Teeth restoration methods. Root canal treatment of teeth


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One of the most popular procedures in dentistry is the restoration of teeth. During the life of the teeth may fully or partially destroyed due to injury or various diseases. The restoration of teeth carries not only health but also the aesthetic appearance. Moreover, modern materials allow “miracles”. Often the restored teeth and dentures almost indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Restoration of anterior teeth is done in two ways: direct and indirect.

Indirect method involves the use of veneers and overlays. This method of restoration is applicable in the case if the tooth has undergone minimal destruction. Result in the indirect recovery method, the teeth acquire a beautiful appearance, becomes smooth. The disadvantage is that the process is necessary to grind off healthy tissue.

The Direct method is the most suitable through the use of modern composite materials. Today there is a large selection (color and transparency). The restoration of teeth is a direct way to the gentle.

In the case of destruction of the crown of a natural tooth, it is replaced with artificial. This crown can be made of different materials and is a removable prosthesis. It restores the natural shape of your teeth. The restoration of teeth in modern dentistry is not the problem. The choice of the patient there are several types of crowns: metal, ceramic, cermet. The greatest preference for crowns-metal. The material properties give the opportunity to give the teeth a good appearance. Furthermore, the cermet of a large reserve of strength due to the manufacturing technology.


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The Restoration of teeth can also be achieved with the help of bridge prosthesis. His designs are different (removable, fixed, cantilever), depending on how many teeth to be prosthetics. Before the doctor will decide what kind of prosthesis is shown by a particular patient, as well as the best way to restore the tooth, being necessary inspection and treatment of teeth. In most cases, the therapy requires a thorough.

Root canal Treatment of teeth

The Inside of the tooth may develop inflammation — pulpitis. If you do not pay attention to it, the tooth is completely gone. The procedure of dental treatment is carried out in two stages:

  1. Cleaning of the root canal. At this stage the space of the nerve of the tooth is freed from germs and diseased tissues.
  2. Fill the inside space of the tooth with a filling material.

Root canal Treatment — the primary therapy aimed at the prevention of many diseases. The main objective of the procedure of teeth cleaning is the removal of the maximum number of pathogenic factors: the nervous diseased tissue, bacteria, decayed tissue residues, bacterial toxins.

So, filling the space inside the tooth is very important. Reasons of such manipulation is as follows:

  • Exception repeated penetration of pathogenic agents in the cleaned canal;
  • To exclude ingress of residues of the microbial flora from the canal into the surrounding tissues of the tooth.

Root canal Treatment helps the immune system in fighting against pathogenic factors, with which she alone can not cope.

Despite the leap forward in dentistry in the treatment and restoration of teeth, it is recommended that the prevention of dental caries and other diseases. Should limit the use of too-sweet, starchy, fatty foods. In addition, you need to constantly keep clean the mouth. The presence of microbes contributes to the development of caries, periodontitis.

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