Can I eat almonds during pregnancy? Almonds: useful properties and contraindications


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In our article we will tell you about the almonds. Useful properties and contraindications for its use will also be described in detail. We will also be able to respond to many exciting question: can I eat almonds during pregnancy?

almonds during pregnancy

Every woman dreams to have a child. Of course, I want these wonderful moments of pregnancy that remain in memory for life, proceeded without any deviations, problems. It would be nice if the memories of these times gave only pleasant emotions, and the development of the baby was normal. I would like every woman to her baby received all the nutrients and grow well.

Can I eat almonds during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, you need to take into account the fact that those products that in normal, everyday life is useful, even necessary for each person, expectant mothers can not be used, even contraindicated. What foods you need to categorically remove from the diet or their use to minimize it?

almonds useful properties and contraindications

A Very topical question about the nuts. As a pregnant woman it is essential to fill the need for vital trace elements and vitamins, necessary to both mother and baby. For example, almonds. Doctors recommend, even require to consume almonds during pregnancy. It is useful, but it can be strictly prohibited, as its properties are mixed.

Almonds. Description

According to many, almond is a nut, though it is not. Actually in nature, it is a small bone of the fetus. In structure and color similar to that of bone apricot.


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The Taste of this product can be sweet and bitter taste. Dark walnut make butter, used in cooking. Sweet almonds can be eaten raw. Very often crushed walnut used in salads, giving them a spicy flavor. Also suggest eating raw almonds on an empty stomach, early in the morning. Yet it is used in soaked and fried. It is very nutritious and high-calorie product containing the greatest quantity of substances among other nuts. Nuts are rich in vitamins.

Nutrients in almonds

Approximately 100 grams of almond kernels contains almost 56 % of the norm of Riboflavin, which is needed by the human body per day.

can I eat almonds during pregnancy

There's also:

  • B-vitamins;
  • Vitamin PP (6.95 grams, constituting 35 % of the norm per day);
  • A lot of fat (49,42 grams per 100 grams of the product);
  • Vitamins a and E.

Also contains:

  • Whites;
  • Dietary fiber;
  • Carbohydrates;
  • Water;
  • Ashes;
  • Acid.

Acid is as interchangeable and irreplaceable. There is a large number of trace elements: magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and calcium. There is also manganese, iron, selenium, zinc.

Almonds. Useful properties and contraindications

Very useful to use almonds for problems of the respiratory organs, in particular during coughing. Helps in anemia, impotence, and diabetes and constant constipation. Very often used in cosmetics, hair care, skin, teeth and the appearance of psoriasis. A very strong effect it has on the human brain, as in walnut there are a huge number of micronutrients that aid in the full and proper development.

almond kernels

Almonds leads to normal cholesterol and blood pressure (regardless of its level). Because it acts as an antioxidant, decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Almond is a mild analgesic. Very carefully relieve, unlike drugs, do not harm the body.

Almond and pregnancy: positive

It is Advisable to consume almonds during pregnancy, as it contains huge amount of folic acid. It is known that this acid lowers the risk of birth defects in babies. And there is a special protein that is an essential component of recreating human tissue. And that makes him a very valuable product, which is necessary for the woman. And pregnant all the useful minerals reports baby. The use of almonds in the diet is the guarantee of normal development of a child.

sweet almonds

Shown in walnut pregnant with a poorly developing fetus. Especially if you keep in mind that it has vitamin E, which is a necessary element for a pregnant woman.

Almond Kernels need to use throughout pregnancy. During the day you need to eat 10-15 pieces. This amount is sufficient to saturate the organism with all necessary. Development of the child will take place without any problems. Also this nut is useful due to the large number of mineral substances contained in it. It is particularly important that the almonds during pregnancy can cope with this important problem, like insomnia, and digestive problems.

Negative impact

Some women prohibit altogether the use of the nut or reduce its quantity to a minimum. Why?

Almonds during pregnancy is to eat a little, soas excessive amount of it may cause dizziness and to act as a light narcotic drug. As with other foods, the walnut, in exceptional cases, can harm a pregnant woman. The use of immature almonds can lead to severe poisoning. Depending on how many nuts were eaten, so strong is poisoning. During pregnancy changes the body's response to different stimuli and products. Can appear or worsen an allergic reaction to this kind of nut.

Almonds during pregnancy is contraindicated in women who scored in this period the weight. Because it is a very nutritious food product, it will lead to more weight gain. Palpitations or problems with the cardiovascular system – two contra-indications for use.

Roasted and bitter almonds

In some cases it is better to abandon it? Much can hurt the almonds during pregnancy if it is in dark. This walnut is contraindicated during pregnancy baby. In bitter almonds was found a substance that when exposed to certain factors can turn into poisonous cyanide.

But at the same time, there is a perception that roasted almonds are less useful than raw. As you know, any heat treatment reduces the positive properties of the product. When roasting nuts lose at least 10% of oils, which have medicinal properties. But at the same time produced substances that contribute to faster aging. And if you prefer roasted almonds, it is best to make a nut like this on your own.

roasted almonds during pregnancy

At a greater risk of coronary disease, cancer of education it is best to avoid raw kernels. Arab doctors have proved that almonds during pregnancy, during the spread of infections and colds, reduces the risk of infection. And the taste and smell of it frying very pronounced. In cooking, mostly eaten with the fried nuts.


As we found out the almonds during pregnancy can both benefit and harm the expectant mother and the little man. Therefore, with the use of this nut so be careful.

Almonds - a perishable product, it is very important when buying to pay attention to the expiration date. Store in the refrigerator.

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