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Connecting the telephone outlet — one of the easiest tasks that can be performed by the homeowners themselves. Optimize the telephone network of the house knows no boundaries, home enthusiasts are constantly looking for ways to make their homes more comfortable and to accommodate additional telephone lines and phones in several rooms.

To Install the socket is very simple, then you can use your phone in virtually any room.

The Phone Jack and cables must be placed so that they do not affect the public telephone network. The telephone service provider has the right to check and test any socket and wiring connected to the communication lines in the house.

Each line of the telephone network, coming into the home or office, equipped with a special “the main outlet”, which is established by a provider of telephone services, the consumer is prohibited to intervene in its work and to pursue the connection.

For performance it is necessary to purchase materials: adapter, wall socket and cable clips.


  1. Choose a place to connect the telephone Jack.
  2. Calculate the length of the wire.
  3. Select the new connector.
  4. To Install the socket.
  5. Connect a new device to the telephone wire.
  6. Connect the phone line and test the functionality.

Install Location and instruments


Before you begin installation, you need to mark selected the place to install the sockets in the house. First it is necessary to take into account, where they can be furniture or tables, so you can neatly route the wires.


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To connect a socket will need tools that must be in working condition.

The tools Necessary are:

  1. Hammer.
  2. Small screwdriver.
  3. Pliers.
  4. Pliers.
  5. Concealed wiring Detector.
  6. Tools for installation of telecommunication cables.

If you are installing the device on the 1st floor, it is recommended to lay a telephone line to the second floor outside the house on the street. It is easier to do than to lay a cable up the stairs and through numerous doorways. It is impossible to place wires under rugs and make them under the door frame. Skirting — the best place for safe and aesthetic placement of phone jacks and wires. Calculating the length of the wiring, you need to remember that phones are typically equipped with 3 metre cord.

Types of telephone cables

Phone cable

A Telephone cable typically consists of 4-core cable, although 6 - and 8-core cable is also not uncommon. Connection types are 2-pair, 3-pair and 4-pair. Conventional 4-wire telephone cable has 4 colored wires, which include red, green, black and yellow. Although most telephones use 4 or 6 pin connector, standard telephones only use two wires. Single line telephones are designed for use the two center contacts in the connector of the phone. The 4-pin connector the outer 2 contacts are not used, and a 6-pin connector, external contacts are not used. It is important to know when you connect the telephone Jack.

Types of sockets

Socket on the Desk phone

When it comes to buying outlets, people first choose a brand and then look at the design. This is because in the market there are manufacturers that have proved themselves in the production of electrical products. Therefore, novice electricians best buy outlet famous brands.

Popular brands in 2018:

  1. LEGRAND. France. 130 thousand kinds of products (telephone socket rj11), all comply with European standards.
  2. VIKO. Turkey. Products in the medium price range, with European quality, minimalist design and a wide range of models.
  3. Schneider Electric. Germany. Safety and reliability, new design forms from classic to modern.
  4. Gunsan. Turkey. Offers outlet unusual fashion Fantasy and Moderna.
  5. Lemanso. China. Guaranteed reliability, quality and new technological solutions.

Legrand telephone socket outlet

Phone sockets

The Socket Legrand is designed to transmit telephone signals, hidden wiring. All products are supplied with fastening screws 2 x 3.5 M and 2 thermoplastic screw covers.


  1. Colour white.
  2. Mechanism adopts the standard solid copper wire size of 0.5 mm². IP rating: IP2X.
  3. I. K. Rating: IK01 4 connection IDC type.
  4. Copper conductors with a diameter of 0.4−0.8 mm.
  5. Maximum diameter of the cable insulating sheath of 1.4 mm.
  6. Contact blades are made of Nickel. The coating thickness of gold > 1,27 µm.
  7. Front panel: thermosetting plastic, self-extinguishing at a temperature of 960 °C / 30 s.
  8. Mounting the plugs to hide the screw: polycarbonate.


phone Socket

Consider the wiring connector plug is RJ-11.

How to connect a phone Jack? TypicalRJ-11 connector has six terminals. Normally use only the middle four pins. Telephone wire POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) usually contains two pairs of wires for two separate telephone lines. Central contacts (red and green) contain the first telephone line. Business (digital) phone systems can be connected as well.

