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Attempts to make the top of the beautiful cities in the world, there are many. Every year various magazines, travel agencies, travellers write their own rankings and they are always different from each other. There are however, some definite favorites that fall in any list. We will try to make a generalized top 10 beautiful cities in the world. He does not pretend to be ultimate truth, but represents the opinion of the majority of people who love to visit different parts of the globe.


Deciding to make the top of the beautiful cities in the world, you may encounter a big problem: a lot of cities, and the list is limited. Any ratings should be based on some objective criteria. But some single indicators have beauty? Style? Diversity? The historical and cultural significance? But there is still the atmosphere of the city's charm. How to evaluate it all? The surest way-is to ask people who have seen the different cities in the world. Of course, opinions will differ, and sometimes greatly, but in General, the surveys help to identify the opinion of the majority, and this is a fairly sure way of finding the truth.

Our list includes total 10 beautiful cities in the world, and it is negligible. As any settlement has its own face, and for some, it may appear to be the most beautiful. Beyond our list there were doubtless magnificent city: Florence, Istanbul, Bruges, Budapest, Cape town, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro and many others. But the shortcomings of all ratings, it is impossible to grasp the immensity. Here is our list with the rationale for why this city is included in the top, and that it's a must-see.

10. London

Let's Start our list of beautiful cities in the world with the main city of the British Empire. London – a city of unique history, distinctive architectural image and unique atmosphere. It has a special energy of youthfulness and maturity, of money, art, irony, and Imperial history.

beautiful city in the world

The Main charm of London-in its infinite diversity. It really has everything: the majestic Parliament, Buckingham Palace, cozy Notting hill, Chelsea, Stylish, Bohemian SOHO, the Grand St. Paul's Cathedral, and modern towers of the city. It is only the most superficial view of the dignity of the city.


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A Mandatory program in the city includes the following sites:

  • Big Ben. The clock tower of the Parliament have become the main symbol of London. Guides can tell a lot of stories from the life of the hours, bell tower. The Parliament building in neo-Gothic style, with elegant spires, towers and Lancet Windows was built in the second half of the 19th century.
  • Buckingham Palace. The home residence of the Royal family is the embodiment of the monarchy. During the holidays, from the balcony of the Palace, the people welcomed the Queen with her heirs. And during the week is to look at the changing of the guard and take pictures of the famous guards in tall bearskins and red uniforms.
  • Tower. The fortress, built in the 11th century, it has been a Palace, a prison, and a Museum and a place of storage of treasure. It has retained its historical appearance unchanged and to keep it you need to take in the sights of ancient history and mystery.

And still need to walk around London, go to British Museum and the Tate modern, wander the streets of the city, lie on the lawn in Hyde Park, take a trip by boat to Greenwich to climb to the height of the London eye.

9. Prague

In our rating of the most beautiful cities in the world it is impossible not to include the capital of the Czech Republic. Almost everyone who visited here, fall in love with the city forever. The reason for that – a unique historical center, which was formed in the Middle ages, and today puts in the age of mysticism and mystery.

top beautiful cities in the world

The City consisted of two separate settlements and now – two distinctive districts: Old town with town hall square and houses with signs in the medieval tradition, and Mala Strana, which lies at the foot of the majestic Prague castle. The king's house, Prague castle, is today the biggest current government residence in Europe. Here you'll find the St. Vitus Cathedral, the tower is hard to fit in the camera lens, go inside and admire the stained glass Windows and Gothic decoration. To the right of the Cathedral there is a small alley, Zlata ulichka. Here at doll houses once inhabited by goldsmiths and the writer Franz Kafka, the Prague Castle which inspired the mystical novel “Castle”.

Connects the two sides of the city and the two banks of the Vltava river, the famous Charles bridge with Gothic towers promostoyki and luxurious sculptures. Still need to see in Prague enormous Wenceslas square, decorated with art Nouveau houses, walk to a New place and town hall, to see the two St. Nicholas Cathedral on each side, up to the beautiful Baroque architecture and excellent viewpoint – the Strahov monastery, take a walk along the waterfront, finding the Dancing house and little Venice to the river devil. And of course, walking and walking around Prague, looking at houses and soaking up the atmosphere.

