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“Nuwere” from 2011 to 2013, produced comic books that has gained huge popularity. She was so impressed readers that it resulted in a film adaptation of – “Orange marmalade”. It was only filmed 12 episodes, who pitched three full seasons. Each episode lasts about 50 minutes. Stream series lasted from may 2015 to July of the same year.

“Orange marmalade” the drama, the actors in which played their role efficiently and realistically. Few people complained that the characters in manhwa and characters from the TV series a little similar. All in all satisfied.

Plot drama

The Story is set in a world where humans and vampires must coexist with each other. Over time, the bloodsuckers have evolved, so the quality of the food was rather more loyal to liquid. A society in which vampires live, a fairly aggressive set up. They are constantly discriminated against, humiliated. Many people hide their real self in order to be a lifelong outcast. That's about it and tells “Orange marmalade”. Actors and roles are described below.

The Plot revolves around Baek MA Ri, who needs to lie about what it is people. She lives by herself, her inherent reticence. Baek MA Ri have to dream about moving to another area where know no one will, it would help to have a restful life. But after the appearance of Jae Mine plans change, and with them - and the fate of the girl.

Description characters

A Popular guy at school – Jae Min. From childhood he hates vampires and everything connected with them. This can be explained by the fact that, after his mother got married to this entity, she is constantly prevented him from doing what you like. Of course, after appearing in his school MA Ri, he falls in love with her. But what guy waits until he finds out that his girlfriend is a vampire?! This can be understood if you look at the ‘Orange marmalade”. The actors are positive about the process of filming and editing.


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actors orange marmalade

Baek MA Ri long enough avoids people. Perhaps she could use vampirism to live fully, but the secrecy and stealth did the trick in the childhood. To graduate from high school, she decided in that whatever was, therefore, with renewed hope and strength was transferred to another school where nobody knew her.

Since childhood, she dreams of being a musician. After transfer to a school caught in a love triangle. Fell in love with her not only Jae Min, but her loyal childhood friend – XI Hu. About the interesting fates you can learn by watching “Orange marmalade”. The actors are so beautiful that you don't even notice small flaws in the game.

Shi hoo – the nephew of the man who married the mother of Jae Mine. Also a vampire.

Joe And RA – popular girl in school. She didn't like the fact that Jae Min sympathize with MA Ri, so she tries to insult, humiliate and embarrass a girl at all.

E Jin GU/Jae Min

The Guy was born in Seoul on 13 August 1997. Zodiac sign-Leo. Unfortunately, we know about the guy is not very much. But I must say that he plays well enough. This is confirmed working with actors. “Orange marmalade” helped to reveal to him his potential. On the screens of Jin GU debuted back in 2005, starring in “Sad movie”. The first rays of glory came to him only after three years, when the broadcast picture "Ice flower", where he played.

orange marmalade actors

Anyone who has watched the work of the boy immediately pointed out that he will become a famous and respected actor. In 2013 he debuted on the big screen. His first work of such a plan – Thriller "Huai”. The role in this film earned him the award.

Kim Sol Hyun/Baek MA Ri

Was Born in the capital of South Korea on 3 January 1995. Is a member of the group AOA, once said working with the girl actors. “Orange marmalade” became a picture, for which fought, not only beginners, but also held Italy.

The debut of the girls on stage took place at the end of July 2012. To this date she has already appeared on the screens. For example, she starred in the video FTIsland (Severely). Her acting career began with minor roles. In 2012, the girl was offered to play a character in the drama "My daughter SEO Yeon”. After that Salt-Hyun began to call in many paintings.

orange marmalade drama actors

In 2013 she was lucky enough to play a character in the drama "My horrible brother”. And got the main role. Two years later, the girl appeared in the feature film “Kanaski Blues”. In her role auditioned five people, Salt Hyun still managed to achieve his desire - the chosen was exactly it. Played girl with Lee Min Ho, who by that time became one of the most popular and sought-after actors.

Prior To the debut of Salt Hyun worked as a model. Involved in the scandal. Her partner was Zico (Block B). Knows how to play the piano.

John Hyun/Han Shi hoo

The Guy was born in Busan 15 may 1990. He is now better known as a member of the band C. N. Blue. Because of this his permanent employment and the lack of time noted actors. “Orange marmalade” is a drama in which he played a profound role. The guy loves music, so I learned to play completelythe various tools. There are two types of guitars (regular and bass), piano and harmonica.

orange marmalade actors and roles

In four years, John Chen moved to Japan. Over time, however, he returned home and then graduated from high school. Met with their leader long before the debut and to internships in the company.

On the screens first appeared in 2010 in the movie "Phonics".

Gil Eun-Hye/Joe And RA

She recently started her career as an actress. Music she does. Was born on 5 December 1988. Her filmography is not so rich. Starred in five dramas, by the way, «Orange marmalade” became her last work. Many who watched these series, note that it copes with the role of a bitch.

She Debuted on screen in 1999. The main role until she was lucky enough to get, but she doesn't give up and auditioned for a minor. First drama - "School 2013”, the movie – “the Sixth suspect”. It is praised by many famous actors. “Orange marmalade” showed that this girl will pass the ratings of the most influential cultural figures of South Korea.

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