How to cook lamb chops with potatoes in the oven?


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Mutton for our tables – a rare phenomenon. Leave aside the unpopularity of this product in butcher shops. But many cooks are in principle reluctant to cook anything from lamb, fear of the notorious butcher of the spirit, which we diligently intimidated. lamb chops with potatoes in the oven

Meanwhile, lamb chops with potatoes in the oven devoid of all defects and have many advantages: softness, original flavor, a variety of ways in which they can be prepared a wide field of experimental cookery… And with the right approach, any unpleasant flavor!

Choose meat

Best of all lamb ribs with potatoes in the oven are obtained in the case, if you can buy a piece of a carcass of a young animal. To distinguish it from the old is quite simple: the meat is bright, and frightening all the smell is virtually nonexistent. The more intense red color are the ribs, the thicker bones at them, the older the animal whose carcass is designed to prepare the delicacy.

lamb chops with potatoes in the oven recipe

Because Of the poor choice you often have to agree on not too lamb. Do not be upset: perfectly cooked lamb chops with potatoes in the oven and out of it easy. Just before the process you need to either marinate the meat for a day, or if you want to get dinner early, to cut off from it all the fat which is the main source of the smell, and RUB the pulp nutmeg.

Lamb chops with potatoes in the oven: a recipe for thrill -

Even if you got the pieces of lamb without marinating will not do: the lamb still initially somewhat harsh. It will be very tasty if you marinade mix half a spoon of thyme, white pepper and oregano, three spoons of pepper and two crushed cloves of garlic. To this mixture is slowly poured in the olive oil until the consistency until it starts to resemble cream. A kilo of ribs is washed, dried, smeared with a marinade and left alone for an hour. Next, the pieces are placed on the grid, it is placed on the pan where you poured the water (a little less than a pint), and all together goes in the oven. Hour they are baked on one side. Then turn over, on a grid laid out half of medium-sized tubers, and lamb chops with potatoes left in the oven for another 20-30 minutes.cook lamb chops with potatoes in the oven


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Will only make the sauce: mix half spoon of honey and white wine, three full - sugar, five – sauce ", tab" a little salt, squeeze the lemon (or half, then you need to focus on your taste) and 100 grams of melted butter. Mustard is also placed at the discretion of the hostess: you can take spicy, you can – Dijon, in the amount, which it satisfied.

Ready baked lamb chops with potatoes in the oven are extracted from thereof, sause and back on a few minutes ago. A little patience, and you can savor.

Layer cake

French Meat – yesterday. Healthy competition for him now are lamb chops with potatoes in the oven, which will not stand against no one. Two kilos of meat you need to wash, wipe and coat with the composition, which consists of crushed garlic, lemon zest and juice of the same citrus, olive oil, salt and Italian herbs. Time keeping will be enough.

baked lamb chops with potatoes in the oven

About six large potatoes cleaned, cut thin slices and spread out on baking tray lined with parchment and coated with oil. Top houses such as thin slices of half a lemon, which prosypayutsya rosemary. Salt, pepper, on top of the ribs-in the oven, at least half an hour. Eat immediately, lamb does not tolerate delays.

Cooking lamb ribs in the oven of potatoes in foil

Kilo sliced portion of meat is rubbed with a mixture of thyme, thyme and rosemary. In the marinating stage lasts for two hours, as without seasoning liquid Foundation penetrate into the flesh slowly. In the form laid the ribs on top of them – the slices of potatoes, followed by – onion rings. The last layer will be the sliced tomatoes, sprinkled with chopped parsley and cilantro. The whole structure is closed by a sheet of foil; the edges are tightly wrapped under the sides of the pan. At standard temperature to +180... +190 °C lamb chops with potatoes in the oven would be approximately two hours. Those interested can before removing from the oven to pritrusit the dish with grated cheese, but, in the opinion of the authors of Caucasians, this step is unnecessary. Cheese is best served in parallel with the main dish, sliced.


Lamb chops with potatoes in the oven may be supplemented with something interesting. For example, mushrooms-and the taste will be more interesting if it's wild mushrooms. Very good in the company of the main ingredients sound eggplant, and baked or introduced into a main dish. With courgettes have to be careful, they have a delicate structure, and therefore the vegetables can fall apart in the cooking process. You can experiment with black olives or green olives.

Appropriate marinades

Lamb chops with potatoes in the oven will always behave a new taste if each time to soak the meat in something new. Gourmets suggest the following:

  • A couple of spoons of mustard and honey, plus half a Cup of orange juice. The best part-if the juice is just pressed. Honey, of course, natural. Mustard it is advisable to take five variants – sweet will only increase the sweetness.
  • Puree the five kiwi, peeled from the skin, coupled with a spoon of ground red pepper, four tablespoons of peanut oil and a full teaspoon of cardamom. If the peanut butter of the difficulties, it is replaced by the olive, which is pressed quartered lemons.
  • Simply and with taste: chopped cilantro, parsley and onions-a feather in vmeshivayutsya Cup sour cream, paprika sdobrivayut and preferred seasonings.
  • Wine classic: half a glass of dry red, spoon ground ginger and herbs (e.g., Italian). This – long marinade, lamb needs to Mature for at least six hours.
  • Original and elegant: a glass of pomegranate juice, almost the same of soy sauce, a spoonful or two of sugar, five spoons full of vegetable oil. Should pour marinade already peppered peppered onions and meat. Again, for a long time: half a day – the recommended period.

cooking lamb ribs in the oven with potatoes

In General, don't be afraid to experiment and you will understand why half the world loves lamb.

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