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Aniseed manual describes how antibiotic remedy – a semi-synthetic penicillin, an inhibitor of beta-lactamase. The active ingredient – sultamicillin tosylate. Anisid - tablets typically are white or white with a yellowish sheen color, in the form of capsules, film-coated on both sides with valium. At the turn revealed a homogeneous white (or almost white mass). The drug is active against many bacteria, as gram-positive, gram-negative, including penicillin-resistant and resistant to methicillin.

The Drug exists in the form of powder for preparation of solution for oral administration.

When administered orally, there is good absorbability anyside without destroying the acidic environment of the stomach. The drug is able to penetrate most body fluids and tissues in the body (through the blood-brain barrier penetrating bad).

The Removal is carried out mainly by the kidneys (in urine has a high content of unaltered antibiotic), breast milk, bile.

Repeated use of the drug does not accumulate, which allows it to take a long time.

Aniseed. Instruction: testimony

The Drug is prescribed for diseases of the infectious and inflammatory nature, provoked by microorganisms with a sensitivity to it. The pathologies in which the recommended aniseed, instruction will include infections of the lower and upper respiratory tract, ENT-organs (bacterial pneumonia, epiglottitis and otitis media, sinusitis), urinary, genital system (urethritis, cystitis, endometritis, pyelonephritis), biliary tract (cholangitis, cholecystitis), joints, bones, soft tissues, skin, and gonococcal infections.


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Is Contraindicated in patients with mononucleosis (infectious), hypersensitivity to sulbactam and ampicillin, and other beta-lactam antibiotic means, with lymphatic leukemia, childhood (up to three years for tablets), severe disorders of liver, kidneys.

Aniseed manual allows for application during pregnancy only on the advice and under the constant supervision of a physician. If necessary, carry out treatment in the lactation period, the feeding is stopped.

Patients (children and adults) weighing over thirty pounds prescribed a day at 375-750 mg if weight less than 30 kg-per kg at 25-50 mg per day. Daily dose divided into two doses. The duration of application of from five to fourteen days.

Aniseed (suspension). Cooking instructions

The Solution is prepared immediately before use. The powder is dissolved in boiled (room temperature) water, gradually stir up, add fluid to the mark on the bottle. After insisting for five minutes. This ensures the complete dissolution of the powder. Before each use, the bottle is well shaken. Exact dosage is achieved by using measuring spoons. It (the spoon) should be rinsed after each use with warm water. In the fridge after cooking, the slurry is stored for not more than fourteen days. To freeze the solution should not be.

The Use of tools can cause eosinophilia, arthralgia, fever, conjunctivitis, rhinitis, angioedema, vomiting, pseudomembranous colitis, disorder of appetite, thrombocytopenia, hemolytic anemia, lymphopenia, neutropenia, headache, drowsiness. In rare cases convulsions.

In case of overdose identifies significantly different from adverse reactions symptoms. Excretion of the drug from the body is hemodialysis.

Before using medication should consult a doctor.

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