RJ-45 (DATA)

telephone Outlet wiring

Consider the scheme of the connection plug RJ-45 connector in accordance with the standards of the T-568B. The telephone socket of the standard T-568B is the most commonly used. Wiring diagram is shown with “hook clip" on the bottom side. The connector has the wiring diagram or designated rooms / color contacts, corresponding to the color code below. When connecting the RJ-45 connector secure the connection as close as possible to the socket or the plug. This ensures that the telephone sockets rj 11 wiring standards Ethernet.



  1. Remove the front cover.
  2. The Inner part of the connector is connected to 4 terminal screws. The wires should be red, green, black and yellow. Connect the telephone wire (red and green) to the terminals with the red and green wires. Despite the fact that red and green are commonly used for hot lines phones, old telephones installed in homes, can use other colors.
  3. To ensure correct connections of wires, use a tester to check the telephone line. Another easy way to check the wire — to connect them to the terminals, connect the phone to check and listen to the tone response of the station.
  4. If you plan to use a single-line phone for your second line, you need to install a modified phone Jack.
  5. Remove the front cover of the telephone Jack and connect the yellow and black wires to the red and green terminals. This will move your second phone line to the Central contacts of the connector.
  6. If you have any problems, use a phone line tester to verify that the new second line active.

Improper wiring can cause improper operation or damage to the system.



If the phone Jack will be installed after construction of the house, it is best to select the outlet surface. They must be fixed on the wall or skirting with the appropriate fasteners. During drilling should wear protective glasses. Before you attach the socket to the wall, make sure that the selected section of the wall which has no hidden wiring or power cables, check them with a detector, flush mounted.

After you have chosen the place for the socket, carefully cut out the appropriate hole for cable entry with a sharp knife. Set the socket in place using the two screws.

The Mounting holes in the nesting box cut to provide horizontal and vertical installation before fully tightening the screws. Secure the cable carefully so as not to pierce or damage it. A damaged cable may result in malfunction or damage to the communications system and must therefore be replaced.

Connecting wires

wiring Connection

We Consider the connection socket telephone 6p4c. Structurally, it is made in such a way that does not require Stripping or soldering of wires. They connect tool for connecting telecommunications cables. No need to insert the wires in the socket with anything other than special tools. When performing work must wear protective goggles because the wire ends can fly off and injure the eyes.

Leaving a small amount of slack in the wire, put the wire which needs to be stowed in a corresponding slot of the terminal. Strong clamp tool makes the wire firmly to connect the plug connector, thus the connection is completed. If the socket you need to connect two cables in the same terminal must be inserted in the second wire.

Each wire must be inserted separately, not simultaneously. Make sure that the wires are fully inserted into the plug connector, one on top of another. Connector designed for two cable. If two wires must be connected on the same terminal, make sure that the colors of the wires from each cable correspond to each other.

Basic installation guidelines

In order to avoid violations of safety and proper installation of the device must adhere to the following rules:

  1. The New connector should not be more than 50 feet of cable from the main socket.
  2. Regardless of how many sockets on the telephone line, the number of actual handsets that can be connected is limited to 4.
  3. It is Impossible to place extension sockets or junction boxes at the doors or where it may be humidity or condensation (e.g. shower or bathroom).
  4. Place the telephone wiring can only be in the sockets or junction boxes.
  5. Phone Jack andthe cable should be no less than 5 cm from the wiring and the electrical outlet to avoid electrical interference.
  6. Always unplug the AC adaptor from the main socket before changing or adding wiring to the telephone circuit.


Test leads

After installation work is necessary to protest a phone line and socket installed for performance. You can test the tone ringer in each nest, and then ask a friend to call for a fixed telephone, to make sure it rings. If the phone rang, and the phone Jack is connected correctly, then you need to check communication lines with a multimeter.


  1. Disconnect the phone line to test, from test sockets. After disconnecting the phone line will be fully open and ready for testing.
  2. Wait a minute while the telephone line is completely disconnected.
  3. Set the digital multimeter in the continuity mode.
  4. Connect the test leads of the DMM together.
  5. If the multimeter is working correctly, its digital screen displays the reading and it will beep.
  6. Connect one of the DMM to one telephone wire and connect the other wire to the other telephone wire.
  7. If the multimeter does not detect continuity, the phone lines do not touch each other.
  8. If it detects continuity, the phone lines will not function properly.
  9. Repeat the test for each pair of telephone lines. As soon as every couple will be tested, it will be possible to determine which phone lines are working and which are not.

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