methods (immunotherapy).

therapeutic office


Every therapy Department has a certain number of beds, personalized, double, triple and more of the chamber, contains the offices and rooms of doctors, residents, nurses, separately, the sister of the hostess with the inventory, kitchen, dining room and sanitary facilities. Hospital stay depending on the severity of the patient can be hour or day. In the latter case, it is for discharged patients who seek to end of treatment for certain therapeutic procedures that are not can provide in the outpatient clinics at the place of residence. In the framework of the health system therapeutic patients aimed from clinics using specialized portal, are entitled to free hospital treatment with a full diagnostic examination. The exceptions are medicines and procedures that are not in the hospital, or if patients require additional treatment, such as massage. Upon completion of the course for certain indications possible direction for prevention activities in the health centers and dispensaries.

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