Coffee and cigarettes, or Not a good morning


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Even the heavy smokers know that Smoking-health harm, but many of them will never give up on your addiction. Each in its own way explains the dependence of the individual and the reasons because of which does not want to quit Smoking. One of them is that people just can't imagine my morning without coffee and cigarettes.

Coffee and cigarettesAccording to many ex-smokers, wanting to give up Smoking forever, they first of all refused alcohol and coffee as “failures” most likely to occur also under the influence of liquor or caffeine. Why is this happening? Some scientists explain this fact (and even scientifically justify) the fact that nicotine has the ability to enhance pleasant feeling from any action or manipulation. That is, for example, drinking coffee without a cigarette for the smoker does not have the same effect as with her – it was not bracing, moreover, it seems completely tasteless. And only one cigarette smoked under a Cup of this drink allows him to fully enjoy its aroma, taste and invigorating effect.

Coffee and cigarettes in the morning, if you adhere to the above explanation, for the smoker – delicious, literally and figuratively, the beginning of the day. to Unsubscribe from this ritual – it means to resign ourselves to boring and “tasteless” days, that is life. But to leave this habit still possible and necessary. according to many of those who quit Smoking, nice and cheerful now making their morning coffee. The cigarette disappeared from their lives immediately and hard, but feeling her absence has affected almost immediately. First – unstable psychological state, but then – to strengthen the organism as a whole.


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Morning coffee cigarette

According to statements of doctors, particularly detrimental to human is a combination of coffee and cigarettes on an empty stomach, that is, if you are not yet ready to give up Smoking, start drinking coffee only after as your stomach got some food. This can be the easiest Breakfast in the form of an Apple or yogurt, but if you organized it yourself, your body is less affected by “thermonuclear” combination of coffee and cigarettes. 

Coffee and a cigarette, photoDoctors say that such a combination reduces the likelihood of developing Parkinson's disease, but the harm to them is much more serious. First, may develop gastric ulcers, which, however, is threatened by anyone who drinks coffee on an empty stomach (even without a cigarette). Secondly, several times increase the chances of getting a stroke. And nicotine and caffeine are not the best friends of our heart, and together they just kill you slowly. Suffer from this and vessels that are also in danger of heart attacks and strokes.

And finally, what can many girls make to be wary of the Union - coffee and cigarette. Teeth photos of people who have abandoned addiction before and after that demonstrate what a negative impact this invigorating drink in combination with nicotine on the beauty of the smile. Even if you will once a month run to the dentist in the hope to whiten your teeth, their color and General condition, until you quit Smoking and drinking coffee at the same time, will only get worse. So if you don't smoke, don't start, and if you have a habit, get rid of it urgently!

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