Hypothyroidism and pregnancy: implications for child, planning, reviews


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The Child with good health and a well-developed intellect – the main dream of every couple. But in order to came to light this baby, you must match many conditions. One of the most important factors is the hormonal balance. For the maintenance of the balance of such substances is multiple bodies. Among them – the thyroid gland, which is a kind of “head” all the systems of the human body.

Hypothyroidism: characteristics and common causes

According to medical research, this disease is one of the most common. It occurs in people living in different countries of the world. However, the largest number of patients suffering from this disorder, are citizens of the countries with a low standard of living. This pathology of the thyroid due to insufficient iodine content in the body. Therefore, people who eat sufficient amount of fish, seafood and algae, there is rarely such a problem.

foods with high iodine content

Hypothyroidism during pregnancy occurs in about two percent of women. The presence of this disease in the expectant mother means that professionals need to be attentive to her condition, to perform regular inspections and surveys. After all, in the absence of timely treatment, the disorder can worsen the health of the woman carrying the baby.

What threat is the problem? It is mentioned in details in the next sections.

Causes of hormonal imbalance in pregnancy

It is Known that the thyroid gland depends on the condition of all other systems of the human body. This statement is explained by the fact that it produces substances necessary for normal functioning of the organs. The combination of hypothyroidism and pregnancy is a danger to the health of the mother and the health of the fetus.


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What factors can lead to hormonal imbalance? The reasons depend on the species of the disease. There are several common forms of hypothyroidism.

  1. Primary (occurs as a result of damage to the structure of the organ or wrong operation). Trigger mechanisms that provoke this type of pathology can be inflammation of the thyroid, surgery, defects of formation, the influence of microorganisms or drugs containing iodine.
  2. Secondary (due to weakening of the functions of the pituitary – one of the most important of the endocrine glands).
  3. Tertiary form (observed in the disorders of the other IS – the hypothalamus).
  4. Transient type (occurs as a result of inflammatory processes in the gland after delivery).
  5. Peripheral type of hypothyroidism during pregnancy is extremely rare due to unfavorable heredity. The disease is associated with a decrease in the ability to metabolize substances thyroid sufficiently. In such cases, requires regular monitoring of the condition of the mother before conception and during all stages of gestation.

Other causes

Speaking of hypothyroidism and pregnancy, it should be added that external factors play an equally important role in the development of the problem than the internal disorders of the organs and hormonal balance. The negative impact of the external environment can cause serious disorders IS. To such phenomena belongs the uncontrolled intake of medicines, which has iodine. These drugs must be applied strictly in the prescribed dosage only after consulting the doctor.

consultation of the obstetrician-gynecologist

Of Great importance for thyroid health and proper production of necessary substances is balanced diet. This is especially true for women who is about to become a mother. Diet, including marine fish, shellfish, kelp avoids such problems.

Tags, indicating the presence of disease

Pregnancy in hypothyroidism the thyroid gland is dangerous because many of the manifestations of the pathology of this organ of the endocrine system women explain their condition. However, to leave these symptoms unattended is not recommended. It is only timely examination and treatment can prevent the development of possible consequences in the future. Typical phenomena that occur in this disease include the following:

  1. Rapid increase in weight, which many moms take for weight gain caused by the period of gestation.
  2. Constant and inexplicable feeling cold.
    feeling cold
  3. Reduction of cravings for food.
  4. Pronounced fatigue, delayed reaction, severe deterioration of attention and memory.
  5. Anxiety and depression.
  6. Weakness due to lack of iron and vitamin b, which many do not pay enough attention. Because this symptom is observed in healthy women during pregnancy.
  7. Slow heart rate.
  8. Constipation.
  9. Swelling of the skin around the eyes. Also, swollen hands, feet, face.
  10. Fragility of hairthe tendency to hair loss, up to the formation of bald patches.
  11. Respiratory Disorders during sleep, you may experience snoring.

Subclinical hypothyroidism in pregnancy

This form of the disease often reduces a woman's chances of procreation. This is because the monthly cycle is disturbed and the ability of the oocyte to Mature often deteriorates. In this case, to conceive a child, should be examined to determine the tactics of treatment (as a rule, prescribe medicines, thus compensating for the lack of hormones). If subclinical hypothyroidism appeared in the process of gestation, it is not manifest symptoms. This is the danger of the disease. In some cases this kind of pathology leads to spontaneous termination of life of the fetus. However, too much experience is not necessary. If you correctly pick a therapy, it is possible to solve this problem. Fifty percent of the cases, the babies are born healthy. Although in the future they have abnormalities in the immune system.

