Pagoda is an architectural "music" of Buddhism


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A Reverent admiration, pleasing and striking to the imagination, arises in the contemplation and visits to religious buildings, quite common in China and Japan, India and Vietnam, Cambodia, and Korea, Thailand and other countries, preaching Buddhism.pagoda's

Healing properties

Pagoda – multi-tiered temple tower (obelisk, pavilion) with numerous colorful decorations and cornices. It was originally served as a memorial, preserving many relics-the remains of the Buddha or ashes of monks. The construction of the first pagodas belong to the beginning of our era.

Having Appeared in China, they are widely spread throughout Southeast Asia and the far East. According to ancient Chinese legend, the pagoda was intended to heal people from illnesses, to comprehend the truth in the process of meditation, and in order to gain the ability to become invisible to enemies. However, too many bad human actions have led to the fact that these buildings were “hide” in his miraculous power.Chinese pagoda

Mysterious treasures

The meaning of the word "pagoda" in a literal translation from Portuguese (pagoda) and Sanskrit ("Bhagavat”) is “tower treasure”. Monastic buildings in the most part has kept its original purpose, but the access for travelers to existing monasteries is limited. Green buildings fulfill a symbolic role, attracting many tourists with its unique interior and explore the surrounding area from a height of any tier. But they cannot see the funeral ceremony and truly sacred objects.


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The Brilliant splendor of sacred buildings, perfectly combined with noble calm, reminiscent, and often is the Palace complexes. The Imperial pagoda is a building, stylized with the utmost pomp and grandeur, covered with yellow tile, the color of which symbolized the Supreme authority.Japanese pagoda

Architectural delights

The Chinese builders erected structures on the original technology on the basis of the wooden frame structure “Dougan" translates “bucket and beam”. In the construction of such homes not used a single iron nail. Arrange the pillars in a certain order and affixing beams, the Chinese have established a frame that is subsequently covered with a roof of heavy tiles. But the most interesting: to relieve pressure on the poles, the Chinese have built a truncated pyramid of wooden bars, the wide base of which rested on the top is the ceiling, tops – in the post. In the end, the whole burden falls on these cubes, differing in size and form, and known as “DOE” - “bucket”, respectively, “modes” - “beam”.

Thus, the pagoda – this amazing construction in which the walls carry no load. They function as partitions and allow you to install Windows and doors in any amount.

Interesting features

The earliest Chinese pagoda built in the shape of a square, and the later buildings have become six-, eight - and dvenadtsatikolonnom, some round. You can meet wooden and stone buildings, but often enough used oblivnye bricks, iron and copper. The number of levels in ancient Chinese pagodas usually odd, the most common construction with 5-13 levels. Fantasy architects erected elegant buildings miraculously fit into the surrounding natural space and forming a unique architectural ensemble. Traditionally these buildings were constructed in the mountainous area, away from the busy Central areas of China.meaning of the word pagoda

Pagoda in Shanxi province, the Palace building

Of Particular interest is the exclusivity of the 9-tier pagoda (height - 70 meters) in Shanxi province, built around a Millennium ago. This is the most ancient wooden building in the world, preserved to our days. Moreover, the unique anti-seismic design has saved her from many destructive earthquakes.

Chinese pagoda style Palace buildings emphasize the greatness of the Emperor. Graceful, upturned roofs, decorated with figures of birds and animals, are used to drain rainwater away from the base of the building. This allows you to keep the wooden walls from moisture, makes these constructions more durable.frozen music

Japanese Pagoda – music Buddha

Creating an atmosphere of spirituality, Japanese garden, decided to build Buddhist temples on the hills, natural or artificial. Traditionally when building a garden first, set the gate, and then – Japanese pagoda, the Central composite object.

The height of the building is not limited by anything except… the stone lanterns, which must be below the pagoda in 1,5-2 times. In the land of the rising sun, they can be very small (1 meter), located in the miniature garden. This means that within sight of the absent stone lanterns. According to the classical canons of the pagoda-this structure, consistingof the individual stones forming the base square. Its vertical cross-section – a trapezoid with curved sides. Most interesting is that the stones in the Japanese pagoda is not fixed to each other, and the construction held by their own weight. Therefore, when its construction is very important careful calculation and accuracy.

miniature KRASOTY

Amidst stunning scenery in peaceful-spiritual atmosphere prevails tiered pagoda, different shapes, heights and bright colors. They always attract attention and excite the imagination of the person.

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