How many calories are in okroshka on kvass? Lose weight properly


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Okroshka on kvass has long been considered a Russian national dish. A big plus of it is that the dish is not only delicious, but also nutritious. However, there is another positive quality of this dish is relatively low calorie content.

It is Difficult to find anyone who never heard of the hash. Years of the recipe of this delicacy still remains unchanged and is likely to continue for years to come. Of course, like any dish, the hash will not please everyone, but for many people it is the most favorite and easy to prepare.

How many calories are in okroshka on kvass

How to prepare?

To Try okroshka it is necessary, moreover, to prepare it easier. It does not require the intricate skills of a skilled chef, but will delight them on any table in holiday and an ordinary day.

Kvass1 liter
Radishes100 g
Boiled Potatoes100 g
Onion1 piece
Carrots1 piece
DillTo taste
Green onions
Mustard1 tbsp
Sour Cream6 tbsp

Black pepper

3 dot

When you select a brew of preference is desirable to give kvass in barrels and not bottled, and a great choice of meat - beef or boiled tongue.


1. Boil the potatoes in advance (preferably cook in uniform).

2. Boiled egg (only protein), meat, radish and cucumbers cut into medium size cubes, then finely chop the greens.

3. Mix mustard with sour cream and add egg yolks.

4. Pour the brew into the mix, stir and sprinkle with salt.

To the table the soup is served chilled.

That's the whole simple recipe for making hash. We now turn to the main question: "How many calories are in hash on kvass?" The answer depends, of course, from the selected ingredients, because some prefer boiled meat and other sausages.


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People who want to lose weight, they calculate calories for weight loss. Not to be mistaken with the calculation, you should weigh each product and calculate its calorie content. In principle, for weight loss good hash. The calories in this dish are not so small - about 60 to 100g. Why, then, this food is recommended for weight loss? It's very simple: hash - a full hearty meal, after eating which, you will not experience hunger throughout the day. If you eat the average bowl of okroshka on kvass, you can very well lose weight. For weight loss you should eat a certain amount of calories a day. How many calories? In okroshka on kvass, as it is known, 60 calories. Then, if you eat in a day 1 kg of hash (330 grams for one of the three doses), per day it works out 600 calories. In this situation not to lose the hash is impossible, even with a sedentary lifestyle.

Hash calories

There is a quite famous "okroshechnyj" a diet that lasts seven days and involves a hash with 1 liter of kvass or kefir to eat during the day for 4-6 times. This is one of the fast diet, thanks to which goes from four to seven pounds a week for average physical activity. How many calories are in hash on kvass, it is already known, so you can guess that the weight is falling fast. This way of eating will suit those who need to lose a few pounds in the shortest time.

calorie Calculation for weight loss

Hash is a useful and incredibly hearty dish, which is why it is recommended as with a proper diet and losing weight, after all, how many calories are in hash on kvass, can not but rejoice. With a uniform distribution of meals throughout the day diet soup will bring excellent results.

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