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Throughout the history of the world in different countries observed the phenomenon of socio-cultural (cultural) divide. This concept represents one of the "diseases" of society - a sharp confrontation between public relations and culture, and its values.

the Cultural schism it

Ordinary people can not see that society, country, culture and science, but also morality and law begin to lose the relationship, thus he is a direct participant and, in some way, "accomplice" development split.

Detailed definition of the concept. The cultural schism is...

Social Science and sociology give a specific and quite clear response - split is the inability to find a compromise in resolving any issue, a confrontation of mentality of the society public relations.

The word "schism" means a break, a separation from something, or termination of the rupture of various linkages. For example, the schism in the Russian Orthodox Church or the political polarization caused by ethnic or ideological characteristics.

the Cultural schism that is the definition

According to numerous studies, in any developed state can be a cultural split. The definition of social studies this concept says that this is a pathology of civilization, preventing the normal development of society and the proper conduct of negotiations (lack of consensus), contributing to the destabilization of society and the formation of conflict situations.

Signs of a split cultural

The Imbalance between social relations and culture, science, education, and the failure of individuals from one segment of society, other people, their opinions and thoughts - all these are direct indicators of the presence of socio-cultural split.


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the Cultural schism is English

In Addition, there are other signs of its manifestation in the state:

  • Education is constantly opposing communities (the elite against the middle class and other social strata).
  • The Emergence of the Protestant, the revolutionary organizations.
  • Division of people into groups: the more educated, advanced, sane (a small minority), and ignorant, retarded, historically, the group (the majority).

Manifestation in society

Throughout the society, starting with its individual members, manifested the cultural schism. It is due to:

  • Social instability.
  • Termination of relationships inside companies.
  • Rupture of relations between the state and the people, representatives of cultural elite and society, between representatives of government and clergy.
  • Intrapersonal split.

the Cultural schism definition

These processes will permanently disrupt the established system of society, and may provoke a wider conflict.

Factors education

Failure to follow people of the social laws and norms, its willingness to adapt to any contradictions, instead of their complete elimination, provoke cultural divide. This definition, as well as provided below, describe in detail the cause of socio-cultural resistance.

In Addition, the formation of such phenomena provoked by the inability of each individual or group of people to accept and use a significant innovations. That is, if the state designated the modernization of anything, but some of the people refuses to accept or doesn't understand, why is it necessary, it may be a cultural rift.

This is a misunderstanding and the unwillingness to put innovation into your life can be caused by low levels or a complete lack of democracy in the mode of government of the state. Without proper attention to the people communicating to each segment of the population, the adjustment and change of the innovation for them is not possible.

A Split can be formed due to the fact that innovations arrive and are accepted only among individuals of the ruling or upper classes. Related opposition and discontent of other members of society will gradually grow, and with them the cultural schism, when in turn, the possibilities for its elimination will be minimalishious.

Another factor that provokes the cultural schism is the absence in society of a moral ideal. If any development of such conflict is almost impossible, as moral ideal, recognized by the society, ensures the unity of the people.

What is dangerous

Different members of society under conditions of cultural fragmentation and a crisis in the struggle for their own interests, victory in debate, winning in the conflict, can go invisible line that fruitful negotiations are moving in endless "beating my head against the wall". That is, the insurmountable struggle of monologues, each member of which feels right, fighting against evil.

Inverted logic, wrong, curves, concepts of morality - based cultural schism. This definition indicates that a replacement for the real, true human values, rules and order to the individual as true are offered totally opposite concepts. Here, the inversion aims to resolve the issues emotional outbursts, negativity, going to a fictional, unrealistic sources of discomfort. For example, man the place to try to resolve the problem within himself, begins to blame their own misfortunes and mistakes of the state, power, power structure.

the Cultural schism definition social studies

The Rift has a major influence on the subculture, a prerogative which is considered to be a return to the historical roots, the rejection of innovations and progress during problem situations. The cultural schism here could trigger an attempt by one subculture to apply inverse blow to the opposite of the subculture, and thus to ignore the societal development for many years.

Methods of struggle

There is a Split as much as there is the state itself. No matter how trying the company to stop its existence, he still remains, acquiring gigantic proportions. According to research, every century society more and more ceases to try to eliminate socio-cultural split, adapting to him, which provokes the formation of different pseudo studies.


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