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Good practice for representatives of the strong half of humanity is considered to have a beautiful well-groomed beard. But men know how really difficult it is to maintain the beard shape and take care of her. Normal razor to do a perfect contour is practically impossible. Even the vaunted safe machines too, not to mention electric razors. You can, of course, to remember the old-fashioned single-edge or try to use razor. But all these attempts are fraught with bad consequences.

Well, that progress does not stand still. For men was invented by the trimmers. They allow you to minimize unwanted consequences when shaving and keeping a beard. One such device is the Philips trimmer Pro OneBlade QP6520-20. Reviews in the Internet about this device so positive, that are of genuine interest to him. So let's consider it in more detail. But first - a small "educational program".

philips oneblade reviews

The Origins of the company

Philips was founded in 1891 in the Netherlands. Founder Gerard Philips. At the beginning of his glorious path manufacturer engaged in production of light bulbs. He even supplied the bulb monarchs of the Russian Empire in the Winter Palace. Since that time electronics has occupied a prominent place in the assortment of products manufacturer. In 1917, the company became interested in medical devices. So there is a new direction in the production. Medical devices of this brand well known around the world. And the last stage - 1927. In this year, the company Philips produced the first radio. This marked a new milestone in the history of the manufacturer - the emergence of the consumer goods industry. To them, incidentally, is the trimmer Philips OneBlade. The reviews we will look at it later.


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philips oneblade pro reviews

Philips in our time

A Modern manufacturer Philips has three main areas of work: lighting solutions, medical equipment and consumer goods. More recently, the company announced the release of revolutionary led backlight, which is designed to replace conventional lamps (sector Lighting). Each hospital can meet the scanner from this manufacturer (a branch of "Medicine"). And the stores there are many different electronics ranging from smartphones to televisions (the sector "Consumer goods"). Judging by the sales, it is safe to say that things in the company are great, because they produce high quality products. An example is the Styler Philips OneBlade. User reviews of it confirm this idea.

What is the trimmer?

The Trimmer is somewhat similar to a conventional safety razor, but radically different from it. In fact, this device for trimming mustache and beard. Also the trimmer can give facial hair a certain shape and outline clear outline. The trimmer is used by those men that look after their appearance and state of his beard in particular. This device is often called a Styler. A very useful invention. No longer need to bother with machines. Just enough to turn on the machine and align everything as we need. One of the brightest representatives of devices of this class is the Philips trimmer OneBlade, which we will consider later. And now, some more information.

trimmer philips oneblade reviews

Design OneBlade

In appearance, the device resembles an ordinary good safety razor. But handle it is thicker and the structure of the shaver head is not. Inside the unit equipped with a special motor that creates the vibration and helps the blade move correctly. Head has a floating design that allows it to almost completely replicate the contour of a human face. But there is one feature: to level the beard and mustache on the face can only be against the hair growth. This is the design of the shaver head and a knife. Inside the device is a battery that allows the trimmer to work non-stop for 45 minutes. However, then it takes eight hours to charge. Trimmer has multiple attachments for different hair length. But to use it as a razor will not work. Clean hair, not shaves it. Remains a "four-hour" bristles.

The handle Design is very convenient. It perfectly fits in any hand and has rubber inserts that prevent slipping, and allows you to get the device exactly as you need. This is significant because with this device you have to deal with this very important task. One wrong move can have dire consequences. These are the main features of the Philips trimmer Pro OneBlade. Testimonials testify to the popularity of this device. Now go to him.

philips oneblade qp6510 reviews

Owner Reviews on clean shave

Those who bought this device, with one voice declare that shaves it clean enough. But it should be. This device for cutting the beard, not for shaving. At the same time, people with stiff bristles noted that the trimmer to cheer cope with their "thickets". Even in cases where a conventional machine is benovsky. But if you take into account the model OneBlade Pro reviews about it, the more positive (if such a thing can be). And it is clear. This device from another price segment. The "Pro"-version is equipped with even display thatshows the battery charge level. In addition, the full charge time is only an hour. Users report that this trimmer can be used both for wet and dry shaving. Only when the last hair flying in all directions. However, move on to other characteristics of the device.

