What is a Nega? The meaning of the word "bliss"


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The meaning of the word “bliss” to explain, not everyone can. Only someone who reads a lot and knows a lot of poetry. It's a book word, not often found in everyday speech. What does it mean? What it is possible to think of synonyms?


The Word “luxury” has a positive connotation. Look in the dictionary. Nega-assured, moral gratification, the sweet spiritual solace, a state of complete satisfaction. In addition to the latter, neither of these phrases is not used today in everyday speech. Synonyms “bliss” - pleasure, enjoyment, delight, light-heartedness.

The Adjective “gentle” comes from this word. Therefore, it is possible to result and other synonyms: “tenderness”, “affection”, “soft”. The root word is “relax”. What does this verb? In order to understand, take a look at the cat, lying lazily in the sun.

what is bliss

The Word “bliss” be found in the works of Pushkin, Gogol, Chekhov, Kuprin. Bunin there is a phrase - "Nega young sleep”. Kuprina in the book “For glory” there is such a phrase: “Sweet, sweet bliss spread in a dark, slumbering the night”.

This is a noun masters of artistic word used for a more precise description of human feelings, for the transmission of shades of emotional state. “their faces soft bottled bliss, movement, full of languor” says Anton Chekhov about his characters. And the reader understands that the characters of the story “living” are in a calm, relaxed state. By the way, another synonym for the word “bliss” - languor. And Pushkin in one of his poems uses the metaphor of “closed bliss eyes”. Examples are many. Remember the work of the poet – one of the most famous representatives of the Silver age.



The Lyrical hero of the poem of Gumilev tells his interlocutor about the distant, beautiful land, about lake Chad, the tales of mysterious countries. We are talking about Africa. The main image here – a giraffe. The author describes his smooth, graceful movements, skin, decorated with magical pattern. The second stanza contains the word “bliss”. Gumilev uses it, in order to emphasize the serenity, light-heartedness of the existence of almost fabulous animal.

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