Hotel "Poseidon" Vityazevo: overview, rooms and traveler reviews


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On the eve of the holiday each of us begins to think about where he would want to spend it. Modern opportunities allow tourists to travel the world, discover new countries and even continents. That's why modern tourists have already difficult than a surprise. They opened the Asian and European resorts, but we should not forget that in Russia is quite luxurious places. Of course, today, compared to the Russian seaside resorts with European is difficult, but tourism is on the rise, so in the next few years the situation may change radically. Rest on resorts of Krasnodar region can be excellent, as confirmed by numerous reviews of tourists. The main thing - to choose the place and the accommodation.

Hotel "Poseidon" 3* (Vityazevo)

Vityazevo resort relating to Anapa, located just 10 km from the city. The status settlement should not scare off potential tourists, as entertainment here no less than in the Anapa. Simultaneously, tourists can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and to fully enjoy the peace and tranquility. It remains only to determine the hotel - there are enough, each endowed with a certain qualification. We offer you to pay attention to the hotel "Poseidon" (Vityazevo), located in the heart of the resort village. It remains only to understand what it can offer the modern traveller. Reviews of real tourists will be the basis for detailed and, most importantly, objective review.


So, if you are looking for a hotel located in the heart of the resort - you definitely have to taste the hotel "Poseidon" (Vityazevo). Reviews by real holidaymakers emphasize how beneficial it is in walking distance from the hotel is the main attraction of the resort Vityazevo pump room. Unique mineral springs with healing water, allowing them to improve their health. Just 400 metres from the hotel is the largest resort sanatorium "aquamarine", offering a full range of treatments. And, of course, all guests will enjoy the close proximity to the coast, which can offer Vityazevo, hotel "Poseidon" (the World 221 B is its address) in particular. Just a 5-minute walk, you will reach the excellent sandy beach, equipped with everything necessary for a great seaside vacation.


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Hotel "Poseidon" (Vityazevo)


On the site, represented by four comfortable buildings, is quite nice: everything is literally immersed in greenery. In addition, all campers can swim in the outdoor pool, sunbathe near it, sitting on the comfortable sun loungers. The pool is big enough (7 metres in length), so it is suitable for bathing adults and children.

Here, directly on site equipped Playground for recreation of its guests, is represented by a green lawn, a barbecue and a gazebo. Evenings are crowded with people, tourists share their emotions from the rest, to meet new people and just having a good time in friendly company.


The Attention of holidaymakers who choose to stay the hotel "Poseidon Palace" (Vityazevo) offers 26 comfortable rooms of category "Suite". Simultaneously, the hotel can accommodate up to 70 campers. By local standards this hotel is quite large, spacious and really suitable for a beach holiday on the Black sea.

Hotel "Poseidon" 2* (Vityazevo)

Elegant and modern interior, something that distinguishes all rooms in the hotel. The area of each of them is 25 square meters, which is enough for a comfortable stay. It's pretty bright and spacious room can accommodate two or three people, and if you want to arrange an additional sleeping place. Vacationers with children can use a baby cot.

Rooms and their equipment

The Hotel Poseidon 3* (Vityazevo) offers excellent conditions. Each room has one double or multiple twin beds ( depending on room category), an armchair-bed, bedside tables, a spacious wardrobe for clothes, coffee and a dressing table. Moreover, all customers can benefit from satellite TV. For maintaining optimal climate inside the rooms meet modern HVAC equipment - a split system. Tourists say that this is a really powerful air conditioner, in a few moments cooling the air to a predetermined temperature. Hotel bathroom with good plumbing, towels and cosmetics is the dream of every vacationer. Some rooms have a great balcony, offering stunning views of the coast and surroundings of the resort village.

Hotel "Poseidon" (Vityazevo): reviews

Tourists sometimes complain about the cold floors in room and bathroom, which we have to use Slippers wearing warm wool socks. This item must be taken into account when planning your holiday. Moreover, the property must be given due attention to the sewer system, which is the assurance of travelers quite often, especially in a season clogged thatleads to a number of inconveniences for tourists.


On the territory of the hotel there is a spacious guarded Parking lot, which will benefit all campers. Guests won't have to look for a Parking space and worry about security of your car.

Vityazevo hotel "Poseidon" (World)


Rooms are cleaned daily. Hotel "Poseidon" (Vityazevo) values its reputation, so trying to meet all the health requirements. Cleaning is done at a convenient time for vacationers most during their absence: wipe furniture, clean floors in room and bathroom, clean plumbing, ventilated room, changing towels and bed linen. That is why the room always fresh and clean.

The Reception is open around the clock: customers can always ask the friendly staff with their questions and suggestions. At the information Desk you can get a map of the resort, to get acquainted with the rich excursion program. You can also use the Shuttle service to the airport or train station.

On site all campers will be able to benefit from wireless high-speed Internet completely free of charge. Perfectly catches the signal even in the rooms of the ground floor.

Hotel "Poseidon" (the Palace hotel, Vityazevo)


Breakfasts, Lunches and dinners are served in the hotel restaurant. All campers can expect to enjoy Greek and European cuisine. Here you can always enjoy meals cooked over a campfire - the highlight of the hotel. Meals are not included in the room rate at the hotel, some vacationers are referring to relatively high prices, therefore, recommends to eat in local cafes and eateries along the coast - they abound here.

The Sea and the beach

If you want to fully enjoy a beach holiday, you definitely will love the beaches that can offer Anapa (Vityazevo). The hotel Poseidon has its own beach, but the coast here at hand. The sea here is clean and clear, shallow water, due to which sufficiently warms up quickly. The wide coastline, fine and warm sand create the perfect conditions for a beach holiday, including those with young children. Hotel "Poseidon" 2* (Vityazevo) is just a 5-7 minute walk from the beach. The swimming season here begins in may and lasts until the middle and sometimes the end of October. The beach is equipped with beds, umbrellas, there are rentals of sports equipment and equipment for water sports - everything you need for high quality and interesting beach vacation.

Anapa (Vityazevo) hotel "Poseidon"

Summing up

The Hotel "Poseidon" (Vityazevo) would be a great option for those tourists who want to spend their vacation away from city bustle and noise. Occupying quite favorable position relative to the coast and all the attractions of the resort, the hotel attracts many tourists and vacationers. Of course, the hotel is not without flaws, but it is solved. That's why we strongly recommend to pay attention to this option, if you decide to spend your holiday in Anapa and the surrounding area.

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