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When we have a baby, you should first think about his diet. The best always was and still is breast milk, but mommy can't always feed. Therefore, our article will help you to choose the mixture that will become your kid the best.

Child Birth

When you have a child, you experience real happiness! From the moment when the baby is on your chest, you become its mainstay. In order that the child is developing normally and gaining weight, he needs adequate nutrition. The most well recognized breast milk, and this is understandable. In many countries, maternity leave lasts only a few months, so the baby has to be feed with formula milk.

Unfortunately, in today's environment, a large amount of stress and fatigue some mothers quite quickly disappears milk or not produced at all. Of course, in this case any woman should try all methods for milk recovered. It is often necessary to decant, drink special teas, and much more. But if nothing helps, you need to immediately pick up baby food for babies that will fit your baby. Today the market is their incredible number, but you should know the features of each.

An Adapted milk formula

Ideal artificial food for the baby will be exactly adapted dry milk mixture. It is as close to breastmilk and has the same properties and bacteria. Adapted formulas are available for children from birth to six years. On all packages specified age: up to 6 months, 6–12 and from year to year. There are also mixture is not in powder and in liquid form, but they are fairly small, and they are much more expensive.


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Baby food for infants

The Basis of the adapted mixtures-cow's or goat's milk. Baby food for infants based on cow's milk is considered best because it is absorbed faster and does not cause constipation. Picking up the mixture, pay attention to the labels. They can be of three types: maximum, medium or partially adapted. Of course, the best option will be the most adapted mix. But if you had to transfer the baby to the mix at the age of six months, you can select and partially adapted.

Therapeutic milk formulas

In Spite of the latest technologies in the production mix, there are situations when a child may appear allergic to a particular component in the power supply. For these children there are special therapeutic mixture. One of the best on the global market is a mixture of "NAN" for newborns. It should be clarified that this diet is recognized as a leader not only specialists, but also for reviews mom.

formula baby

In Addition to allergies, baby food for infants can cause constipation. In this case, you need to go to a therapeutic mixture, which you can use to prevent problems. Nutritional therapy helps to improve functioning of the intestines and normalizes the chair of the baby. Its price is slightly higher, but to feed the baby this mixture is necessary. And if the baby spits up, then it is recommended to choose product with thickeners, which are quickly assimilated and help the kid.

Milk allergies

Children under one year are prone to food allergies in artificial feeding, since their body is not able to accept everything. Not so long ago was bred unpleasant statistic: one in four children have allergies. Therefore, they invented a special anti-allergenic compounds for newborns. The rating of this power is based on clinical studies and otzyvam mom. Usually, the Allergy occurs in cow's milk or its protein. Anti-allergic compound, respectively, do not contain this element.

This blend of the most refined of protein molecules. If your child suffers from a relatively small allergies, you need to look for blend, the packaging of which is marked “HA”. When severe allergies looking for the most adapted and best baby food for newborns. It could be the soy mixture, but if their reaction would be, then buy the food in which protein is completely split.

Milk mixture with the change in fat

Children who do not have enough pancreatic enzymes, prescribe special baby food for newborns. Prices are virtually identical. The only difference in the composition of mixtures. In this case, the food should not contain fat, or there should be a minimal amount. This mixture is prescribed and in the disorders of the intestine and pancreas.

a Mix of NAS for newborns

But to buy such a mixture on their own, without a doctor's prescription can not. Because you can harm the baby, depriving it of essential minerals. Therefore, before buying the power required to visit a pediatrician who can give you an appointment.

Dairy mixture with lactose congenital insufficiency

Unfortunately, there are cases when the child eats the mother's milk and it suffers from the so-called lactase deficiency. It can appear with time or can be congenital. Usually this disease appears in children due to improper nutrition of the mother thatleads to bloating of the child, colic, diarrhea or constipation.

For such children should buy a mixture of NAS for the newborn, which is completely devoid of enzymes. This mixture is considered to be the best at such problems. Also, there are other similar dry products. This is a "Nutrilon" and "Priselac". To identify them easily – on the package is always present in the title the word "lactose-free" or "low-lactose".

