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Rules of the traffic controller – this is perhaps one of the most difficult and obscure of topics related to the SDA. But they need to know, anyway. Why every driving school to study such topics as the rules of the regulator, pay special attention. Well, it is worth to elaborate on how they need to learn and more to remember.

rule of the regulator

Light signals

I Wonder what kind of a traffic COP is a traffic light. He gives drivers and pedestrians the light signal (which is sometimes accompanied by sound) that tells who and where to go. Traffic lights use red, yellow, green and lunar white colors. Sometimes they are entitled to the section with the arrow, which shows instead a regulator of a direction of further movement. Even the trams have traffic lights (they burn lunar white color).

All certainly know the meaning of each shade, but is worth of them just in case to talk. So, a green signal permits the movement. Flashing green performs the same function, except it informs the person that will soon light up another light. Yellow – is a signal prohibiting movement. Blinking informs that person (pedestrian or driver) got on the uncontrolled intersection or crosswalk. And red (both regular and flashing) prohibits the movement. If one sees, as scarlet goes well with the yellow, then it should be taken as a ban on the movement and information that soon will turn on a green signal.

adjusting the rules

About the most important signal: arms extended or lowered

The Rules of the traffic controller, in fact, simple. That's just confusing. Once and for all to understand them, you must either memorize all of the regulations, or to remember. But first I would like to talk about the signals that he serves directing traffic.


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If the hands are lowered or extended, it could mean one of two things. First – from the right and left sides allowed to move the vehicle right and left. Pedestrians are also allowed to cross the roadway.

Second, if the arm with a rod is from the chest or back, the movement is absolutely all vehicles (cars, taxis, trolleybuses, bicycles, horses, which are also a kind of vehicle and must follow traffic rules) prohibited. Pedestrians also cannot cross the roadway.

If the right arm is extended forward or raised up

How to explain the rules of the traffic controller data gestures? There are also, as in the previous case, multiple values. So if the arm is extended forward from the left side, the vehicle can move in any direction. With the chest – so it is necessary to go only to the right. This gesture on the part of the back or right side, prohibits the movement of all vehicles. And pedestrians are allowed to cross the roadway, if only this would happen behind the controller.

And when the arm is lifted up, it means only one thing – the movement of any vehicle, in the same way as pedestrians is forbidden in all directions.

the rules of the traffic controller SDA

Important to know

What else reglamentary rules of regulator? SDA contain some more interesting information. And it needs to be studied. The regulator has the right to submit gestures of hands and other signals, but only those that are understood by pedestrians and drivers as allow or deny traffic. All, for example, a known circular rotation of the rod. It can be said, “customized” gesture, requiring the motorist to go faster.

It is Also important to know that to improve the visibility of the traffic controller has the right to use a rod with a reflector.

Drivers need to know to implement the reversal or turning on a regulated intersection, they need to be in place on the roadway. It – a prerequisite. Although there are exceptions-the markup, known by the numbering 1.18 or two special characters (5.15.1 and 5.15.2). They determine the movement of the bands and they must know each driver. The markup performs almost the same function. It specifies the permitted direction of the bands, which are available on a regulated intersection.

Important note

Traffic Rules (SDA) need to learn more because they relate to topics that will be useful to anyone sooner or later. Any future driver it is important to know that the requirement to stop the car (taxis or any other vehicle) can be given a special gesture (typically, the controller directs the arm on the machine) or through a loud-speaker device. It's impossible to ignore.

Sometimes, as an additional signal using a whistle. Due to this, it turns out to attract the attention of drivers.

rules of the road directing traffic

Have to follow

Everyone should know that before the stop line you should stop when burning a red light (except reversing) or is directing traffic. Rules when none of the above no, you still need to comply with. Need to stop before we cross the road – due to this will notdisturbance to pedestrians. You also need to slow down before moving the train. D. ways. And in other places, too – just before the traffic controler or the traffic light. But it is important to stop so as not to interfere with the rest of the vehicles and, of course, pedestrians.

traffic regulator


What if the driver is unable to stop when the light turns yellow the signal and raises a hand regulator? The rules allow traffic to continue. In General, if the machine has already started to move in a certain direction, and the Adjuster then something showed up it is not necessary to stop. The following gesture will be valid for the vehicle, standing next "in line" admission.

Now a few words about pedestrians. People crossing the carriageway at the time when he fed the signal required to get away with it. Or slow down on the line, which is the separation between traffic flows.

And of course, another important caveat regarding such topics as traffic rules. The Adjuster has every right to contradict the traffic lights. And if the driver gets in this situation, we need to be guided, of course, the gestures that shows a man with a rod.

rules of the road directing traffic

Will not get lost

Many people find it difficult given the rules of the road directing traffic. Well, to avoid confusion, you should remember one sequence. First, it's important to consider which side the Adjuster is turned to the motorist. Chest and back – a ban on the movement, it is necessary to remember. Left shoulder and right shoulder – resolution. And to understand whether it is possible to pass the intersection, it is necessary to check whether the vehicle is in a “sleeve” the man with the rod. It – key point that contain these traffic rules.

A traffic COP standing on the road with raised or lowered hands? You can go, but only if the motorist approaches from the left or right shoulder. Left arm down, and right – extended forward? So you can move only from the chest and left shoulder.

There is one simple phrase that helps many to cope with the study and memorization of traffic rules relating to junctions and to overcome them. The motorist can move in the direction of the hands of the regulator, that is – “from one arm to another”, and also to the right.

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