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Red Dead Redemption – is one of the best exclusives on the console Play Station. The computer was waiting for this game for very long, because she is just amazing – the open world is striking in its diversity, story captures, and graphic design makes marvel more and more. However, unfortunately, on personal computers, the project has not appeared-it has remained exclusive to its native console. But gamers do not cease to dream about how they would be able to play this wonderful shooter in the Wild West. And since dreams are in full swing, it is possible to dream about what would have been Red Dead Redemption system requirements if the game still came out on PC. Of course, the calculation is based when it was released this game and what engine it was created, which projects at about the same time was released on computers by the same developer and many other small but important details. So, what would Red Dead Redemption system requirements for computers?

The Minimum operating system requirements

It's time to conduct a detailed analysis of the game Red Dead Redemption. The system requirements of any project primarily consists of indicators of the various elements of the computer such as the CPU or video card, but also crucial has the operating system installed on the computer. Even if you will have the most modern computer with the maximum performance, but it will have an outdated OS, you will not be able to run the game or it will cause you serious difficulties and will not play so nice and convenient.


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red dead redemption system requirements

So if we look at this game and assume whatever she had demands, in the case of the minimum operating system would Vista – of course, Windows XP is no longer included in the list as the titles of the same year, which came out this project, is not supported by this version of the operating system. Of course, in the case of Red Dead Redemption system requirements will be considered not only the minimum, but recommended, that is, those under which the game will be better only to operate on the computer.

The Recommended operating system requirements

In the case of Red Dead Redemption system requirements for PC would be quite enjoyable even for those who have not the most powerful computers. The operating system issues it would be important that your OS was 64-bit. As you can see on the minimum requirements 32-bit systems are also suitable, however, much better the project would function on a more modern OS version. Thus, even if you would have installed Vista, you still would be able to play Red Dead Redemption. System requirements for PC only would be that for maximum performance your system would have to be 64 bits wide.

 red dead redemption system requirements for pc

Of Course, the operating system – this is not all, as you takes care of that, if the draft is still there on personal computers. As mentioned earlier, the most important components of your computer, so the most important for the game Red Dead Redemption system requirements for PC are waiting for you ahead.

Minimum processor requirements

What kind of CPU would force you to use the game Red Dead Redemption? System requirements for this project, if it came to personal computers, would not be too cruel, so you would have nothing to fear. All you need to run the game on minimum settings – dual core processor each core operates at 2.2-2.4 GHz. It's not very much, so even quite old computers could conform to such conditions.

play red dead redemption system requirements

However, as you know, in the case of Red Dead Redemption minimum system requirements – it's a conversation, and the recommended – it is quite another. Therefore, you should also familiarize yourself with what you'd need CPU, if you wanted to enjoy this masterpiece in full.

Recommended processor requirements

The Whole world is waiting for the release of the game Red Dead Redemption 2 – system requirements for it can become a real sensation, because it would mean that you can expect to personal computers. But while the second part and the first is exclusive to their console should continue fantasy the system requirements that would exist if the project is still there on the PC.

red dead redemption minimum system requirements

So in regards to the recommended CPU requirements, then, most likely, are not required to increase the number of cores to four – would be enough and a dual core processor, but the frequency of its nuclei would have to be much higher than indicated in the minimum requirements. Enough the 3.3-3.4 GHz to play with pleasure at the PC in Red Dead Redemption.

The System requirements on the PC, however, include not only CPU, but also RAM and graphics card.

Minimum RAM requirements

Random access memory (RAM) is the most importantcomponent of the computer because the larger the memory, the more programs you can run on your computer at the same time, and the more demanding games you can try out. If we talk about Red Dead Redemption, in this case have been handled by two gigabytes of RAM – a perfectly respectable figure for such a great game. But do not think that you will be able to enjoy the smooth movements and the splendor of the game world, as you will either have to reset the settings to the minimum, or to mess with the brakes and lock-UPS. Therefore, there are recommended system requirements.

red dead redemption 2 system requirements

Recommended RAM requirements

If you want to get maximum enjoyment from this unforgettable project, you'd better buy another bar of RAM so in total you have four gigabytes of RAM. This is definitely enough to safely play Red Dead Redemption on maximum settings and not worry about anything. Of course, manufacturers always recommend you to have as much RAM, so you could never know what problems with computer games, but the problems can be not only with the RAM. Even if you have eight gigabytes of RAM, but bad graphics card, you will not be able to have a good time playing a wonderful game.

red dead redemption system requirements for PC

Minimum requirements for graphics card

So, if we draw Parallels with other similar games that have been released by the producer of this project, then Red Dead Redemption should be enough 512 MB video card – this is a rather modest volume and even most laptops, there are so many, what to speak about full-fledged desktop computers. But you should understand that the minimum system requirements – this is the lower level that literally lets you just run the game to function on your computer. If you want to get pleasure from igroprotsess, then you need to look in column recommended requirements.

Recommended requirements for graphics card

In this section there is the impressive gap between minimum and recommended requirements. The fact is that if you want the graphics settings in this project to wring the maximum, then you will get a real masterpiece that will give you many hours of real aesthetic pleasure. And you have to pay – and the developers would recommend not less than two gigabytes of video memory, so you will be able to provide the necessary graphic power to his computer, he was able to adequately reproduce the beauty of this game world.

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