Registration of a new car. The procedure and peculiarities


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Register a new car at first glance it seems quite a daunting task, especially for a novice driver. Often, the owners use the help of intermediaries, however, if you understand the basics of this procedure, similar issues may be solved independently.

So the law requires to register the vehicle purchased within 5 days including weekend. Registration of a new car is the traffic police and require the submission of certain documents, which are submitted to the division at the place of residence of the owner.

Preparing the machine for registration

You Must implement few simple steps in the preparation of the car for inspection. It needs to be clean (for reliable determination of the color) and staffed. You need to remove the tint from the Windows, doors, windshield, otherwise the inspector will refuse to hold STK. Must be clean body and engine, so it was easy to read numbers.

The Procedure for registering a new vehicle requires the owner to comply with a certain procedure which is established by the relevant rules of registration. It includes the preparation and submission of required documents and completion of inspection of the vehicle. Under favorable results, registration of new cars will be over.

Registration Procedure requires the following documents:

  • ID;
  • The document confirming the right of ownership (as a rule, such is the contract of sale or bill of sale);
  • Car passport (PTS);
  • Transit numbers;
  • Customs documents (if cars of foreign production);
  • Insurance policy;
  • Filled in the registration statement;
  • Receipt for payment of state fees (for the issuance of registration plates, certificate).

In Addition to the presentation of the above documents, the owner shall provide for inspection of the car, under favorable termination procedures will be issued the appropriate certificate of inspection.


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Features of the examination of the vehicle

Register a new car requires a special examination of the vehicle, which carries out an inspector. The purpose of this process is the authentication of the documents submitted using a special information retrieval systems, data mapping documents, data car (year, color, model, brand etc.). During the inspection of the technical condition of the car, subject to specific diagnostics tools to accurately note the technical condition, to assess whether it meets standards and established technical standards. If at least one specification, does not meet the safety requirements or deemed to be faulty, the operation of this vehicle will be prohibited.

If you find any inconsistencies when checking the documents, or in the process of correlation of documentary support with technical features, the car will be confiscated or detained to ascertain the circumstances. The end of the inspection, means that the registration procedure comes to an end.

Registration of a new car is within the limits set by the management body of the state. The maximum period of registration, taking into account the issuance of registration plates and documents, may not exceed 3 hours from the moment of receipt of the application. The only exceptions are cases that require additional checks and processing time thereof can reach up to thirty days.


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