Why Lenin was not buried immediately after death? The views of historians


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Now 90 years old, died changed the course of Russian history in the last century, the man some people praise God, others – curse. It – V. I. Lenin. But still no fall silent disputes about why Lenin buried?

The Fate of these disputes in the country's history and the focus of this article.

Historical facts about the death of Lenin

Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin) died at the age of 53 in January 1924. Before his death, the leader of the young Soviet state was seriously ill and was virtually paralyzed. Cared for him, his wife – “loyal friend and colleague" (as historians will write later) – N. K. Krupskaya.

The Death occurred in the country of Lenin in Gorki (this is one of the districts of the Moscow region). Year of Lenin's death coincided with the beginning of the redistribution of power among his associates, which ended with an unconditional victory of Stalin.

why Lenin was not buried

Funeral Ceremony

Two days after death – 23 January – the body of the leader was brought to Moscow. Began to decide on the funeral.

In the end, 27 Jan embalmed body of Lenin was put in a hastily created the mausoleum. The reaction of his contemporaries to such an unusual funeral were mixed.

Of Course, Lenin himself has repeatedly spoken about the fact that the proletarian revolution will change all spheres of life: language, religion, family, tradition. It turns out that his unusual funeral was part of a new system.

But everything in detail.

Who decided to preserve Lenin's body?

Memories of Lenin's associates in different ways tell us about who was the initiator of this decision. So, Trotsky Stalin believes them. It shows that Stalin in 1923 the Politburo talked about the need to preserve the body of the leader for example to preserve the relics of saints in Orthodox Christianity.http://fb.ru/misc/i/gallery/8908/24592.jpg


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Trotsky, Kamenev and Bukharin (according to the memoirs of Trotsky) then opposed the idea of Stalin.

However, if to take into consideration the bitter hatred of Lev Davidovich to kicked him out of the country to Stalin, then you need to be wary of his statements on this issue.

Hardly worth the trust and some historians that Lenin and Stalin were United by one idea, Stalin wanted to offer his people a new religion, where Lenin would become a God but he – the king.

There is a version, according to which the question of why Lenin was not buried, and embalmed, the answer is: among the Bolsheviks there were people who believed that science will soon be able to find a way to resurrect people from the dead, so they did that to keep the integrity of the body of their leader.

Lenin and Stalin

The relationship of relatives of Lenin to his embalming

The wife of the leader of the Bolsheviks – a prominent representative of this party – N. K. Krupskaya, according to her own memoirs, resisted such a method of burial of her husband.

She tried to prove the necessity of the usual burial. However, the word widow no one heard. Also not heard the protests of the brother and sisters of Lenin, who also had weight in the Bolshevik party.

Krupskaya was ordered to give out my husband's things that she got teary eyes did.

Later, she was unable to go to the mausoleum. But it was decided the younger brother of Lenin – Dmitry Ulyanov. However, he long survived the sad spectacle, and seeing Lenin's mausoleum inside, came out with tears. To see your brother in the form of a lifeless doll Dmitry Ilyich could not.

inside the Lenin mausoleum

Why Lenin was not buried: the version of the last will of the leader

In the late 80-ies of the last century, when the glory of Lenin faded in the hearts of Soviet citizens, began to appear version of the he wanted to be buried next to his mother-Maria Alexandrovna (now on this place were buried two unmarried sisters of Lenin).

The Author of this version was the historian A. Arutunov. He believed that the Bolsheviks, in his own way dispose of the body of the leader, in fact, violated the will of a dying person. Year of Lenin's death was hard, the press was then published many letters “simple Soviet people” about the need to preserve the body of the leader. However, the historian believed that not citizens, and Lenin himself was entitled to decide on whether to have him embalmed, or will you be rewarded with the usual graveyard peace.

But today, this version does not hold water because there is no written evidence nor of Lenin, nor of his family, which would have made it clear that V. I. Ulyanov wanted to be buried with her mother.

Perhaps, being an atheist, Lenin did not attach importance to the place of his burial.

Unusual funeral as part of the creation of the myth of Lenin

Immediately after the October revolution, capturing the Telegraph and the media, the Bolsheviks set themselves the task of wide propaganda of their ideas. This activity they were successful. Many people believe in the Communist dream through a well-organised system of propaganda.

Vladimir Ulyanov Lenin

Immediately the press, part of the sphere of influence of party leaders, was to create an image of a terrible leader – invincible Vladimir Lenin, friend of the people and courageous fighter for hisfreedom.

Such is the exaltation of the image of Lenin continued throughout his life. Maxim Gorky is credited with saying that the new Soviet Russia needed new faith, a new religion, and the image of Christ and took the image of Lenin – a fighter and a Martyr for the people's happiness. Therefore, Lenin was supposed to be immortal, he should be able to rise from the dead.

Consciously or unconsciously, but members of the Bolshevik party did a lot to create a myth about the leader. When Lenin's body was not buried, the myth of him only became stronger.

By the way, when he died Joseph Stalin, he was also embalmed and put in mausoleum. However, Lenin and Stalin lay together for a long time: after the revelations of Khrushchev, Stalin's body was secretly buried near the Kremlin wall.

Today, the mausoleum and of him lying in the body of the leader still remains a contentious issue among his contemporaries. Many of them already and can't answer the question of why Lenin buried? But the image of the Mausoleum irritates them. The other part of the population belongs to the mausoleum with smeshannymi feelings: curiosity sayings of respect for the memory of the leader.

What will happen to the Mausoleum next? You will find Lenin last rest in the ground forever or will be subject to a visual inspection of onlookers and foreign tourists – today it is difficult to say.

Does the leader of such a fate? Also not very clear.

Wait-and-see. And to these words nothing more cannot be added.

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