Hemorrhagic syndrome: symptoms and treatment


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Hemorrhagic syndrome in children represents a disease in which there is damage to the walls of microvessels. Very often, the syndrome is called increased bleeding.

There are hereditary and acquired hemorrhagic syndrome. Usually in hereditary form, the pathological changes are striking spider, the blood plasma, accompanied by various abnormalities of platelets and megakaryocytes, impaired blood clotting, etc. Acquired form is the result of a lesion of the immune system and is associated with metabolic processes, damage of platelets, disorders of the molecules of the plasma irregularities koagulologicescoe system, etc.

Depending on the pathogenesis of hemorrhagic syndrome can be divided into different groups. The first group is caused by a primary lesion of the mesh of blood vessels. There is a tendency to secondary lesion, which starts on platelet and coagulation hemostasis. The second group is defeated megakaryocytes and platelet Rostock. The third group – violation of blood coagulation. Group four – complex disorders.
Most often hemorrhagic syndrome in newborns is presented in the form of the hemorrhagic diathesis. Of course, the appearance of symptoms the child needs to be hospitalized immediately and start effective treatment. The child appear often bleeding from mucous membranes, petechiae are formed.

Before the arrival of doctors, the child must provide a bed, organize a proper diet, with nosebleeds to insert a tampon. The best option for the nutrition of the child victim is liquid and chilled foods, which contains large amount of calories. It is advisable to increase the amount of fluid intake.


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The Stage of therapeutic treatment is the use of drugs (antispasmodics, antiplatelet agents, neurometabolic drugs) and fresh frozen plasma. Depending on the stage chosen on the complex treatment, which effectively supports the child's body and allows you to get rid of this disease of the body.

Hemorrhagic syndrome on the background of gastrointestinal diseases involves the introduction of dicynone, heparin, the use of glaceon, menadione, intravenous gluconate and calcium chloride, ascorbic acid, pahikarpin, ramstine and other drugs.

To prevent the bleeding, it is advisable to take drugs to improve blood clotting. This will allow you to quickly stop the blood flow and normalize the state of the child's body.
For local hemostasis are used thrombin, pahikarpin, a special film with lincomycin and hemostatic sponge. As a rule, means not only stop blood flow, but also promote rapid healing of wounds, regeneration of skin cells and tissues possess an antiseptic action.

In all cases assigned to the vitamin group, as he takes part in the biosynthesis, normalizes blood clotting, is protivogemorragicheskim vitamin.

To prevent hemorrhagic syndrome, you need to birth in specialized medical institutions, which measures health, safety and human life. It should be noted that hemorrhagic syndrome manifests in the first days of baby's life. For prevention it is advisable to clamp the umbilical cord within 30 seconds to the Breasts directly on the parent table immediately after childbirth, as well as to introduce a special drugs in the first hours of life, etc.

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