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"Rusfinans Bank" – newly formed company, which is one of the best organizations of this type. It develops in the field of consumer lending and offers a wide range of services, among which are avtokreditovanie, which became popular with the development of technology. You can also make use of lending at points of sale, get a loan in cash, which is very convenient. The company also issues credit cards. Reviews about the "Rusfinance Bank" can be viewed on the Internet.

The Company has office locations across Russia – in 110 cities, ranging from remote and ending with Kaliningrad city on the opposite end – Vladivostok. Society “Rusfinance Bank” included in perhaps the largest international financial group in the Eurozone - Societe Generale. The end of 2012 showed that the company occupies the third place in ranking in terms of volume and number of car loans. First and second places were taken by Sberbank and VTB24.

The Main office of the credit institution is situated in Samara. She currently has about 14 800 partners and has its own offices in 63 regions of the Russian Federation. Additional there are 10 offices, credit-cash – 127. The Bank is gaining an increasing number of customers. And with their growth aktiviziruyutsya and curiosity those who have not used the services of the Bank, and increasingly, the search engines found request: “Rusfinance Bank reviews”. The institution is developing dynamically, complements and updates the program, a growing number of loans, consumers.

The company's Policy is simple: to provide customers with loans at favorable terms for both parties. There are a number of programs of consumer crediting. Some of them can be a small overpayment to purchase furniture, appliances, goods for home and personal use, and much more.

Every citizen of the Russian Federation can improve the quality of their lives through the organization that provides financial services on a global level, with a stable long-term basis. When dealing with customers, "Rusfinans Bank" (reviews confirm this) uses the principles of the market, in compliance with business rules and current legislation.


For flexible terms, the Bank can provide a loan that allows you to purchase a car of any brand. Including buying and selling can be carried out with a private person. With a minimum set of documents to get a loan in the amount equal to 90% of the value of the car. The company cooperates with many manufacturers, which speaks of wide ties, allowing you to create the most favorable conditions of signing the contract. "Rusfinans Bank" reviews about this kind of activity is very positive. No cheating and gray schemes has never been seen.

Credit cards

"Rusfinans Bank" manufactures credit cards VISA. There is a grace period of 50 days. Interest is charged only on the actual existing debt. The company has developed a flexible system that allows without any difficulties to repay the loan and to reuse it.

Consumer loan

In Rusfinance the credit has features consists in the fact that, having it, you can buy almost any item of mass consumption in stores, the number of which exceeds 7 thousand. Credit terms are 3-24 months.

Loans in cash

The Client can obtain cash loan in the amount of 5 to 50 thousand rubles from the company "Rusfinans Bank". Reviews of many of its customers can help the beginner better understand the system of work of the institution, although it is so simple. The procedure for obtaining a cash loan has been simplified: the sum of all payments that will be required, is fixed initially and then does not change during the entire maturity.

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