Jewelry for men: types and fashion trends


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Today jewelry for men is not a simple accessory but a status symbol in modern society. Options jewelry fashion stylists, developed a number. Among them: rings, bracelets, cufflinks, rings, chains, tie clips and more. Material for their manufacture are usually precious metals and stones, and the sleek design is intended to emphasize the strict style of the stronger sex.


Among many people there is a misconception that silver jewelry men are not worth buying due to carelessness. This is not so, because silver is also a precious metal and has a number of positive qualities. First, one of the most important nuances is the question price: the cost of silver jewelry is much lower than its counterparts from platinum or gold. Secondly, silver is considered a healing metal, as it destroys harmful bacteria. It's no wonder young guys that pierce one ear, choose the first earrings is silver. Her wound heals faster, and it does not get for men

Besides decorating for men, made of dull silver, are a sign of good taste. It is believed that silver – the lunar metal, and therefore it is fit confident and balanced individuals.


The gold our people have a special relationship – it is the most popular among both ladies and gentlemen. Gold jewelry for men every year and replenished with exquisite novelties, and jewelers are constantly scratching their heads over fashionable and interesting models. It is not wrong to say that almost every guy and adult male in the Arsenal there is at least one ornament made of gold. These products since ancient times considered the indicator of well-being. Of course, the gold much more than silver, but a gold jewelry always catches the eye of others.


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In the modern jewelry store offers gold chains of various weaving, charms and pendants, crosses, rings, seals, bracelets. Separately, there are gold cufflinks and tie pins, because such things are often bought as a for men


In modern society, platinum is perceived as something unusual, exclusive. Ornaments for men made of platinum cause contradictory impressions. One admires this metal, others out of ignorance associate it with silver. But the differences in price between silver and platinum is highly significant, so platinum jewelry can not afford one. Suitable for platinum? By far the people, thinking outside the box, which strikingly stand out from the crowd.

How to choose jewelry as a gift?

Quite often people wonder what to give to the representative of the stronger sex for birthday, anniversary or other event. One of the most advantageous solutions are the jewellery for men. Besides the fact that they are made of precious metals, they interspersed with various precious stones. Especially popular combination of gold and diamonds. Among the gift items that are most in demand among buyers, is the following:

  • Golden men's watch;
  • Trinkets of gold;
  • Men's decorated business card holders;
  • Gold plated pins;
  • Money clip;
  • Bracelets for watches;
  • Gold stars;
  • Bracelets with pendants;
  • Chain;
  • Cufflinks;
  • for men photo

These and other jewelry for men should be carefully selected on the basis of several criteria: age of the future owner, his preferences and style of dress, etc. If choosing a gift you have doubts, you can pick up an ornament with stone in eye color, shade of shirt or tie.

Fashion trends

Despite the fact that the eternal, namely the so-called articles of precious metal, are constantly in fashion, trends change every year. The different combinations. For example, this season there is the combination in one product of white and yellow gold-both beautifully off each other.

Also in fashion add diamond jewelry for men, photos are presented on the pages of many jewelry online stores and also in our article. So, you should pay attention to the bracelets, cufflinks, tie clips, rings with diamonds. In addition to this stone, you can often see panels of lapis lazuli, garnet, Topaz, agate. Topical paste stones in gold, silver.silver jewelry men

Wedding jewelry

Also, you should consider decorating for such an important in every person's life celebration, like a wedding. In this case we are talking not only about jewelry but also about the accessories for the groom. This includes a festive butterfly and bow ties, pins and clips, boutonnieres, elegant handkerchiefs, cufflinks. Now designers offer all these things handmade, which will allow the groom to look at the ceremony elegant.

Of Course, all the attributes and stuff are purchased after the purchase of suit or tuxedo and shirt. It should look likeperfectly, including the shoes. Sometimes there are special decorations on the wedding shoes. But here it is necessary not to overdo it with jewelry, so as not to resemble a Christmas jewelry for men

As for the main decorations – wedding rings – it should be chosen with great care. Despite the many variations of these jewelry, many men prefer the classic rings without any engravings and stones. If you still inlay, mens rings have to be designed in a simple style.

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