Rate of flow: formula, definition and calculation


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Providing a suburban area or real estate required amount of water – the first and most important task of each owner, because it affects the comfort of living. Typically, a well is drilled. But how do you know at the initial stage, there will be enough water in the future?

Features of the reservoir

Well is a hydraulic structure with their characteristics. This:

  • Performance;
  • Diameter;
  • Depth;
  • Type.

the well daily

To determine its functionality, it is necessary to calculate the production rate. Accurate determination of this parameter will allow you to see if the water intake to provide not only drinking, but also economic needs in full, in addition, the rate of flow of the reservoir will help to choose the right pumping equipment to supply water masses to the surface.

Knowledge of the flow rate of hydraulic structures will help workers repair crews to pick the best option to restore it in case of problems with the operation of the reservoir.

Classification and characteristics

The Definition of well flow rate will allow to identify its level of productivity, which may be:

  • Up To 20 m³/day (unproductive or marginal).
  • More than 20 m³/day, but less than 85 (middle range).
  • 85 m³/day and greater (high).

Calculation of well flow rate

Marginal – shallow wells (to 5 m), which reached just trolling rod layer. The amount of water in them is usually small, and the quality is highly questionable, as this moisture penetrates from the surface. If there are any major bus or rail routes, businesses, villages, polluted water masses passing through a small layer of soil, a little cleaned up, which is almost undrinkable. The production rate of this type is quite restricted and may be from 0.6 to 1.5 m3 per hour.


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Medium production hydro usually reach depths of 10 to 20 m of Water filtered enough quality, which is confirmed by laboratory tests and can therefore be eat even raw. Every hour of the medium production of the reservoir can be pumped from 2 m3 moisture. High capacity hydraulic type usually reaches the limestone aquifer, so water quality in them is excellent, quantity – 3 m3 hour.

Determining the right amount of water

To find out exactly how much water is needed for the needs of a specific area, count the number of cranes is not only inside the house but outside it. Each crane takes roughly 0.5 m³. For example, 5 valves will be served 2.5 m³ of water masses, 7 – 3.5 m³, etc. But this is the case when valves are constantly open.

well production formula

Once the well is drilled and a few days settles, there should be measurement of the water level in the operational pipeline. The level of water surface before pumping is called statistical, and after pumping – dynamic. If a yield equal sampling intensity, the mirror will stop at a certain level. But if the volume of water withdrawals increase (decrease), or the flow of water masses will be smaller (larger), the mirror can change its level.

Performance Measurements

The key to a long operation of any hydraulic structure is its correct operation. This requires at least 3-4 times a year to monitor water pressure. It is simple: for a certain period of time is filled with any measuring utensils. If filling it in each subsequent control measurement occurs in the same amount of time – flow rate remains the same, which means that the pond is used correctly.

Increase the time for filling the vessel indicates that the number of water masses decreased. To make it convenient to control the situation and take appropriate action, should the received measured data record, creating, for example, a table, and measure across the same length of time.

Calculation of the index

How to determine the flow rate of the well? You need to know the performance of the dynamic and statistical levels. To measure them is very simple: you need a rope to attach a weight and drop into the pipe. Distance to water surface from the earth's surface and is the desired parameter.

Definition of well flow rate

To Make the measurements before the beginning of pumping the water and after a certain period from the start of pumping. The smaller this number, the better the performance of the reservoir. If the well yield is less than the capacity of the pump, the difference in performance may be very large. Thus, the statistical level – this is the distance to the water from the soil surface before pumping, and dynamic – measure the level of location of the water table, generated the natural way.


Knowing the time that has been pumped fluid, and its quantity, you can proceed with the necessary calculations. This applies to a precise mathematical calculation. Will help to determine accurate flow rates formula with the following symbols:

  • Nst, Nd –levels of statistical and dynamic.
  • – the height of the water column.
  • – the performance of the pumping device.
  • D – flow rate.

Now consider how the formula looks:

  • D = H x In (Nd – Nst), a meter.

It is best to understand how to calculate the production rate will help to consider an example.


  • Data Nst – 30 m
  • Data Nd – 37 m.
  • Height of water column-20 m.
  • Capacity of a pump unit – 2 m3/h.

Count: 20 x 2 : (37 - 30) and obtain approximately 5.7 m3

How to determine the flow rate of the well

To test this figure, you can use the trial pumping, using a pump more power. Performing calculations according to the above formula, you can start figuring out the specific rate. This will help to understand how the performance increases with increasing dynamic level. For the calculations the following formula is used:

  • Up = D2-D1 : H2-H1, where
    D2, D2 – indicators second test
    D1, H1 – first,
    A UE-specific index.

This proportion – the key parameter, which reflects all the factors influencing well productivity. It depends on aquifer thickness and design of the pipeline.


If the hydro over time start to affect the performance, well yield can be increased using one of the following ways:

  • To Clean the filter and pipe.
  • To Test operation of pumping equipment.

How to calculate the production rate

Sometimes it helps to restore the productivity of the reservoir and not to resort to more drastic measures. If the calculation of the flow rate of the well was bad initially, then the reason can be either a small quantity of water masses in the source, or the inexperience of the masters was the reason that there was a precise hit into the aquifer. In this case, the only way – drilling of another well.

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