What eats a Guinea pig? The better to feed Guinea pigs?


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You Probably even once saw a Guinea pig. Many people even keep this creation in his hands. Guinea pigs – this is a very cute and funny rodent, emits funny sounds. You can buy them as in the pet products industry, and the pet store. In addition, there are special nurseries where bred such vermin. They are now not very many. If we talk about those that are in Russia, a vivid example is the nursery Guinea pigs “Philly”.

Food Guinea pig at home

If you were fascinated by this lovely creature and decided to have it at home, then the first step is to think carefully about what you're going to feed him. This is what we will discuss in our article. Guinea pigs – this herbivorous rodent. We all know that plant foods are nutrient-poor and coarse. For this reason, adequate substances, Zverkov have to eat very much. If these rodents live in nature, they eat huge amounts of vegetation (fresh). These animals eat almost always, not knowing that there are such things as dinner, Breakfast and lunch. The food in the intestine of the animal small portions have to do almost continuously. The only way to ensure the best processing roughage the body of your pet.

what is a Guinea pig

So, what is a Guinea pig? We found that greenery. There is a lot of ascorbic acid. Due to lack of vitamin C in an animal can cause problems with health. All because ascorbic acid supports healthy blood vessel walls. Vitamin C is required for full immune protection.

A Good source of ascorbic acid are sprouted oats, and green grass. A day rodent to about twenty milligrams of vitamin C. In the period of carrying offspring pig will need a little more ascorbic acid – about 30 milligrams per day.


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This trace mineral is also contained in the lettuce, the berries of the dogrose, sweet pepper and of course fresh herbs. In the drinker to rodents, you can add vitamin C 5 mg (you can buy it at a pet store or veterinary pharmacy). In addition, is sold in capsules and ascorbic acid (you can even buy in a regular pharmacy). You can also use a special fortified feeds and feeding for rodents.

But back to our main topic. What eats a Guinea pig? Its diet is quite diverse. All food can be divided into several subtypes: coarse, concentrated and juicy.


This concept refers to the hay and twigs. They contain a very small amount of moisture, but a lot of fiber. This type of feed is indispensable. It is needed for a rodent to grind down the teeth, and to improve peristalsis and the maintenance of viable cellulosimicrobium microflora in the gut. As you know, fiber has the absorption effect. She's like a magnet, “draws” to itself of toxic substances and carries them out, thus clearing the bowels.

Guinea pig food

In this regard, in the cage of your small pet should always be hay. Another advantage of this product is that it deteriorates very slowly.

The better to feed Guinea pigs? Juicy food, i.e. herbs and vegetables. This type of food in the diet of a pet should be a lot. Talk about it in more detail.

Green poop

So this food must employ a Guinea pig. Her food should be diversified. So the Guinea pig can be given red clover, meadow grass, plantain, yarrow. Please note that greens need to choose carefully, because some plants can be harmful to the rodent.


What eats a Guinea pig in addition to roughage and fresh greens? Of course, vegetables (parsley, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, etc.). Let's have a talk on this subject. As we have seen, Guinea pigs eat lettuce and all its varieties. This food must be fresh because the leaves deteriorate in a matter of hours.

what Guinea pigs eat healthy food

Guinea pigs are happy to eat the parsley. It contains a lot of magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and vitamins. It is valued because it has antiseptic properties. Take your pet and dill. It contains iron, potassium and carotene. Dill reduces gas formation in the intestine. However, the greens should not be given in large quantity, as it contains many essential oils.

Cucumbers are the subject of adoration Guinea pigs. The cucumber juice has weak anti-inflammatory action. Another advantage of this vegetable – low calorie. It is useful to give those rodents who want to lose weight. But it is not necessary to feed young Guinea pig only cucumbers, despite the fact that they love them very much. Because a growing body needs to receive adequate nutrition.

the diet of Guinea pigs recommendations

The Record for the content of ascorbic acid is bell peppers. In addition, it contains a large amount of carotene. Feed the need pepper slices, but, of course, without seeds.

Another useful product for the Guinea pig is carrots. It containsa lot of vitamins, carotene, glucose and minerals.

The Tomatoes must also enter the menu for rodents. They contain carotene and vitamin C. you Need to give the pet only Mature fruits. Green tomatoes rodents can not offer, since they contain solanine (a toxic substance). When ripe it is destroyed.

proper nutrition Guinea pigs

Kale-it is a useful vegetable, but to give it is with caution. It contains a lot of sugar, protein and vitamins, and organic sulfur. However, cabbage can cause severe flatulence. The rodent is to give only the top leaves of cabbage (preferably white). Although if you're new to the content of such animals, it is better do not indulge your pet this product. Better just give him a little broccoli, it is not so dangerous.


What eats a Guinea pig, in addition to all of the above? Vine crops (pumpkins, melons, watermelons, etc.), which contains a lot of vitamins, carotene. They should be given the rodent slices with the peel. Especially useful to these animals zucchini and pumpkin. They serve diet food. Pumpkin seeds are a prophylactic against worms. In addition, they contain a lot of vitamins, minerals. In addition, they are an excellent source of zinc. This element is necessary for the prevention of skin disease, keep skin in good condition.

What else will be glad to be the Guinea pig?

Food rodents must be balanced. Therefore their diet should include fruits and berries. For example, the useful ash. It contains a lot of ascorbic acid, carotene and vitamin P. the Last element increases the strength of blood vessels.

the better to feed Guinea pigs

In pears and apples contain pectin, carotene and lots of sugar. In addition, Guinea pigs are happy to eat various berries, oranges and bananas.


This is a high-calorie food. They contain lots of protein and carbohydrates. This group is referred of feed grain, legumes and seeds. Also to this category and finished feed. Especially good eaten products based on herbal flour. Adult males should give approximately twenty grams per day. Lactating and pregnant females and young of the species need more (about forty grams).

kennel Fili Guinea pigs food Guinea pigs

The Technology of feeding and precautions

How to feed Guinea pigs? It is best in the morning and at night to give concentrates. And juicy food to put in the cage when you are home to the remains of the food after meals had to be removed. Always in the cage of the rodent should be hay, mineral and salt stone.

Note that Guinea pigs do not tolerate starvation. A rodent who refuses, for whatever reasons, from food, may develop dehydration and exhaustion. If you notice that the pet has no appetite, do not hesitate and immediately consult a doctor.

Guinea pigs have a habit of constantly something to chew. It may be for them a disservice. After copious consumption of concentrated feed and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to the development of obesity. This pathology is, unfortunately, often appears in domestic rodents. Noticed that your pet has recovered? Immediately take action of dropping weight. After all, animals are suffering from obesity, lose the ability to reproduce, and also they have reduced immunity.

what is a Guinea pig

Advice to the owners of rodents

In order to make a correct diet of Guinea pigs, the recommendations of veterinarians should consider first. Because each rodent is special, and it is possible that your dog will need more green vegetables, or, on the contrary, some products will need to be removed, because the pet is overweight.

Wrapping up

Today we tried to understand what they eat Guinea pigs. Healthy food for rodent - it is plant food, especially a variety of greens. Carefully choose food for this animal, only then it will delight you for a long time. Remember that proper nutrition Guinea pigs - the key to her health.

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