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Anna Starodubtseva earned the reputation as one of the most beautiful and successful female athletes, bodybuilders. This girl is in a short time has achieved remarkable results, which others take many years. In this article we will discuss the biography of Anna Starodubtseva. You will also learn about training methods and diet of this athlete.

Anna Starodubtseva

Anna Starodubtseva: the biography of stars of world fitness

Born the future star of world sport 28 Jan 1985 in Krasnodar. The girl was into sports, I prefer swimming. Love to physical exercise in the end has led her to fitness.

After school, Anna enrolled in the Kuban state University, graduating in 2006. During his studies, while participating in the program Work and Travel, Starodubtseva has been in America. Over the ocean, the girl job as a cook at a fine dining restaurant «Russian Samovar”. After that, in her heart love for new York. Anna had firmly decided that I will move there to live. In 2009, she decided that it was time for the dream to come true. In the end, Anna Starodubtseva went to conquer the overseas power.

Anna Starodubtseva growth weight

Hard times

After Moving to new York, Anna turned away from the family and usual circle of friends. The first months were the most difficult. It is very difficult to get a job in a strange city without any financial support. But then Anna Starodubtseva has shown all the dedication and strong-willed character, because even the negation of the existence on the brink of poverty are unable to convince her to leave America. She knew that only this country can open up new horizons.


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The First years after moving, Anna rented a small room in Brooklyn. She worked as a bartender six days a week. Busy schedule with lack of sleep and irregular diet and lack of exercise affected the figure of the girl. At the time she got nine extra kilos.

Road to success

Three years Later, after moving Anna Starodubtseva, through their diligence, got a great job that gave the opportunity to enjoy all the charms of “American life". But the extra weight will not go away. Then the girl set out to regain the shape. In six months she lost nine pounds, but decided not to stop there. She was curious to know where can give her further training. The results were not long in coming. Soon the girl decided to try his hand at the event.

The First performance in 2012 at the Championship of new Jersey brought her the victory. And people found out who is Anna Starodubtseva. Height, weight girls harmoniously with each other. Thanks to the great proportions, the figure has acquired a striking shape, which did not leave indifferent neither the judges nor the audience. Starodubtseva became the absolute champion in the category of fitness-bikini. Her competition weight then always kept at 56 kg. the Growth of Anna 176 cm

Anna Starodubtseva biography

The Triumph of athletes

Of Course, the first victory inspired the girl. After this competition for three months, she participated in five different sports. But due to the lack of citizenship Anna Starodubtseva, fitness athlete, discussed in this article, I could not speak at national tournaments. So the only way to conquer a professional catwalk was the participation in “the Arnold classic”, where she represented her homeland - Russia.

Enhanced workout and a balanced diet helped to achieve the girl of perfect proportions. Due to this it became the first domestic athlete in a fitness bikini, won the title of absolute champion of competitions IFBB among professionals. Of course, after this, she opened the way to any championship.

Anna Starodubtseva fitness

Athletic achievements

Today, the athlete of world renown Anna Starodubtseva. Fitness bikini - her thing. In such competitions, it has no equal. In addition to performances, the girl engaged in coaching activities. She advises many celebrities in nutrition and exercise. Of course, all this is possible thanks to the successful career of athletes. A list of the most significant victories

  • Championship fitness bikini new Jersey – 1st place (2012).
  • The Grand Prix of Brooklyn – 1st place (2012).
  • Grand Prix new York – 4th place (2012).
  • Competitions New England – 5th place (2012).
  • The Arnold Amateur Championships – 1st place (2013).
  • About Russia – 2nd place (2014).

The action in the competition «Arnold classic” in 2015, brought to Anne only the eleventh place. But a girl can hope. She continues hard exercise.

Training Program of the Anna Starodubtseva

The Girl willingly shares his secrets on how to achieve perfection. According to female athletes, every workout should begin with warm-up, after which you need to undertake preparatory cardio. To do this, Anna often uses a treadmill, which deals with acceleration for 25 minutes.

Also, an athlete loves to do exercises on the elliptical trainer, because it gives you the ability to work effectivethe lower part of the body, especially the feet. While Anna believes that the key to these sessions – is correctly selected position. In order to focus on the gluteal muscles, you need to tilt your body forward, bend the lower back. In this case, the load will go on the gluteal muscles. It is necessary to ensure that the jolt went through the heel, not the toe.

Anna Starodubtseva fitness bikini

Squat-the best exercise

Anna Starodubtseva, a photo of which is given in the article, has a great body. In her opinion, she has achieved such results due to the study of the gluteal muscles. Favourite exercise athletes to work with this part of the body became squat with the weights in the sumo position.

To perform a squat, grab the barbell with an acceptable weight for you. Limbs to hang freely along the body, holding the sports equipment. Legs apart as wide as possible, toes point in different directions. In this position, squat as deep as possible. It is very important to ensure that the process of the exercise the spine was straight. All you need to do 4-5 sets of 20 reps each. Then Anna recommends to do 20 sit-UPS jump to support tone your legs.

Anna Starodubtseva before and after

Proper nutrition-a pledge of beauty body

In addition to classes at the gym, Anna Starodubtseva is very attentive to the food. At the time, the girl sat on the mono - and low-calorie diets. But they brought no result. Now Starodubtseva is not only a personal trainer but also a nutritionist.

The Athlete is not highly advises its clients to starve yourself. Indeed, in this case, the body burns fat instead of muscle mass. In addition, these day hunger strike often lead to the evening and raiding the fridge, because the exhausted body will require their own. To avoid such excesses, it is better to make a diet rich in proteins and plant carbohydrates. Thus try to avoid fatty meat. The only exception might be marine fish, as this product is particularly rich in essential amino acids.

What to avoid when dieting?

All clients Anna Starodubtseva recommends avoiding alcohol. This product burns your muscle mass and dehydrates the body. Moreover, alcoholic drinks are pretty high calorie so that the extra cocktail is deposited on your sides. In addition, the list of harmful products that should be excluded from the diet-sugar and prepared flour products. If you are not able to live without sweets, replace these foods with stevia and fruit.

Anna Starodubtseva photo

Sports nutrition

It's No secret that Anna became the official representative of famous brands in sports nutrition. These include brands such as Nutrition, Optimum and ICON Meals. So her daily diet Supplement the supplements manufactured by these companies. According to athletes, no sports nutrition is impossible to achieve perfection. It is very difficult to obtain all the necessary elements, even with a clearly designed menu. So Anna encourages those people who want to achieve the same results, add to their menu of amino acids, vitamins and proteins of these companies.

Anna Starodubtseva and plastic surgery

This girl is perhaps the only athlete that does not negate the fact that went under the surgeon's knife-she increased her chest. Although such foolish to deny. After viewing a few photos, you can see how different looks Anna Starodubtseva before and after the operation.

According to female athletes, she absolutely does not regret making such improvements. Her new Breasts do not interfere with the physical exercises. Apparently, these improvements are liked and fiance of Anna to Anton Antipov as this year he proposed to her. So soon we are waiting for the wedding of two prominent bodybuilders.

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