8. Hong Kong

Listing beautiful cities in the world, it is worth remembering and amazing Kong. It wonderfully combines the traditions of Asia and West, history and modernity. This city260 Islands more than 100 years was a British colony. In the 2nd half of the 20th century, it experienced rapid economic growth and became the financial capital of Asia. Today Hong Kong in many respects is a city of the future, although many national traditions are preserved here. In this city there is something to see.

Mandatory should take a look at Victoria Peak-the highest point of the city, it has a fantastic view. To complete the experience to climb a mountain is better on a vintage tram-a cable car. Hong Kong – the city of skyscrapers, today there are more than 300 such structures, and many of them are real masterpieces of architecture. Tourists must see the statue of a seated Buddha, which is among the ten tallest sculptures in the world. The beauty of the city create not only buildings, but also beautiful parks: Kowloon, Hong Kong, ocean, and embankments with stunning views of the city. And in Hong Kong there are several churches and monasteries, which are very elegant traditional Oriental.

7. Barcelona

Choosing the most beautiful cities in the world, many people think of the Catalan capital. Barcelona appeared in the 3rd century BC. But its modern beauty, of course, later times.

list of beautiful cities in the world

The Heart of the city-the Gothic quarter, it retains its look since the 14th century. Life here is in full swing, today there are many restaurants, shops, bars. But the spirit of the middle ages is preserved, and the important role it plays in the Cathedral. The Gothic spires of the Church, its stained glass – is an excellent example of architecture of the late middle ages. “New” part of the city is a unique example of urban planning. When Queen Isabella was destroyed by the ancient walls and built a new city with a clear linear structure. The Eixample district is today the most prestigious and respectable in the city.

There is an incredible number of houses in the art Nouveau style and the famous buildings of the architect Antoni gaudí, for which here attracts millions of tourists. The main buildings of the architect are still unfinished Grand Cathedral Sagrada Familia (Sagrada Familia), La Pedrera and Casa Batllo, the Palace and Park Guell. But in addition to Barcelona there are many beautiful places. This area of Spain with the monumental building of the art Museum, the former Bullring and “singing” a fountain, a street Rambla Boulevard GRATSIA, Montjuic hill with its ancient castle, the river port, the area of the Olympic village. Barcelona will not see one day, it is worthy of a large and deep dive.

6. Saint Petersburg

Northern capital of Russia, certainly, should enter in the top most beautiful cities in the world. Its historic centre is included in the List of world heritage of UNESCO. The most beautiful cities in the world (photo attached) always have a special architecture. The historic centre is laid out by Emperor Peter the First. To see St. Petersburg is to start with the Peter and Paul fortress-the heart of the city. And then you can go to the other side of the Neva. You must take a walk from the end of Nevsky Prospekt to the beginning, to the Admiralty. The walk allows you to see many palaces of the aristocracy, Anichkov and Green bridges, Kazan Cathedral, and finally emerge at the Admiralty Prospekt and from there-to the Palace square.

rating beautiful cities in the world

Then you can walk to St. Isaac's Cathedral and bronze horseman, wander along the quays, walk to the Church on spilled Blood, and Mikhailovsky Palace. A special look at the beauty of St. Petersburg opens up from the water. Therefore it is necessary to ride on a boat and see the majestic and Grand city. As Northern capital is included in the list of the 10 most beautiful cities in the world on water, it is of particular importance here are the bridges, many of which – are real masterpieces of architectural and engineering ideas. In the greatest degree mysterious and complicated nature of the city opens in the period of White nights, when there is an amazing light, giving a romantic touch to all facilities.

5. Paris

Describing the most beautiful cities in the world, top 10 of which we make, it's impossible to ignore the French capital. The beauty of it, not just writing poets, writers, artists. «Gray; rose”, as he called the Paris of M. Voloshin, striking in elegance and style. The city is ideal for romantic walks, for a leisurely promenade. Necessary the French capital begins, of course, to Notre-Dame de Paris. This is the heart of the city, this place was once the birthplace of the city. The second thing he wants to see everyone coming to Paris is the Eiffel tower. It – the most photographed object in the world, to admire its Lacy silhouette and day and night, and she is extremely photogenic.

