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Florentino Perez is a Spanish sports official, President of the football team “real” (Spain).


Florentino Perez (picture can be seen in the article) born March 8, 1947 in Madrid (Spain). Occupation – businessman (construction magnate). Financial condition – about $ 2 billion. Education-higher (technical University of Madrid). The father of three children. A widower (wife died in 2012). President of the football club «real» in 2000-2006 and 2009-present.

President of real Madrid Florentino Perez

Stages of labor activities

Labor activity Florentino Perez – the economic and political spheres.

Their first steps in this field he began in 1972, organized a publishing house that publishes the newspaper «Directory of leisure time».

Next was a responsible position: Director General at the Association of roads worker of the city hall, responsible for environment of Madrid, General Director at the Ministry of transport, Vice-President of the Institute of reform and agricultural development. In parallel, Florentino engages in political activity. Since 1979 he is a member of the party «Union of democratic centre”. In 1986 Florentino Perez enters the “reformist Democratic party" (now defunct).

The First serious capital he earned in the construction industry.

Since 1991, Florentino – member of the administrative Board of the construction company SAE, the components of the group OCISA. In 1992, he is the main shareholder and President OCISA, as well as a branch Edificios Balcon. Since 1993-President of OCP group. In 1997, Peres – President of the ACS was formed by the merger of OCP and groups “ginés Navarro”.


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Until 2000, Florentino Perez - the usual construction magnate and businessman. Those in Spain itself there were many. Since 2000 he is one of the most famous people in the world - President of the Royal football club «real" (Madrid).

Florentino Perez photo

Perez and “real”

In 1994, Florentino Perez put forward his candidacy for the presidency of the “real” and loses the election, namely R. Mendoza is the current owner of the club. After 6 years, the dream of Florentino carried out. L. beating Sansa, he became President of the “real”. The legacy Perez gets the huge debts of the club and vague prospects. How he managed to turn the club into a prosperous?

His policy was based on attracting a team of stars of European and world football, with all the ensuing consequences. Namely:

  • Attract more fans;
  • Advertising contracts (brand team);
  • Improved tournament results.

Where is the money?

The President "real" Florentino Perez, though rich, but he can't legally Fund the team from his own pocket. Most of the revenues the club receives from contracts with the television (the television channels that bought rights to broadcast the matches of the team). When Florentino Pérez is a company Mediapro. A second source of income – raising ticket prices. This is directly related to the game results of the team.

Florentino Perez

Plus ads, upgrading (extension) of the VIP-zone, the income of the team from participation in international matches. Calculate the estimated annual income in millions of euros. Total:

  • Television & ndash; 140;
  • Advertising contracts – 130;
  • Home games – 100.

This should add the charges from UEFA and sponsors for participating teams in the European Cup and exhibition matches. It turns out that under President Florentino Pérez annual income of “real” was approximately 400 million euros. In addition, all profits the team is on the development of club infrastructure and transfer activities (accruing to shareholders is not provided). We should not forget that the club President Florentino Perez has the ability to borrow from the city banks (scrolling of the money supply).

Here is a list of the most notorious football acquisitions F. Perez in the first term of his presidency in Madrid «Real” name and value in million euros:

  • Luis Figo – 60;
  • Zinedine Zidane – 72;
  • Ronaldo – 44;
  • Beckham – 37;
  • M. Owen – 13;
  • Robinho – 25.

As a consequence of the transfer policy of club President, the results in the Spanish League and European tournaments: the championship 2001 and 2003, winning the Champions League in 2002. But three years without domestic and international victories contributed in 2006 to the care of Florentino Perez to resign. Following his arrival to the club “real” was carried out in 2009 unopposed.

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