Disease thyroid and conceiving the future

Speaking about the planning of pregnancy with hypothyroidism, it should be emphasized that the presence of this disorder is the reason for regular health check-UPS and laboratory tests. If before the birth of a new life the woman detects a pathology, should be treated. In the period of gestation the signs of thyroid disease are often overlooked, so it is best to carry out all activities in advance. The lack of hormones and upset the activities of the authority can lead to serious developmental defects in the infant.

To Control the content of substances, which produces the thyroid gland, with the help of laboratory analysis of blood. A similar procedure is recommended for all women prior to the birth of a new life. Because mild disorders may not be accompanied by symptoms and does not prevent conception. However, any disorder IS provokes negative consequences.

Possible harm to the body of the mother

With this condition often there are complications associated with the period of gestation, delivery.

fatigue in pregnant

Patients who have detected such a dysfunction in the thyroid, are faced with the following phenomena:

  1. Severe shortage of iron in the body.
  2. Spontaneous abortion in the early stages of pregnancy.
  3. The Premature discharge of the placenta.
  4. Weak ability of the uterus to contract during childbirth.
  5. The Loss of a significant amount of blood.

If a woman has hypothyroidism is detected during pregnancy, the consequences of the disease can be extremely unpleasant. The saddest of them – the birth of a dead child, the death of the baby immediately after birth.

A Threat to the fetus

Disorders of the thyroid gland in expectant mother pose a serious risk to the health of the baby. He is underweight, wrong formation and growth of parts of the body. Also suffers nervous system, observed the defects of mental development. If a woman develops hypothyroidism in pregnancy, the consequence for a child could be the emergence of similar diseases in the first year of life.

negative pregnancy test

Required medical attention

The Patient, who suspect the presence of this disorder should occur in two categories of health workers during the whole period of gestation. First – specialist in diseases IS – deals with the control of laboratory analyses, assessment of health of future mothers and the selection of therapy. The second (GYN) performs diagnostic procedures, allowing to determine possible defects in the fetus. Careful supervision of specialists can prevent negative consequences.

Who should be very attentive to their health?

Speaking about the combination of hypothyroidism and pregnancy, it should be emphasized that in the planning stages, regular and thorough status monitoring with the help of analyses needs to implement:

  1. Women who have other disorders in the thyroid.
  2. Patients with diabetes.
  3. Girls having problems with conception.
  4. Persons with adverse heredity on disease IS.
  5. Expectant mothers who are diagnosed with elevated antibodies to substances of the thyroid gland.


Expectant mothers who were given this diagnosis as a rule is able to produce a baby naturally.

feeling bad during pregnancy

Surgical intervention (cesarean section) is performed in some cases on the recommendation of a specialist.

The Danger of the disease is a high likelihood of bleeding. So after giving birth, the woman is prescribed the means, which prevent the occurrence of this problem.

Methods of dealing with the pathology of

Treatment of hypothyroidism during pregnancy is the use of medications that restore the balance of hormones. Among the most famous drugs that are recommended in this situation include the following:

  1. "codomain".
  2. “Yod-asset”.

  3. «L-thyroxine”.

About the use of these tablets during pregnancy hypothyroidism doctors quite controversial. Some experts believe that this technique of dealing with the pathology is the most effective. According to other doctors, such drugs in such cases is strictly prohibited.

The fact that some patients do not adhere to the normal dosage, and start drinking them uncontrollably. This leads to various complications. However, the correct usage of valid not only at the stage of carrying a child, but when feeding breast milk.

How to prevent the disease?

Continuing the theme about the combination of hypothyroidism and pregnancy, it should be added that there are some rules that will help to avoid possible problems in the mother and fetus.

These include:

  1. Regular examination by a specialist in disorders of GWS at the planning stage and at the early stages of gestation.
  2. A Balanced diet that includes a sufficient number of marine fish, shellfish and algae.
  3. Replacement of salt in a product with a high content of iodine.
  4. Hormonal means (if necessary).

The Woman not to worry about what drugs can negatively affect the condition and development of the fetus. The substances which enter into their composition, are considered safe. Many doctors prescribe "codomain" in hypothyroidism during pregnancy and after childbirth.

woman with child

You only Need to follow specific regimens and dosages of medications and not to change the therapy regimen independently.

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