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A Comfortable temperature in the room depends on the feelings of a particular person. In addition, it is directly related to his subjective evaluation and sensitivity to environmental conditions.


Such thing as a comfortable temperature, no regulations. He's not in the technical vocabulary. There are only the so-called magnitude optimal air temperature, which was determined with the aid of numerous physiological experiments.

Differences of the concepts

The Temperature in the room should be at a level to ensure the most comfortable conditions for the people there. But what should be this value? To answer this question is extremely difficult, because each person is different. And if one of us comfortable even in the heat, others do not close vents in cold days.

However, the scientists came to the conclusion that certain preferences are a criterion only for the concept of a comfortable temperature. But there are also standards defined in the research result. The obtained values take into account many factors, among which are the needs of the average human body. These values indicate the optimal temperature and may be different depending on certain conditions.

Take into Account standard indicators the room is very important. After all, according to scientists, any overheating or overcooling certainly affects health of man and his General state of health. That is why the value of the optimal air temperature in the room are not Advisory in nature. They are enshrined in formal legislation - Sanping that reflect the requirements of sanitary standards.


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What affects the temperature of the air in the room?

Of Course, first and foremost, these are external factors which depend on the time of year and the climate zone where the house is located. But, in addition, the temperature of the air in the room is directly connected with the peculiarities of each room. Consider these factors in more detail.

The Subtleties of climate

Norms temperature in the premises differ depending on the particular locality. Different as in North and South, West and Eastern regions. The normal temperature in the apartment or in the workplace is dependent on factors such as humidity, temperature and barometric pressure measured outside of the building.

There are differences of microclimate in houses and depending on the change of the season. So, in winter the temperature of the indoor air is lower than in the summer. For example, for the climate of the European continent during the cold periods of the year, the average optimum temperature of the air in the room is around 22 degrees. In the hot season its value increase by three degrees.

The Human factor

Temperatures in the apartment to provide maximum comfort to the people living in it. However, as mentioned above, such feelings are strictly personal. People of different gender and age the same temperature are perceived in different ways.

the norm of the temperature in the apartment

For Example, women are more heat-loving than men. But newborns do not have the capacity for natural thermoregulation and can quickly overheat or freeze.

Temperature in the rooms

The Microclimate of different areas varies depending on their assignments. Consider the temperature conditions in the rooms of a house or apartment:

  1. Facilities for sleep and rest. Here the optimum temperature should be at around 18 degrees. In such conditions people get rid of poor health and insomnia.
  2. Bathroom. In this room the temperature should not be below the level of 25 degrees. This is due to the damp microclimate of the room and its purpose. At low temperatures there immediately arises a feeling of dampness and discomfort.
  3. Kitchen. In this room is being used by many household appliances that emit heat. This kettle and microwave, oven and hob. In this regard, the high temperature in the kitchen would be inappropriate.
  4. Comfort in the living rooms and other spaces will provide temperatures in the range of 19 to 21 degrees.

But here you need to adhere to one important rule. According to him the temperature in apartment should not have large fluctuations. Ideally the transition from one room to another discrepancy in the readings of the thermometer should not be more than 2 degrees Celsius.


Despite personal preferences, the norm of the temperature in the apartment still must be respected. Especially important this question becomes cold winters and hot summers. It was during this period one can observe significant differences between the air temperature in the house and on the street. If the temperature conditions are not adhered to, then the climate will lead to either overheating or overcooling of the body. And this, in turn, might lead to cardiac problems.

The Impact of overheating on health

If the room created a very hot atmosphere, it provokes the spread of harmful bacteria. It is therefore not surprising that being in this room, people haveinfectious diseases. In addition, the conditions of heat is a loss of moisture in the body.


This leads to thickening of the blood, forcing the heart to work with a large load. Such a condition is dangerous for those who suffer from cardiac problems. In addition, loss of moisture in the body leads to fluid and electrolyte imbalance.