Milk formula for premature baby

Today, nobody is surprised by the birth of premature babies. This trend is present primarily due to the stress of the mother, which lead to early labor. As a rule, breast-milk in this case is not, because it still does not function properly. If nature intended to carry a baby for nine months, and then the milk arrives after that date. So a lot of doctors suggest after delivery to finish feeding the baby a special mixture for premature babies.

the Mixture for infants rating

This mixture helps the child to gain weight quickly and nourishes the body with all necessary components. Its main difference from others is the large number of serum proteins in the composition. This mixture on the package marked as a zero baby food for newborns. Feedback from parents suggests that it has a positive effect on their children. Of course, breast milk does not need to clean, but after the initiation of breastfeeding baby should drink the mixture half of its norm.

Dairy mixes with digestive disorders

Quite often in children under the age of 6 months is observed regurgitation. It may cause a difficult birth or immaturity of the digestive system of the baby. Regurgitation brings the child great discomfort, he was nervous, crying and not sleeping well. Moreover, with this disease the baby is not gaining weight, which can slow down its development. And if this process is not stopped, the consequences could be dire.

Dry milk formula

Even if the mother has enough breast milk, children with such problems as regurgitation, you still need to Supplement with a special blend. It will help to recover the intestines, to establish the chair and to completely eliminate the regurgitation. Baby food for babies with casein thickener in such cases is most suitable. You can also buy a mixture of starch, creating a viscous mass that will not allow milk to return. To determine this food on the shelves in stores easy – they always state the word "milk". This “NAN sour-milk”, “Lactarius To” and “Nutrilon milk”.

Milk formulas with anemia

Premature infants or those who were born with low birth weight, often suffer from anemia. Feeding a newborn with a mixture that aims at improving his health and weight gain, will help in this instance. However, you should understand that no formula is not able to completely cure the anemia in the child, but a special diet will help iron to be better absorbed in the body of the baby. But, the disease itself need to be addressed using the help of doctors.

I would Also like to note that if your baby was born with this disease like anemia, breast milk should not be discarded. The mixture should only to Supplement the child. The appointment to the Board must only give the doctor that leads infants from birth. Not all manufacturers can offer such a special meal. However, there are mix "Nutrilon", "NAN" and "Friemel". The prices are quite high, but buying is a must.

Nutrition for special children

For children who have been diagnosed with "phenylketonuria", follow a special diet. All mixtures, which we discussed earlier, are sold in supermarkets and in pharmacies, but these children, they are not suitable. They are introduced in the diet of special formula. The price is very high, and the process of production of heavy.

Feeding the newborn a mixture

This mixture you will find on the shelves in stores. It usually provides the state. At least in your district hospital must make a request for the issuance or sale of such food. Otherwise, your child can suffer severe illnesses, even become disabled. Therefore, the birth of the baby watch his diet, how he perceives milk as he is gaining weight, goes to the toilet and so on. Of course, each month to visit the physician for a routine inspection.

How to prepare the mixture

Today, the production of milk in its development has made a breakthrough. If before the powder was dissolved in hot water, now need chilled water at room temperature. Many mothers appreciate the convenience in the preparation of artificial food. For example, milk formula “baby” is added to warm water and stir. This method applies to almost any mix.

Baby food for babies prices

In all packages there is a special spoon, which serves as measurements. Its volume is approximately four grams of powder. Before cooking food thoroughly wash hands, pour water into the bottle, add the mixture and mix well. Do not forget to check the temperature of the milk, then let itchild.

Top tips for choosing

Do Not forget that the decision to introduce your child to the diet mixture must be rational and thoughtful. Before you make a purchase, you should consult a physician who observes the child since birth and knows all the nuances of its development. Only a doctor can advise you on the selection of the mixture for newborns. The rating is composed, as a rule, on the basis of the views of parents. Quite often it happens that the honey mixture is not suitable for the baby, and only with the transition to the cheapest option everything becomes good.

So you need to understand that the name of the producer and the final price still about what does not speak. Everything is relative and simple selection method. For example, milk formula “baby” according to the price index relates to the cheapest, but many mothers say that her child is gaining weight and generally feeling great.

If you had to resort to artificial food for their own reasons, do not worry, because it will allow the child to develop properly, he has normal stool and improve immunity. This is the formula. The prices variety and you can always choose a suitable one. For any mom the chief must always remain exactly the baby's health.

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