How to insulate wooden Windows for the winter with his own hands: technology and instruction


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In recent years the popularity of plastic Windows has increased significantly. Despite this, wooden Windows are still quite common. Therefore, the question of how to insulate wooden Windows in the winter, remains relevant today.
In the Winter through the old Windows lose up to fifty percent of the heat. Known 7 ways to insulate Windows for the winter.

how to insulate wooden Windows for the winter

Mechanisms of heat transfer

There are three main mechanisms of heat transfer:

  • Direct heat transfer (conductance) through Windows, walls, doors, ceiling, and floors;
  • Infrared radiation through window glass;
  • Convection-heat escapes through porous materials, cracks and crevices.

Traditional methods of insulation

If your budget is limited, we often insulate wooden Windows in the winter of materials. A brief overview of the budget ways of warming:

  • If the Windows are tightly closed, then used self-adhesive rubber seals of suitable thickness. You can buy them in any hardware store. There are times that the glue is bad stick. In this case use a Hairdryer or fan heater.
  • Toilet paper moistened in water, wring out and hammer it into the cracks. On top of the paste masking tape.
  • With the help of cotton, foam or oakum score the joints between the frames and doors, after which they sealed with duct tape.
  • Relatively cheap but reliable material – self-adhesive foam, or penopolietilena. It also owns properties of insulation and duct tape. Sold in rolls like tape.
  • The Cracks daubed with clay or ordinary window putty. But the method has a big disadvantage – in the spring to remove them from the window difficult. This method is used only in extreme cases.

Using the heat the film

One of the ways of how to insulate wooden Windows in the winter, is the use of heat protectors. If the winter on the inner side of the window glass appears condensate and frost, it is a sign of low insulating properties. The problem inherent even the modern double-layered glass. The film is set on the inner side of the frame, parallel to the glass.insulated wood Windows for the winter


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At the same time She performs two actions: prevents the loss of heat in form of infrared radiation and creates an insulating layer of air between the film and glass. It gives the opportunity to avoid the effect of “weeping Windows”.

The Installation of the fuser is quick and easy. First clean the frame and degreased, and around the glass glue double sided tape. The usual film is sold folded in two layers (before using the layers separate).

Glue the Tape to the tape so that it covers all the glass. Its pull, not paying attention to the formed wrinkles. This should ensure that the edges of the film securely boarded and formed bubbles. After that, the film is blowing hot air in their dryer. Under its influence, she stretched and smoothed.

Window panes with paper and soap

This method is one of the oldest and is quite rare. Paper newspaper torn to pieces, soaked in water and put the mix all the gaps between the frames. Before you insulate wooden Windows in the winter with your hands, you should prepare the tools you need: knife, flathead screwdriver or a metal ruler. When all the cracks are patched on top of them glue strips of paper masking tape. You can use also the fabric. Strips of paper should be pre-moistened with grease and soap, which will allow you to securely attach them to the surface. The method is relatively cheap, but has one serious drawback – remove the paper without damaging the window frame, is problematic. Often the Windows have to be repainted.

Window panes with the help of foam

This type of insulation is similar to the first. The difference is only in the material used, that is instead of paper, take the foam. With the mounting technology, you need to see before you insulate wooden Windows for the winter. The advice of experts is not required, as the method is fairly simple, and any errors are easily eliminated. how to insulate wooden Windows in the winter your hands

The Strips of foam are sold in any hardware store. Compared to paper, removal is simple. On top of them you can also glue strips of paper, previously greased with soap.

Insulation foam

The Best advice on how to insulate Windows for the winter will definitely give professionals. The use of foam – one of the most effective ways. In recent years it became widely used both in construction work and in everyday life. Foam blow out all cracks, chips and other defects. After the cavity is filled with foam, let it dry. Cut off the excess with a utility knife.

When the foam is applied from the outside, all the seats mandatory zashtukaturivat. This must be done because the foam in the sun crumbles and turns to dust. In General, the material offers reliability and durability.

How to insulate Windows for the winter: a step-by-step instruction and technology

Method based on the use of silicone, requires more effort, compared with the conventional sealing cracks, but it is the most effective. This is because the method can not onlyto minimize heat losses and to improve the overall sound insulation of the to insulate Windows for winter instruction and step-by-step technology

The technique is as follows: silicone insulated fixing points glass. First frame is removed from the hinges and place it on the floor, and then disassemble beadings. For this you will need a flat screwdriver, but a knife. It is important to be extremely careful, as the beads can break. It is advisable to buy the spare. After their dismantling of the glass is removed. All work should be performed in gloves, as there is a high probability of injury.

The Location previously occupied by glass, clean all sorts of dirt and fill with sealant. In the next step glass put back, after which the sealant is held for the second time and clog beadings back. At the end of the work frame and hang back. In parallel with the insulation recommended repair of frame: to remove the old paint, fill cracks, to supply quality locks. The question of how to insulate wooden Windows in the winter, every detail plays an important role.

Tip: it is best to use a clear sealant since it will be invisible if placed on the glass.

Eliminate gaps

Under the influence of various temperatures wooden frames often crack. Before you insulate wooden Windows in the winter, you should seal all the cracks.7 ways to insulate Windows for winter To do this, use the following:

  • Melted paraffin;
  • Sealant;
  • Putty for wood;
  • A mixture of sand and flour in the ratio one to three.

There are other methods, but they are less common. If you use any of their Windows have to be repainted.

The Insulation of Windows on the perimeter frames

In the General case, the insulation of Windows – seal gaps where the window sash adjacent the window frame. To achieve air-tightness of joints by using rubber tubing with adhesive base, foam tubes, foam and other materials.the best tips on how to insulate Windows for winterOne of the most effective ways of placing the sealant is bonding to the transom Windows around the perimeter. When a window is closed, the gasket will bend and block the cold airflow from the street. It is important to ensure that the frame has bent the seal, and does not slip on it.

If the frame is wide enough, the gasket is glued in several rows. So he is firmly entrenched, the edges of his nailed small nails. It will not allow the material to come off. It is important to carefully inspect the frame before to insulate Windows for the winter. Insulation of wooden Windows with the help of sealer can lead to the fact that they will not close. Therefore the frame sometimes you need to cut to seal promoted the leaf forward, resulting in the window not rested in a nearby leaf.

This method is most effective when used in conjunction with the landing Windows with silicone sealant. One of the main advantages of this method is that with the departure of winter to dismantle the entire tape is optional, so it can be used for several to insulate wooden Windows for the winter tips

In conclusion

Wooden and plastic Windows have their advantages and disadvantages. They are distinguished by their sound and thermal insulation properties and require different care. In our climatic conditions the question of insulation of Windows still does not lose its relevance, and therefore requires careful and thorough consideration.

Having Studied the mechanisms of heat transfer from the apartment to the outside, as well as features of building construction, it is possible for the shortest period of time at minimum cost with quality and reliable to warm the room. Windows play almost the most important role. So they insulation do in the first place. The article describes the main options of how this can be done efficiently and professionally. Hopefully, the tips presented will be useful for you.

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