Business model: the 8 points on the road to success


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Many people want to start their own business, but few know how to start. To find investment? To write a business plan? To establish contacts with partners or to win the hearts of customers? What was missing in the first place? To answer this question will help the business model. At first glance, everything seems simple. business modelWe provide services or delivered product - and for it receive money. In fact, however, the mechanisms and the relationship more difficult. A business model describes the concept of how the organization creates tangible or intangible value as she distributes them and how to get income from the results of their activities.

To submit the idea of a well-rounded and multifaceted, you will need to answer a few questions, to determine the number of parameters. Here is one of the major ways that you can develop a business model.

First, define the customers. Who will be the main customers? Analyze the target audience - gender, age, financial status customers and also what will be for them a product or service a luxury or a first necessity.

Second, determine importance - what are the needs of the customer suit your products, what their problems are solved?business model exampleWill do what you have to offer, effective, efficient and possibly the cheapest? Each of these values in its own way will affect the business model will depend on them and the concept of advertising, and pricing. In addition, otherwise it will be the business.

Third, consider the distribution channels. How do you want to get in contact with your customers? Whether it's boutique or online store or a chain of recommendations? Will the communication take place face-to-face or only through the network or telephone?


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Fourth, think about the relationship, that is the psychological component. What is your opinion about you can expect from customers and what it cost you? Whether you are creating an image of the most available or business elite for the elite? How will you build relationships with potential customers - using automation process (e.g., newsletters, forms) or will actively participate in the local community? Would you like to organize events, seminars, conferences, shows?

Fifth, examine cash flow. How much your clients are paying now and how many would be willing to pay? The percentage of various revenue streams in the business? Some consider pay as you go, others offer a package of services, the third subscription, the fourth - direct sales.

Sixthly, consider the resources on which to base your business model. Example? More restaurants, publishing houses, agencies, that is, cases where the reputation of a business built on image and fame of the owner. Or is it intellectual resources, such as the name, knowledge, skills, and established relationships and communication in society. Physical sources of profit - the equipment, vehicles, systems software. For example, as a customer you're going to care who is the owner of a network of taxi and what was his reputation. description of the business modelImportant For you to be rate, speed of order execution and the condition of the car. Financial resources can be the investment of cash credit line who are willing to provide funds and under what conditions.

Seventh, the important point which should include a description of the business model, is activity. What to do, what steps need to be taken to sell, to find new customers and maintain relationships with existing? Perhaps you will regularly offer regular customers discounts, introduce new products or services. Or take an active part in industry conferences, write an article for a professional journal.

The Eighth paragraph, which should include the business model is partners. Who are they? How you can help them, what activities they will carry out for you? It is impossible for all to take by yourself, because others have skills and knowledge. They will do business faster, and you will take in the time to his creative activities. Accounting, marketing, management of fan-page, writing texts - all can be shared with partners.

After Analyzing all these points, you will be able to comprehensively represent the business model of your business and identify areas of development and begin to take the first steps on the path to success.

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