The river Vazuza, the right tributary of the Volga


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The River Vazuza – right tributary of the Volga. It flows through Smolensk and Tver oblasts of the European part of Russia.

This river and the tributary, Gate during the reign of Peter I in Saint Petersburg delivered construction materials. Sychevskiy merchants, conducting trade, transported by water, bread, resin, hemp and flax.


The Name of the river comes from its core purpose of “the Vazuza – the river which delivers the goods”.

The origins of the river Vazuza takes Smolensk hills, Northern slopes, near the village of Maryino. The length is 162 km. of its Water is derived from the 6 right and 4 left tributaries. A narrow and shallow valley through which the river flows first 30 km, goes in the bottom-moraine plain.

The Banks are high and hilly, only in some places there are small copses. The river Vazuza with clear water has a sandy bottom, sometimes it is found on gravel.

river VazuzaOnly the city of the City of Vazuza turns into a large river with a width up to 30 m. Far from the city of Zubtsov in the late 70-ies was built a dam which formed a reservoir Vazuzskiy. Its waters are used for water supply of Moscow, the rapids of the flooded places in the valley of the river.

The River Vazuza replenished by snowmelt, rain and underground sources. The ice cover is established in early November and early April is the opening of the ice.


In the picturesque places of the Smolensk region, away from the city, where the river Vazuza, a photo of which is below, posted a few recreation. Here offer different activities and plenty of entertainment. There are rental agencies where you can rent sports gear and equipment.


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river Vazuza photoThe Comfortable rooms of the hotels provide the guests at the European level. In hotels restaurants and guest cottages are available to prepare meals, if desired, allowed to have a picnic.


Fishing vacation is able to combine with a fishing trip. The reservoir and the river rich in fish. Here catch pike, perch, IDE, tench, roach, perch, bream. Fishing all year round.

Ideal for fishing and hunting is fishing-hunting base, which is called “the Vazuza”. It is located on the shore of the reservoir, where it is possible not only to fish but to hunt elk, wild boar, ROE deer, hare, Fox, ferret, weasel.

The River Vazuza flows through the most beautiful places. On its banks are the industrial enterprises that pollute the waste reservoir, and small towns and villages do not harm the waters of the river. Clean water from the Vazuza restocks of the Moscow river and attracts many fans of fishing for clean fish.

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