How is third wedding anniversary? What to give for a third wedding anniversary?


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Every year joint life of the spouses is of great importance for the family. People walk the difficult path together. Every year the husband and wife get to know each other, the relationship, as they say, life is checked.

Third anniversary

third anniversary

Over time the acuteness of the senses dulled, and not to confuse this moment with the complete fading of love, often necessary to devote time to talk about what's going on in each soul. Perhaps this is a suitable occasion to diversify the established family order. So quietly, and coming third wedding anniversary. What is the date? Third anniversary of living together is called a pair of leather (or wool). The very name is the essence of this date.

What do you mean?

the third wedding anniversary what to give

Marital relations at this stage is associated with a pliable material-leather. It is very durable and comfortable to use if it properly. The product after many years of socks can change the color, but the durability remains the same. And in relations between spouses, which is on the nose third wedding anniversary. How is – and lived. So they say on each anniversary of joint life. In the second version, the matrimonial way similar to yarn or wool. If not properly maintained they deteriorate in time and can no longer be used as intended.

Too hot water can reduce the thing made of wool. Similarly, the heat of one of the spouses manifest in the situation of a conflict may lay the seed of doubt in the correctness of choice, committed three years ago. Though the majority of adjustment is over, but to get excited at certain moments, still not worth it. Also can the passion fade away, it will be replaced by habit. However, the Union is tempered by time and becomes more durable. The more that the veneer is always possible to restore, but the essence requires a much more prolonged and painstaking work. Outside the product, typically cream and by all means prevent it from drying out. And in married life. Sometimes it is given way to, as they say, fuel to the fire. This is what marks the third wedding anniversary.


the third wedding anniversary what to give

Psychologists say this period of life together as one of crisis. The fact that during the first three years of the relationship man eyeing his partner, knows himself in his new role, the first difficulties are lived, studied own reactions to different situations. A riot of emotions, but not feelings, is gradually waning. It should not be confused with the fading of love. The period with the right attitudes and priorities is the transformation of passion, enthusiasm and other feelings in deeper. And if the third wedding anniversary is celebrated in an atmosphere of mutual understanding, the couple has the chance for a lasting relationship. Despite the quieter emotions and sometimes the lack of passion, the couple can stay together for a long time.

It was three years later feeling reborn from surface to deeper. Or people immersed in the conflicts and the lack of past emotions differ. Many sincerely think that, having gone from a man, they solve the problem. However, as a rule, in a new relationship all over again. That is why the third wedding anniversary is a kind of first serious boundary.

third wedding anniversary called what to give


The Celebration on this occasion decided to organize an unusual way. This applies to absolutely everything. That is, if prior to this anniversary was not celebrated at all, should immediately rectify the situation. In the case where the couple love spending their free time at home, this is a wonderful reason to throw the fun in a noisy place. If the pair belongs to the busy workaholics, and the third wedding anniversary-the best moment for a romantic break or a trip out of town with friends and family. By the way, in their company's tradition to celebrate this date. That is, the celebration must be calculated on a narrow circle of guests.

third wedding anniversary greetings to husband

Holiday table

Special attention in thisday should be paid holiday table. It must be present meat. Moreover, different types. Before a festive meal, there were figures of a cow or horse, which was done with biscuits or homemade cakes. This Russian tradition has always pointed to the fact that such a celebration – it is the third wedding anniversary. What is the drink adopted on the feast dedicated to this case?

It is Preferable to red wine, and other drinks, this color – juices, fruit drinks, fruit drinks and others. If the date of the celebration falls on the spring-summer period, then it is optimal to have a picnic or outdoors. Here you can organize a barbecue, roast meat and vegetables. The abundance of fruits and fresh green variety to the table. In fact this is the main storyline of the third anniversary of joint life. As the table and the celebration itself should be varied.

The Celebration in the restaurant

Organizing a dinner at the restaurant, you should also make sure that the place itself was distinguished by a beautiful interior. Indeed, congratulations on the third anniversary of the wedding should certainly be pronounced in a special atmosphere. Perhaps it will be a restaurant in the Oriental style or something like that. The menu should be original. You can also try exotic dishes from the cuisines of the world. It is an unforgettable experience not only for couples as newlyweds and guests. However, it is a reasonable approach to the selection of food with caution and moderation. It is advisable to try some of them. The holiday is not over, "sick", you should consider guest who suffers from food allergies and what foods. Preliminary approval menu will be very appropriate.

