How to dry apples in a electric dryer? At what temperature dried apples


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In the harvest time comes the blanks for future use. Many people prefer canned fruit and pickles. Delicious compotes and jams. Quite popular harvesting vegetable and fruit products by freezing. There are a huge number of recipes of preparation of these blanks. But we should not forget that vegetable and fruit preparations can be prepared by drying. This type of food storage has several advantages. First of all, the maximum preservation of vitamins, as well as the lack of any kind of preservatives. Dried fruits have a long storage period, do not require special conditions.How to dry apples in electric driers

Harvesting dried apples

Compote of dried fruits-is a popular drink prepared in the winter. The main component in it is the Apple. At first glance it may seem that dry them quite difficult to cope on their own. Even without having special tools, apples easy to prepare. There are several different methods of cooking, and the easiest of them – drying in the sun.

Natural method blanks – the most simple and accessible

Dried fruit is very useful. At home, apples can be dried in the open air. This method of procurement helps to preserve nutrients. The quality of the workpiece will depend on the correctness of its implementation. How to dry apples in the sun?How to dry apples in the sun

The Main condition of this method – is the temperature of the air. Naturally, this action plan for the period from intense solar radiation. In cloudy or cold weather to dry apples is impossible. Special preparation of fruits not required. Suitable for drying of ripe crisp apples sweet and sour varieties. Fruits are washed and dried. Next, remove the core and cut into thin slices. Before you put Apple billet, capacity, cover with parchment paper or a clean cloth. Cuts laid out on the baking tray or a wooden tray in a single layer. They are placed in the sun. The drying process involves the daily shaking of containers with fruit. While Apple cutting flips. The period of preparation of dried fruit will last for three or four days.


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Mixed cooking method

Fruit cutting needs to dry out well. Even slight moisture can spoil the fruits during storage. Therefore, the lack of bright sunlight sliced Apple can podvyalit and dry in the oven. At what temperature dried apples?At what temperature dried apples

Begin drying at forty degrees Celsius. Next, the temperature was raised to seventy degrees Celsius. The last stage takes place at sixty degrees Celsius. The whole process will take about six hours. The finished dried fruit is cooled and placed in paper bags, canvas bags or glass jars. They are very well kept and are a great vitamin support during winter period.

The Use of technology for preparation of dried fruit

The Natural method is good. But if the summer is rainy, a good dried fruit to be seen. In this case, the aid comes a wonderful technique. A for this purpose, an electrical oven or a microwave oven. But, of course, special equipment will be more convenient for the preparation of dried preparations. The bad apples-the perfect solution to this issue. Will not have to depend on weather conditions and time of year.Bad apples

Working Principle

Apples are quite juicy fruit. To prepare them from dried, you will need to evaporate moisture contained in the fruit. This can be achieved in the regime of high temperatures and constant air supply. For these purposes, and designed different variants of dryers, which ensure the process of evaporation of moisture. Usually it's a thermostat with a built-in fan.

Different versions of dryers

How to dry apples in electric driers will depend on the type of the selected equipment. The simple design consists of a plastic sheet having a thickness of 3-5 mm. the Inner part is equipped with a heating element. The tray can accommodate fruit cutting, has a size of 20х60 see How to dry apples in electric driers of this type? This option is very easy to operate, requires no special skills. On the pan place sliced apples in a single layer. Include the equipment into an outlet. The entire drying process is a periodic flipping of the Apple slice.Bad apples

A More complex type of electrical equipment has great performance. The main part is the motor, usually located at the bottom. Over it is set a different number of plastic pallets with sides. The whole design on the top lid equipped with a hole for discharging the air. Electroscience of this type are compact and easy to operate. They are equipped with different number of trays can have a variety of additional equipment.

How to dry apples in electric driers of this type? The engine generates a hot air flowwhich is received by the installed trays. Before switching on the dryer you should prepare the apples. They were thoroughly washed and dried. Apples cut into thin slices and placed in trays. Cutting to perform better in the form of semirings, and directly before drying. In advance prepared fruit quickly oxidize and darken. Fruit of the workpiece placed on the pallet in a single layer. All preparatory work is completed. You can turn on the equipment.How to dry apples in electric driers

How to dry apples in a electric dryer? Temperatures could be different. Low temperature-35 degrees Celsius, average – 50–55 degrees Celsius, high – 60 degrees Celsius. Apples dried at a moderate temperature for ten hours. After the process of drying the equipment off. But it should not be removed from the trays immediately after work. They remain in place for thirty minutes. During this time, the dried fruits are cooling. Now the pallets are removed. Dried fruits pour on the prepared trays. Best of all, if the finished product some time to be outdoors. After that, Packed dried apples in prepared paper bags or canvas bags intended for storage.

Definition of readiness of the dried fruit

How to dry apples in the driers until you are ready? Dried fruits are considered fully prepared if the cuts changed its natural color and does not stick to hands. The drying time for different varieties of apples may be different. It depends on the juiciness of the fruit. Drying the early and middle grades will take a little less time than the winter. Very juicy fruits will have to dry in several stages. If at the end of the drying process of cutting a little wet, it should work.

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