The Third essential object – it is the Louvre with its glass pyramids. But these attractions beauty of Paris is not limited. To feel its charm you need to walk in the Park, Tuileries, to reach the arc de Triomphe, walk along the quays, looking at the bridges and at home, when he reached the perfect place des Vosges, to look into the Palais Royal. To stay at the Palace, the Conciergerie, and see Les Invalides, Pantheon, opéra Garnier. Special attention deserves the Montmartre district, with its cabarets, restaurants, artists on the squarethe sacré Coeur and the funicular. The charm of this area is beyond words, it should feel. Emotions of a different sort is modern and technologically advanced skyscraper district De Fans walking around there, it's hard to believe it's Paris.

the ranking of the most beautiful cities in the world

4. Amsterdam

The capital of the Netherlands-the city special, it doesn't hit the eyes brightness and because of the scale of structures. But Amsterdam certainly needs to enter the rating beautiful cities in the world due to its restrained and austere architecture, a distinct national color and special character. In the capital of the Netherlands go in the first place, with the atmosphere of freedom and romance. In almost five hundred bridges, many of which are very remarkable, and more than 50 channels. Under bridges need to swim, the water offers a special, unforgettable view of the city. All visitors eager to get to the main square called Dam, dam. Second place goes to any tourist is the Red light district. Except shelter sin here is preserved a beautiful Old Church (Oude Kerk) from the 13th century and many houses ages 15-17.

The city also preserved a few interesting temples. Well worth it to see beautiful examples of Dutch neo-Renaissance – Train station and Rijksmuseum. Impressive remains of fortifications – Montelbaanstoren tower, mint, tower of wailing – make a strong impression. But perhaps the main attraction of Amsterdam – narrow houses clinging along the edges of canals, house boats and endless bridges.

3. Venice

A beautiful city in the world, located on the water, compared to Venice. It is a benchmark example of the style and strangeness. The city is situated on 118 Islands that connect more than 400 bridges.

the most beautiful city in the world photo

The Most famous bridges that are worth seeing include the following: Rialto, Sighs, Accademia, Straw. You should sail under them, and then follow them. In this case, open two of Venice. Of course, the view of the city is fascinating with water. Its beauty are famous close to the Doge's Palace, Basilica and the Piazza San Marco, the Church of Santa Maria della Salute, the Palazzo along the Grand canal, Church of San Giorgio Maggiore and Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari.

An added bonus to the beauty of the city include the nearby Islands of Murano, Burano, San Michele, Torcello, each of which is distinctive and incredibly interesting. Venice-a city for leisurely walks and admiration, here you need to wander the streets and quays, looking at houses, bridges, churches.

2. Madrid

Asking the question, what is the most beautiful city in the world, in response we often hear: "Madrid". It really is amazing the luxury and panache. Bright, bustling Madrid is specially designed to make a lasting impression on the visitor. Local attractions are always a huge, richly decorated, luxurious.

the most beautiful cities in the world top 10

This Is the Palace of communications at Plaza Cibeles, these are the buildings along the streets of Gran via and Major. The Royal Palace complex is the Plaza Mayor, the Almudena Cathedral embody the greatness of the Spanish crown, to symbolize the days when the country was among the leaders of world powers.

The city has created excellent conditions for walking: wide, leafy boulevards, public gardens, spacious squares and streets. All major sights are concentrated in a small space. Worth a walk along the Boulevard of the Prado, along the most famous museums to see modern Atocha station, walk along Calle alcalá to the Arena of Las Ventas and get to the ever-crowded square Salt – the heart of the city.

1. Rome

Remembering the most beautiful cities in the world, it is impossible not to think about the capital of Italy. The eternal city is endlessly varied and beautiful. It combines ancient monuments such as the Forum and Colosseum, with a stunning Renaissance architecture. Baroque coexists with classic and modern. The sights in Rome so much that they even list can be very long. To a mandatory program include St. Peter's Basilica, the Pantheon, Castel Sant'angelo, the complexes of the squares of Navona and del Popolo, the Spanish steps and more.

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