Trading platform: feature, reviews. MxTrade - the honest resource for earnings or fraud?


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A lot lately, you can find a variety of ways and schemes of earning money online. Propose to engage in investment activity, to lure people to attract customers for a percentage of the payment and so on. There are many activities that active PR as a great opportunity to make money online.

Trade in «Forex»

feedback MxTrade

Despite this diversity, the Forex market remains one of the most popular ways to "divorce" of ordinary users. A lot of the promotional materials in a variety of formats offer us to start trading currencies right now, promising incredible returns and instant enrichment. Many people, not knowing the details of this trade and unaware fully of the mechanism of action of the system begin to enter the funds to your trading account. In the end, the balance is lost, while brokers remain in the black.

This scheme works a lot of companies whose attractive ads you can see on the Internet sites, the subway and on city boards in the city. The same applies to the platform, which will be discussed in this article.

Platform MxTrade

As the reviews, MxTrade is a rather mysterious broker that offers quite lucrative trading conditions. But the whole “trick” is the absence of negative characteristics of the program from those who've dealt with the company and knows what pitfalls hide work on «Forex». Basically, as the reviews say, MxTrade is a leading service for online trading, there are a large number of financial instruments, a huge number of educational materials and even managers that are attached to the client and carry out his personal care. Moreover – the operator tells you what trades should be to come out in profit. Everything seems too sweet, isn't it? At the same point the reviews. MxTrade is positioned as a resource that, at its core, is very beneficial. This is not to suggest suspicion.

MxTrade fraud

Methods of work

Another point that should be mentioned regarding the operation of this site, are the methods, which are representatives of the company. They are clearly not going to benefit the image of the company. The staff of do “cold” calls, at random to subscribers, whose phones were obviously overbought with some other «Forex»-the project to open their account. When the man said that he does not want to contact this company, he still can call in the future, explaining the benefits of working with MxTrade. The negative reviews about the company show that it is alarming, and most of all – even pushes a potential client away (in our case – «Forex»-broker). To position itself in the market as a major and authoritative project, they would have to abandon such practices.


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In addition, some reviews indicate that the company representatives may try to impose on the person the idea that he started the account and made a Deposit.


MxTrade negative reviews

Summing up all the obtained information, you can make your own conclusion: it is hardly necessary to say unequivocally that the primary way in which the company operates MxTrade – fraud. Yes, it uses not quite honest ways of attracting people, has problems in customer service and due to this only spoils his own reputation. But overt action by extortion and withdrawing funds from the account of the customers here are taking.

Especially in the Network there are some positive reviews, MxTrade which is presented as a stable international project, with a certain reputation. It is therefore possible that for some, this platform is also a source of stable earnings, despite the negative information that you can find. May be it is better to try to deal with this project, if you feel the urge to learn, and willing to take a little risk. However, do not forget that any trade in the Forex market – is not only a chance to win money, but also the very real possibility of losing them.

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