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Tuning the "Victory" – is the completion of the famous Soviet car GAZ-M-20. In the CIS there are few instances of this model. That is why many tuning Studio are happy to buy the "Victory" to upgrade this legendary car of the Soviet era.

tuning victory

Tuning of the exterior and interior

Tuning the "Victory" begins with the alteration of the body. Usually the cars in the Atelier are in a horrible condition, covered with corrosion. And here miracles begin. So, let's consider the stages of recovery and tuning of the body:

  1. First deletes all elements that are corroded, and the car disassembled to the base of the body.
  2. The Next stage is the design of a car like GAZ Pobeda. Tuning version of the body is designed, compiled a computer model.
  3. Now the masters can get to work. Cut and understated roof. The hood becomes more flat. The body "Victory" transformed.
  4. The Next step is anti-corrosion treatment and primer.
  5. Putty is used in those places where it was not possible to completely remove deformation or to smooth the transitions between the parts.
  6. Now the body and body parts are painted.
  7. The body Assembly is carefully, not to damage painted parts.
  8. The Application of airbrushing.
  9. The Final Assembly of all components and assemblies.

The Body is ready, and you can start to Refine other elements of "Victory".

tuning victory with your own hands

Interior Tuning "Victory" is to begin with, are removed and discarded forever all the details. In order to revive the car and make her comfortable, will have to work hard. So, consider all the steps of refinement of the cabin.

  • Padding of the ceiling in Alcantara.
  • Manufacture of plastic plates racks and mounting them on the car.
  • Coating samovyrazheniya, as well as installation of carpeting.
  • Manufacturer of instrument panel, installation and connection of all sensors.
  • The Installation of seats.
  • Hauling the Luggage compartment.
  • Install blinds that separate the interior and trunk.
  • Fabrication and Assembly of door cards with electric Windows.

Of Course, spending tuning "Victory", you can install anything you want owner.


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Revision chassis

Tuning the "Victory" in the chassis and suspension parts is quite a complex process. Changes absolutely everything, from bushings to shock absorbers. To start with the car disassembled all the parts and then matched counterparts from other brands. So, part of the suspension installed with the GAZ-31105.

So, what you can install (and what cars) by making the tuning "Victory"?

  • Low ATI dampers.
  • Front Spring and rear suspension of the AWD production.
  • Stabilizers ATI.
  • Leverage "Brembo".
  • Brake system WDS.
  • Motor Protection Stratos.
  • Ball joints JP.
  • Steering installed with GAS-31105. Accordingly, the steering rack and rods to put "volgovskoe".

The Second version of the suspension tuning – it's a complete unit with the American “Plymouth”. Of course, this is an expensive option but it justifies itself in full.

Engine Tuning

Usually when tuning the engine "victory" of the old power plant ejected. Instead, install the M30 from “BMW” or from the Volga ZMZ-402. Thus, "Winning" becomes more dynamic and more powerful. With this revision it is worth considering that the checkpoint will also have to change to a 5-speed that goes with the engine. Propeller shaft in this case will have to be replaced by the cropped one.

Upgrading your own hands

Tuning the "Victory" (with their hands) is to start with the motor. The main power unit of the first to upgrade. In 95% of cases its just changing the analogue of the "Volga" or "BMW". Further, the motorists begin the modernization of the exterior and interior, and the latter becomes suspension.

GAZ Pobeda tuning

If you want to improve the "Victory" with their hands, keep in mind that you must have some experience and knowledge to do it right.

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