Painting aluminum: technology and tips


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Painting aluminum and other nonferrous metals is associated with certain difficulties associated with fast oxidation. Under the influence of oxygen on the material of the formed oxide film, which minimizes the adhesion of any coatings, including lacquers and primers. Because of this, self-dyeing is often short-lived and does not look in the best way.

painting aluminum


Despite the modern range of primer compositions, they do not give the desired effect, and the paint layer peel off at the slightest impact.

To Improve the adhesion of paint and the surface of the aluminium is possible by means of anodization of the metal. This procedure is electrochemical or chemical treatment, which reduces the intensity of oxidation. Almost all products from non-ferrous metals, painted in a production environment, go through the anodizing on special devices.

Materials and tools

At home it is also possible to carry out this procedure either use a special primer compositions. Powder coating aluminum anodizing takes more time and increases costs, but the result is worth the effort. You need to pre-prepare tools and materials, without which it is impossible to achieve durable and high quality cover:

  • Spray, roller or brush;
  • Sandpaper with a fine grain size (matting of the aluminum surface);
  • The container to place the part to be processed;
  • Vinegar for dilution of the paint composition;
  • Aniline;
  • Degreasing agent;
  • Ingredients for an electrolytic composition (water, salt, baking soda).

powder coating of aluminium


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Aluminium Painting starts with compounds of ingredients for an electrolytic composition and preparation of the solution. The amount of water should be enough for complete immersion of the aluminum element. The resulting liquid is poured into two identical containers. One of them poured a soda in a ratio of 1 to 5 (of baking soda and water, respectively), the other is added to salt in the same amount. Then the liquid is stirred until complete dissolution of the additives. The next stage is percolation and the connection part of the two vessels. The solution should settle, in this time, you can Polish a metal surface. Grease and dirt are removed with a cloth soaked in acetone.

Next, the individual elements are rinsed under running water and placed in a container with a solution. You must wear rubber gloves for safety.

Negative terminal is connected to the tank with the immersed parts, zero – directly to the items themselves. Anodizing is continued for 2-3 hours until the appearance of a bluish-gray tint.

Then we can proceed with painting of aluminium in the home. The coloring composition consists of 1 liter of liquid, 20 grams of aniline dye and 2 ml of vinegar. The solution should be heated to 80 degrees with constant stirring. Products that have passed through the procedure of anodizing, are placed in a container with the dye composition for 15-20 minutes.

aluminium painting home

Painting aluminum: technology

Anodizing of aluminium is optional. If necessary, you can do without this procedure, using the primer, allowing to increase the quality of adhesion of paint and metal. Aluminium painting with primer is effected using the following materials and tools:

  • Kerosene, acetone or any other degreasing agent;
  • Special paint for metal;
  • Primer based on alkyd;
  • Sandpaper;
  • Roller or brush.

Aluminium Painting in the home begins with the surface treatment with sandpaper to increase adhesion with the primer. The best option would be an abrasive with an average coating. After careful polishing of the product with acetone are processed with a cloth, lint-free. To protect the skin you must wear rubber gloves.

Next, the surface primer. To distribute it you need to quickly and immediately after treatment, as this determines the durability and reliability of the coating. It is recommended to prepare a primer before you start sanding the surface. Streaks and irregularities that emerged after applying the primer can be removed with sanding paper.

Painting of aluminium is performed in at least two layers, wherein prior to application of each previous layer needs to dry completely.

aluminium painting in the home

Powder coatings

For coloring aluminum powder is also used in the composition. It ensures a reliable durable coating solid layer, not only decorate material but also reduces the likelihood of corrosion.

The First step is to prepare the surface. In industrial conditions, with parts removed salt and dirt, then rinse with water. In addition to the standard degreasing painting aluminum powder coating includes phosphate, which increases the quality of the clutchmetal and paint.

Then the elements are dried under high temperatures and cooling. Of particular importance is the polymerization process, which consists in application of special polymer layer under the air pressure. The work is done using electrostatic spray, forming a thin layer on the surface.

After you paint aluminum products are placed in a special oven and are subjected to heat to 200 degrees for 10-15 minutes. The curing of the layer occurs during cooling of the metal.

The Use of specialised tools and furnaces complicates the process of painting powder compositions at home, which it is often substituted for anodizing.

Application of the powder paint can be any aluminum parts. The greatest spread of this method was acquired to cover the parts that are intended for use at temperatures up to 220 degrees.

painting aluminum powder coating

Paint spray

Before applying this technology uses the standard material preparation, for example, as in anodizing. Among the features worth noting the necessity of keeping sufficient distance between the surface and the spray and causing a large number of layers. Since the application of the previous layer must be at least 20 minutes before you cover the next layer of paint. The number of layers varies from the quality of paint and parts. On average, it can vary in the range of 3-15 applications.

painted aluminium


It is Important not to forget about the occasional shaking of the container, this will help to avoid streaks and stains. In some cases, clogging of the nozzle. For its cleaning it is necessary to turn the cylinder and spraying the composition to the moment, until transparent composition.

After you complete the painting in the presence of their residues must be removed to a place protected from sunlight. The instruments used are cleaned with a solvent. Painting aluminium is in a similar way, regardless of the material used for the work.

painting of aluminium technology

Types of paint

The final result will influence not only the observance of all the details of the work, but the quality and characteristics of the selected paint. The greatest distribution have acquired a few options:

  • Acrylic is resistant to damage, moisture and extreme temperatures. Paint is applied over the base coat.
  • Epoxy is made on the basis of special resins, thanks to which it possesses characteristics such as durability and strength.
  • Aniline was originally created for the textile industry. This paint is best suited for aluminum products that have passed the procedure of anodizing. But it is not without drawbacks, in particular, the composition has low resistance to moisture and sunlight.

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