Gifts for wife

third wedding anniversary congratulations

Family holidays – activities responsible, require special attention and preparation, especially if it is third wedding anniversary. How is that giving – many are interested in such questions. Gathering for the celebration need a bit more to learn about what the date is. Called leather (or wool), suggests the appropriate anniversary gifts. For example, haberdashery – notebooks, covers for documents, wallets, bags, belts, gloves and other useful in everyday life objects. You can also give a certificate for the purchase of these accessories. All of this will be the best suit as a gift on a celebration, as a third wedding anniversary. Congratulations to her husband, spoken in the morning, you can add a gift in the form of hours on a leather strap, if the wife, of course, is not superstitious. After all, according to legend, it is impossible to give your favorite similar items. The clock will count down the time that is left before separation. Today, few believe in such superstitions.

Because watches are not only memorable, but in some cases very valuable gift. You can put on them engraved with the name of the holder, the date of the gift or good wishes.


Traditional gifts are made personally. Before (and sometimes it happens in our time) his wife was knitting their husbands the product of pure wool. It could be a sweater, jacket, scarf, socks or mittens. All of these items of clothing, presented in the form of gifts, talked about the care and love of his wife. After all, in a sweater, carefully knitted her hands, and was warmer and more comfortable. Modern clothing manufacturers offer a huge selection of quality wool. Therefore, those women who do not have the skills of needlework, don't worry.

congratulations on third anniversary

The most important thing is that behind three years of marriage with her husband, and ahead of a holiday - third wedding anniversary. What to give? A suitable option can be found in clothing stores and accessories. This gift will warm with its warmth spouse and remind them of their love and care. Also do not forget about the soft blankets, blankets and other bedding from the wool. These things can give comfort and warmth to both spouses. Also do not forget that wool clothes (thanks to technology) is not just for cold winter and autumn weather. There are now a wide range of products that can be worn in the summer. Fine wool is the best maintains the natural body temperature, not allowing him neither to freeze nor to overheat.

Gifts for wife

third wedding anniversary is called as

Previously, there was also a tradition that the husband and wife exchanged the leather gloves in the celebration day called "third anniversary". What to give wife for the occasion, every man knows himself better. Because in three years he probably had to get acquainted with its tastes and preferences. Good options are: leather bags, accessories, and jewellery. Today, many stores offer the range of knitted clothes. It can be a necklace or a string of beads, a Lacy scarf or stole, and scarf or shawl.

Very interesting and unusual look gloves made hand-knitted from fine wool yarn. This accessory will emphasize the femininity and delicacy of the brush spouse. Of leather products is never superfluous shoes. It's a special occasion to pamper yourspouse elegant and beautiful pair of shoes. This will certainly be an occasion to go to a special place to "walk" it. Whether both spouses will benefit. Wife will be happy to wear quality shoes, and her husband – to admire the beauty of women's legs. A mandatory attribute of the holiday are flowers. Especially since they are always nice to any woman.

the third wedding anniversary what is


Find a fresh bouquet at the present time quite easy, even if winter falls third wedding anniversary. Greetings on this solemn day, must be heard from friends and relatives, and, of course, to go from the heart. Family with little but a tangible experience, should wish for wisdom, patience and understanding to endure all the hardships that can occur on the same path. It is necessary to focus on what you have already done the couple for his family. Perhaps this day was dedicated the time of inspection feelings of strength, or the pair managed to overcome serious life problems.

Each to the third anniversary of a joint life has an individual experience. Many couples have by this time children are born. In this case you need to wish the family prosperity, to make it all smooth, like the skin of the baby, and emotionally warm, clothing made of natural wool. On this day, parents can share their experiences of building family relationships. And the children in turn, have to thank them for their help, support and understanding.


Three years – this is a good time for the family. Still fresh memories of the first date, however, easier to get along with your spouse, so be sure to celebrate such a triumph.

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