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Euphrosyne of PolotskThe first woman canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church. At the place of his birth, she refers to White Russia, i.e. Belarus, now called the land of Ancient Russia between the Dnieper and Drut. About the life of this Saint, her exploits and good deeds you will learn after reading this article.

Features of life in Polotsk until the advent of the Mongols

This story should begin with a brief description of life of the inhabitants of Ancient Russia, to understand in what time she was born Euphrosyne of Polotsk-one of the most educated women of her time.

The XII century was a period when the inhabitants of ancient Russia began to actively accept the Orthodox faith. New faith began to find its reflection in architecture, literature and art.

The Orthodox churches were decorated with stories from the Bible, while many monasteries have opened the scriptorium, where the translators were working with Greek and copyists of books; actual steel jewellery workshops.

The Polotsk at the time was one of the largest centers for the production of books, as well as a great place to get an education. There were Chronicles from which we can learn a lot about the personalities of the time.

Childhood and adolescence of St Euphrosyne

The Exact date of birth of the great ascetic unknown. Historians established that she was born Euphrosyne of Polotsk, in the world Predslava, about the year 1101. Pedigree girls like from a noble family Rurik. She was the granddaughter of Vladimir Monomakh, and also the daughter of Polotsk Prince George.

The Father of Predslava from an early age took care of the education of her daughter, she has been trained by monks. In the house of the Prince was a very large library, where many books both religious and secular in nature. To read the girl had a lot of interest. Description of Euphrosyne of Polotsk, her life was taken from the Chronicles, which were written by witnesses of that time.

Euphrosyne of PolotskAmong her favorite books were: the Bible and the Psalter. In addition to reading, the girl often and fervently prayed. Rumors wise beyond his years, the girl quickly spread far beyond the land of Polotsk, so many of the noble princes dreamed of such a wife.

The Decision to become a nun

When the Preglory was 12 years old, she was saswata one of the princes. Parents gave their consent, and the girl took a completely different solution. Euphrosyne of Polotsk, the biography which has now won a new round, secretly went to the monastery.

The Abbess of this monastery was the widow of her uncle Roman. When the abbess heard the request for permission to take monastic vows, the first solution was a failure. The girl was still too young and also very beautiful. With time, seeing fervent prayer, faith, and mind of Predslava mother superior gave his consent, not fearing the wrath of the girl's father.

cross of Euphrosyne of PolotskSo the Euphrosyne became a nun.

Monastic Vows

The tonsure Preglory called a different name, now it has become Euphrosyne. The choice of this name was not accidental. Euphrosyne of Alexandria, who lived in the V century, was a great example for girls. Besides, this name means “joy”, so that the preconditions for the choice of this name there were several.

The Parents of Euphrosyne was saddened by her decision and attempted to return the daughter home. According to the chronicle, Prince George cried his daughter as dead, but these tears didn't change anything. Euphrosyne of Polotsk remained in the monastery, where he surpassed all in his zeal to prayer, fasting and night vigils.

Becoming a nun, she devoted himself to various Sciences. She studied the books that were found in the Church vaults, and it was the works of Slavic scholars, ancient records and writings of Byzantine and Roman educators.

Blessings of the Holy

Holy Euphrosyne of his destiny had learned from the dream. The angel appeared in a dream and ordered her to found a new monastery near Polotsk, in the area called the Village. Seeing this omen several times, Euphrosyne learned that the same dream was seen and Bishop Elias of Polotsk. These divine signs was the fact that Bishop Elijah handed her the Transfiguration Church in order to there was founded a convent.

description of Euphrosyne of PolotskEuphrosyne of Polotsk Describe you as the woman who became famous for the Foundation and patronage of monasteries. Indeed, apart from the convent, she was a Trustee and founder of the Bogorodsky monastery.

When the Holy monasteries opened schools, where novices were taught different crafts, literacy and the art of rewriting books.

Euphrosyne became famous asAdvisor, she never refused advice to those who needed guidance on the way to faith. The power of her prayers was so great that she was frequently asked for help wanting to change and live a godly life. Many came to her received spiritual support and assistance. She was able to appease quarrels and disassembly, which at that time often happened between the princes.

Dream of Euphrosyne

The Reverend Euphrosyne was his cherished dream-she really wanted to visit the Holy places of Palestine. This desire, she decided to implement, being far advanced in years.

Early life of Euphrosyne of Polotsk was devoted to transcribing and writing your own books and teachings to lay people, as well as facilitate the life of monks in monasteries. The company planned, she left the monastery on his sister Eudoxia, went on a journey.

On the way to Jerusalem, she met with the Patriarch of Constantinople Luke. And arriving to destination and visiting the life-giving Holy Sepulchre, stayed at the Russian monastery.

It was here that it caught the disease. May 23, 1173, never recovered, Euphrosyne stepped into another world. According to the will of a Saint, her body was buried in the monastery of St. Theodosius, near Jerusalem.

description of Euphrosyne of Polotsk1187 her relics remained in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, and in 1910 they were returned to their homeland of Euphrosyne in Polotsk, where we are staying now.

Euphrosyne of Polotsk: interesting facts

The Saint was a famous patron of arts. She has contributed to was not terminated by the Polotsk Chronicles; took care of the constant updating of new books of the library of St. Sophia Cathedral.

Euphrosyne of Polotsk biographyOne of the main attractions associated with her name, is the cross of Euphrosyne of Polotsk. The masterpiece Ancient Culture was created by her order and her name.

The Cross possessed miraculous powers, it was used only in special worship services. There is a legend that the cross of Euphrosyne of Polotsk Take A campaign to Polotsk Ivan the terrible. He promised that in case of victory will return the relic to place, and, despite the huge value of the cross kept his word.

the life of Euphrosyne of PolotskUnfortunately, the relic was lost during the great Patriotic war, but in 1997, according to surviving descriptions, a copy of the cross was made Brest jewelers.

Efrosinia was canonized in 1547, in 1984, it ranked as the Cathedral Belarusian saints. Since 1994, the day of death became the Holy Day of St. Euphrosyne and is widely celebrated in Belarus.

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