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When you click on the link of any document, the page usually opens in Internet Explorer. It can be not always. It happens because Internet Explorer is usually installed in the Windows default browser. Meanwhile to change the situation is absolutely not difficult. In this article we will discuss how to make “Yandex” your default browser.

How to install «Yandex» browser

Browsers – programs specifically for the Internet. In order to feel most comfortable networking, you should use the most advanced and modern. “Yandex”-the browser was presented to users recently and with full confidence can be attributed to them. Before you start to understand how to make “Yandex” your default browser, see how to install this program on your computer. This is done very simply. In that case, if you ever used Google Chrome to understand the intricacies of browser usage from “Yandex” you will have no difficulty, as they are made on one engine.

how to make Yandex the default browser

So, how to install «Yandex» browser? Download the client program is completely free. After this is done, the downloaded file should be run. In that case, if you want this browser became the default browser, remove the corresponding checkmark in the first window. Press the button “Start using”. After this program installs itself on your computer and prompt you to import bookmarks and some settings from Google Chrome. If you are not interested, press the button “Skip”. After this «Yandex» browser will start automatically.


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How to make “Yandex” your default browser?

In that case, if sometime when you install a program you have removed the tick from on default to start the browser will need to look for it manually. To install it in a default program you have to make some necessary actions. The steps are as follows:

  1. Click the gear at the top of the browser window and go to the item “Settings”.
  2. In the popup tab (bottom) is the line “to Make Yandex the default browser” and click on it.

After that, “Yandex” will be the default browser. As you can see, the procedure is absolutely not difficult.

make Yandex the default browser

Program Advantages

The advantages of this new browser include:

  1. Easy interface. This is the main advantage of all browsers, developed based on Chromium. Download and make “Yandex” your default browser is certainly worth the novice users of the Internet. To understand all the intricacies of the programs is not difficult even for them.
  2. Mode “Turbo”. When enabled, the browser automatically compresses pages to make them “light” that speeds up their loading.
  3. The Presence of “smart” line. It's much easier to enter a site address.
  4. Built-in anti-virus protection from Kaspersky lab.
  5. There are nine built-in languages. You can make the translation page is on any of them.
  6. Convenient bookmark.
  7. All extensions suitable for Chrom, can be used for “Yandex” browser.

Yandex browser default

Cons of the program

If you want to download and make “Yandex” your default browser, you should know about what weaknesses are in this program. The disadvantages include:

  1. On the computer only downloaded the client program.
  2. Each browser tab creates a "task Manager" of the new process, which is not too convenient.
  3. A Bit inconvenient default settings. «Yandex» browser being open and closed again, it automatically restores all previously open tabs. Some users this can be annoying. Disable or switch on in the settings (how to do it, will be discussed below).

Additional features in new version 2014

Despite some drawbacks, download the client and install the browser «Yandex» default is definitely worth it. Especially since the developers are constantly improving this software. So, in 2014, the new version, supplemented by some interesting features. For example, in the browser added the pop-up blocker. For those who are annoyed by online advertising, this feature is more than useful. In addition, users now have the ability to quickly search for products on the Internet. About Internet scams the new version warns you in big letters. If you want all these add-ons can be turned on/off.

“Brand” feature of the program

One of the most interesting features of «Yandex» browser is a special menu displayed when clicking on the address bar. This is the “Board” similar to the usual Express-the page with saved bookmarks are usually available in other browsers. The set of sites in this menu when you want to change. Hence it is possible to open a “Bookmark”, which, of course, very convenient. It is also easy to see a list of already visited websites, downloaded files and recently opened pages.

install Yandex browser default

The Translation page in «Yandex» browser

As in the well-known browser “Chrome”, when you open a page in a foreign language, the program offers to perform the translation, using the “Yandex”-transfer. Under the address bar just POPs up a panel for appropriate purposes.

Start page «Yandex» browser

So, we've figured out how to make “Yandex” your default browser and what advantages and disadvantages it is different. Now let's see how to configure the program. To when you start the browser first displayed page of your favorite website, you need to make it start. Unfortunately, the program's settings such option may not be available. However, «Yandex» browser – program new. Perhaps in future versions this will be fixed.

page by default, Yandex browser

Currently you can make only so that when you start the browser POPs up those tabs that were opened the last time or the quick access page. To do this, again click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and go to settings. In the section “where to start” select “Open new tab” or “to Restore tabs from last time”. After that will open a selected page or default page. “Yandex” the browser does this automatically.

CACHE «Yandex» browser

Sometimes you need to clean the browser Cache. All modern programs designed to view web pages has a similar feature. Yandex browser in this respect is also not an exception. However, to clear the CACHE it is somewhat more complicated than in other similar programs. It can also be attributed to some of the cons of the browser. To find the CACHE, open the folder of the program «Yandex» browser. If you forgot where it is, you can just use the Windows search. By clicking the button “start” in the search box you should type the word Yandex. To appear in the search box the name of the program, click left mouse button and select “file Location". The CACHE can be found at the following path: YandexYandexBrowserUser DataDefaultCache.

default settings Yandex browserWhere are the bookmarks in «Yandex» browser

The Pages were created bookmarks in the program hidden. In order to get to your saved sites, you must click on the gear icon of your browser. In the popup menu, you will see the option “Bookmarks”. When you hover over that line the cursor will be another drop down menu. Here you need to select a row «Show the bookmark». Then on the right side you will see the item "Other bookmarks". Clicking on this line, you will see all saved pages.

In that case, if you are a supporter of simple interfaces and do not particularly want to understand the intricacies of different kinds of settings discussed program – this is exactly what you need. Installing “Yandex”-the default browser, you can use the Internet with maximum comfort.

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