trimmer philips oneblade pro reviews

Reviews of ergonomics

What people are saying about the ease of use of Philips OneBlade QP6510. The reviews on this score is strictly positive. Despite the fact that the model 6510 is the youngest in the series. According to most designers, "Phillips" did everything possible in order to be able to comfortably use the device: rubberized handle impressive size, which perfectly fits in your hand, no annoying wires and so on. But most users have noted small weight of the device. To use it very easily. The hand does not hurt even after hours of use of the trimmer. By the way, the light weight is also important during transportation of the gadget. Speaking of the latter. Many complain that there is no case or pouch for transportation of the Styler. And it's not very good. On the other hand, look at the price.

philips oneblade pro qp6510 reviews

Feedback about the reliability of the device

Opinions differ. Some owners claim this trimmer is that it works for a long time and reliably. And the blade change is necessary not so often. Others with crazy persistence proves otherwise. Who to believe? Let's just say it all depends on the build quality of the device and the stiffness of the bristle holder. If a person has on the face soft hair, he is nothing to worry about. The trimmer will last a long time. But if the hair is more like sandpaper, and then reveal all the flaws of this device. The most serious of them - a flimsy construction of the floating head and fastening the blade. If the hair is very hard, the mount could break. This is especially true for devices manufactured in China. If you are lucky enough to find Styler European Assembly, it won't be a problem. However, finding them is very difficult. It is almost impossible. Philips OneBlade Pro QP6510 reviews, which we are examining, not exceptional durability. Therefore they need to use carefully. As, in principle, any other device.

philips oneblade qp6510 pro 20 reviews

Reviews about the battery and working time

Here, too, one gets an ambiguous impression. The fact that Styler used old battery type Ni-Mh. They are obsolete. But not even that. Users note that the battery should be charged a certain amount of time (in this case 8 hours). If you exceed this time the useful capacity of the batteries is lost. But the trouble is that there is no indicator of charging process in Philips OneBlade Pro QP6510-20. Reviews clear: this is unacceptable. As for battery life, almost all owners of this device consider it to be acceptable. According to their calculations, one battery charge is enough for eight treatments shaving. It is quite a normal result. It is worth noting that most of the customers chose this Styler for a decent time of Autonomous work. This parameter is very important when you use the Styler at home. But during the journey, the battery life is more important, because it is not always possible to charge the device.

Feedback about the quality of the build

It is not all clear. The owners of the trimmer was divided into two camps: some are completely satisfied with the build quality and materials, others in horror from such a clumsy performance. Try to understand. So there are two versions of the appliance: one that is made in China, and one that is assembled in Europe. Of course, the latter looks more appetizing. However, most devices in our market is the Chinese. No exception and Philips OneBlade Pro. Owner reviews say that the device, manufactured in Europe, have high quality plastic. Their design is not flimsy and is pretty reliable, what can be said about the Chinese fellow trimmer. Often goods from China made of cheap plastic. Parts of the case fit poorly, fixtures loose, despite the fact that the company "Philips" exists on the hard quality control. What is the reason for this situation is unclear. The company focuses on European customers. They get all high-quality products. And the rest are content with Chinese "consumer goods".

Reviews of ergonomics

How easy to use trimmer Philips OneBlade QP2520-20? Reviews about the ergonomics extremely positive. According to the owners, the company managed to create the perfect shape of your device. Thanks to this it perfectly fits in your hand. Floating head that follows the contours of the face - also a very good solution. You can shave as you please. The main thing - against the hair growth. Also plays an important role weight. It's pretty easy. Motion when shaving is not constrained. I have the feeling that in the hands of a conventional machine safety razors. The version of "Pro" also has rubber inserts that help more tenaciously to hold on to the device. Also these inserts prevent slipping when wet shaving. In General, the ergonomics of the Styler's all right. The owners are happy. And this is the most important thing.


So, we have considered the range of devices for the care of beard and moustache Philips OneBlade Pro.Reviews of hair Styler leave an indefinite impression. On the one hand, the device perfectly copes with its task, has excellent ergonomics, looks stylish and beautiful. But on the other, frustrating frankly no Assembly, an ancient type of battery, lack of battery indicator (in the normal version). But there is one advantage which compensates for all these deficiencies - the price of the trimmer. For the money all of the above shortcomings forgivable. However, one should not forget that, as in the case of conventional razors, replacement blades are prohibitively expensive. But this is a common situation in the modern world: manufacturers sell devices for a pittance, playing on the consumables. Should I buy a trimmer of Philips OneBlade? Owner reviews on this point clear: it is definitely worth it.

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