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In the view of Irina Hanounik-Rombalski modern woman needs to be strong in spirit, confident in herself, but she can show weakness. Women unbookish and stupid apparently no interest, but to take men's positions — it's not too feminine. Woman President or Prime Minister, according to Irina, — this is nonsense.

Irina Hanounik-Rombalskaya: biography of model, presenter and actress

Irina was Born 8 February 1983 in Minsk.

About these girls in the beginning saying it's the ugly duckling, which then turns into a beautiful Swan. She was slender and not age high, ashamed of his thin legs, so wore three pairs of tights to make them look thicker. Everything around seemed to be a girl more beautiful than her. This complex cured her mother, when brought his daughter to the House, where it was surrounded by the same tall, slender girl and very confident.

Irina hanounik rombalskaya

Before adolescence Irina Hanounik-Rombalskaya loved to play ball, active play in kindergarten and in the yard she was surrounded by people of the opposite sex with whom she had climbed trees, could throw any “focus”, and parents have long been prepared for this. Only in ten years, she developed an interest in dolls, with whom she secretly played to fifteen years.

But in the sixteen years after the dolls Irina with the consent of the parents began to live independently, and this independent woman goes through life without fear.Irina hanounik rombalskaya divorce

After Graduating with honors from high school, she entered the Belarusian state University, faculty of law. Having worked for several years as a lawyer, Irina realized that she is more like the profession of journalist and, wasting no time, he entered the faculty of journalism already his Alma mater. In parallel with her studies she began to work in television.


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Working life

Now Irina Hanounik-Rombalskaya is a professional leading Minsk television, a model and actress. Each of these professions her way, but her preference she gives television and STV company.

She is a workaholic by nature and never able to relax. Work for it is always in the first position, and it allows a young woman to grow and develop. All three professions — the business model, TV presenter and actress — give Irina creativity. If journalism is her vocation, as a model she can make good money, but as an actress — to go to “skin” of various characters, sometimes odious. So Irene had to play girlfriends of gangsters, victims, killers, prostitutes, and even zombies.

Irina Hanounik-Rombalskaya: filmography

In the movie, Irina came, playing a cameo role in the film "Shattered destiny". Irina hanounik rombalskaya filmography

It was in 2009. Then a young broadcaster with a bright appearance began to invite in other films-series. Her filmography is as follows:

  • “Broken destiny”.
  • “Katya's happiness”.
  • “Everything we need…”.
  • “no regrets, No pain, no sorrow”.
  • “Pirammmida”.
  • “Dolls”.
  • “Love is like an accident”.
  • “Hunting the Gauleiter”.
  • "Striped happiness".
  • “that's love!”.
  • ‘Dr. Death".
  • “Zombie vacation 3D”.
  • “we Swear to protect”.

Co-star Irina Hanounik-Rombalski was Egor Beroev, Konstantin Kryukov, Anatoly Kotenev, and so on.

In 2011, she was awarded the title «Miss Supermodel” at the international beauty contest «miss universe 2011”, which was held in Sofia. After a year — already the first place in the final competition «miss universe 2012”, held in Amsterdam.

Personal life

The Girl with such appearance could not fail to have admirers and many offers of marriage. But Irina Hanounik-Rombalskaya've been so busy with school and work that the introduction and subsequent meeting with her future husband James Canonica (known in Minsk restaurateur) it was held by themselves, spontaneously.Irina hanounik rombalskaya presenter

So when he proposed, Irina agreed. The wedding day was appointed on the first of April 2006 and passed, according to the Day of laughter, not without incidents. After the wedding the couple decided to go on a wedding trip to Kiev, but the bride at the border stopped. It turned out that Irina had an expired passport, so instead of luxurious hotels and wedding dinner for two, they contented themselves with cold pizza in Gomel.

Of his daughter

At the end of the year, December 31, 2006, a young couple was rewarded by the birth of daughter Isabella. As told Irina, the birth was difficult, and she had a few months to stay on the save, but the restless nature of the future mom wouldn't let her for a long time “lying”. She still managed to speak in the air your favorite programs in an interesting position. My daughter was born healthy and is now the main man in the life of Irina Hanounik-Rombalski.

Divorce Irina with James, apparently took place, although it has no evidence and interviews. Irina is silent, it is only known that inlast time, occupying the post of press Secretary of the channel STV, it is the first part of the name dropped, leaving only the maids ' room.

Interesting facts from the life of Irene Rombalski

Irina has one passion — this doll that she makes herself, and the passion for it “rule” a friend Rombalski — the author is a puppeteer.Irina hanounik rombalskaya biography having Studied several techniques of making puppets, Irina seriously interested in this hobby. As it turned out, her grandfather was the portrait painter and talent passed on to her granddaughter, which, incidentally, was diligently studying painting at art school. Still Irina are her paintings in school, which she carefully protects.

The First doll leading was something very similar to Irina Hanounik-Rombalskaya, the same dazzling long-legged blonde. Other dolls are unlike the first, each of them has its own character, which is apparent from the expression.

To make the doll had “face”, Irina carefully draws each line with acrylic and pastel paints. The tools with which it works similar to medical. Daughter Isabella around helps the mother, and she is her best fan. Every day, including TV, she sees the mother, waving her hand, and when the show is ending — kisses the screen and wishes you soon.


Isabella and Irina - not just mother and daughter, they are two friends who share secrets, go to all the events, choose the clothes and participate in charity.

Irina Often ask questions regarding her plastic surgeries, which she gives an honest answer, saying he'd done only two. Before surgery Irina Hanounik-Rombalskaya had forked tip of the nose, which somewhat spoiled the appearance so it it corrected. Even on foot a young woman had a scar that had to be removed. That's all other operations but this woman did not.Irina hanounik rombalskaya before surgery

From the article, you can make one conclusion: to meet the appearance impossible. Irina Rombalskaya stereotype about blondes destroys every day hard work. Blondes are smart and kind.

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