The Influence of hypothermia

Such a state is possible, if the apartment is not observed temperatures and the temperature falls below the mark 17 degrees. In this case, what happens to the human body? It enhances heat, causing hypothermia. This condition provokes pathology of the nervous system and the occurrence of acute respiratory diseases. Low temperatures are especially dangerous for young children. That is why the temperature control is important if you have kids.

norms of the temperature regime

Sometimes it happens that people constantly feel cold even in those microclimatic conditions that must be created according to the sanitary-hygienic requirements. It's worth thinking about seriously. Perhaps the discomfort is caused by a simple habit to high temperature. In this case, you need to be patient and to readjust to normal sensation of the lower numbers. But here there are nuances. Constant feeling of cold is sometimes the result of problems with blood vessels, heart or hormonal. And this necessitates the referral to a specialist.

Requirements for kindergarten classrooms

The Microclimate in the premises of preschool institutions should be established in strict accordance with the law. The temperature in kindergartens should not depend on the wishes of the administration or the parents of kids. And all the shows that are in Regulations, developed on the basis of numerous scientific studies and are designed to ensure minimal morbidity of children.

temperatures in the school

So, according to this document, the optimum temperature of the game room must be between 21 to 24 degrees. Moreover, the upper value of this index must be maintained for a nursery or for those areas that are in the area of cold climate. For bedrooms, the magnitude of the optimal temperature somewhat lower. It is in the range of 18-21 degrees.

Requirements school

The Optimum temperature in this school is necessary to preserve the health of children. Indexes of microclimate in the school are in direct dependence on places. So, the temperature may be at around 18 to 24 degrees in the library and foyer, canteen and Assembly hall, in the classroom and in small spaces, where children conducts individual training of a psychologist or a speech therapist.

A Bit colder than it should be in the shops. In these areas, where children engaged in physical labor, the thermometer should be at around 17-20 degrees. The same rule exists for a sports hall. If the school has showers, they have to warm up to 22-25 degrees. But in medical offices and sports locker rooms, the thermometer may be at lower levels. Their required according to the norms of the value is in the range from 20 to 22 degrees.

the temperature in the apartment

The Temperature in the school is allowed to reduce during the holidays. In this age when children not attending school, the air here can be warm to 15 degrees.

Requirements for working areas

The Optimum temperature in the production halls or office cabinets is the key to preserving the health of employees. In addition, the optimal temperature in the room where performed or that the work, strictly regulated by law. But it should be borne in mind that the regulations provide for different indicators. From what they depend? From the category of spaces. There are only three, and the differences between them lie in the intensity of the work.

First category

The Optimum temperature of operation in these areas is in the range of 21-28 degrees. It is facilities where employees perform their duties in a sitting position and have little exercise. These facilities include hourly and garment production, as well as shop businesses in the automotive and engineering. The intensity of the energy of the workers producing such goods does not exceed 139 watts. In this category there are separate subgroup. It includes production, where employees give when performing work greater amount of energy (up to 174 watts). Optimal temperature regimes for these industries are out of bounds, starting with 20 degrees.

Second category

The Production allocated to this group require a lot of energy from their employees (up to 232 watts). In this case, it is assumed that the employee is in a sitting position, but it moves different cargoes, weighing up to 1 kg. the Optimum temperature for such productions values are from 18 to 27 degrees. If the employee for such work moves loads up to 10 kg, its power consumption will be 290 watts. In this case, the lower limitstandard values of the temperature regime can be reduced to 16 degrees.

temperature indoor

Similar conditions are created in areas of rolling, thermal, mechanical and forging industries, as well as on the workplace personnel that conveyors the Assembly shop line.

Third category

For some industries energy costs employee exceeds 290 watts. In such cases, we are talking about the third category of premises that are most demanding to create their microclimate. This is because personnel involved in the production process, we have to make great physical efforts to walk and move gravity weighing over 10 kg. the Most favorable temperature regime for this category of premises will be the temperature from 15 to 26 degrees. As a rule, these shops or workshops where manual operations are performed processing of metal, the preparation of construction designs, etc.

The Implementation of sanitary-hygienic norms

In order to call for a beneficial microclimate were observed, it is necessary to log the temperature. It should be added the testimony of the special devices used in terms of offices and industries. The frequency of such measurements depends on the continuity of business processes and characteristics of sanitary-hygienic security. Typically, these events are held three times during the work shift.

Failure to comply With the desired temperature you will need a number of measures to resolve led to this reasons. One of them may enter work on the insulation of the room, and holding it in heating and ventilation. If you can't perform such activities in a separate room should be arranged the relaxation room, where the microclimate is comfortable for staff.

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