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Sumac leather or, as they call it plant - sumac tanning, grows in the South of Russia, and also in the Mediterranean countries and the Crimea. You can see the sumac and the Himalayas, and on the southern slopes of the mountains in China. The plant thrives on soils containing even rocks, and therefore grows well in the mountains.

sumac tanning

General description

Sumac leather – very branched shrub which can reach a height of 3 meters. Sometimes you can find the sumac, growing as a small tree with a neat rounded crown of up to 5 meters in height. Bark at the smoke tree is very decorative – grayish-brown, slightly scaly, and shoots of the plant can be in some varieties reddish, which gives the smoke tree more decorative. The leaves, depending on variety, can be simple with a thin petiole, or toothed, ovate. The main advantage of smoke tree – small flowers, gathered in large panicles, scattered through the crown. Flowering in southern latitudes, one season may occur at this plant many times. Sumac leather in the suburbs blooms in mid-June. The fruits of the plant ripen in late summer and are dry drupe.

sumac leather in the suburbs


In the culture of the sumac leather grow very long and, needless to say that over the years there were numerous varieties and numerous forms. In the last century grow sumac prostrate for strengthening of slopes, as well as weeping and red for decorative purposes. One of the most spectacular varieties – sumac green, normal, which looks great both group and single plantings in large gardens and parks. In our latitudes sumac can reach 4 meters high, thrive and bloom. The plant is not very hardy, but still tolerate the climate of Central Russia, even. Successfully grown sumac leather in the suburbs, leaving the winter.


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sumac leather young lady

Bush does not lose its decorative effect, even after flowering, thanks to the peduncle, which in the period of fruiting is greatly lengthened and covered with bright red or white hairs, sumac looks very beautiful and elegant. This creates the impression that the plant is put on a wig, or covered with bright cloud, consisting of clusters of reddish and pinkish shades. In this dress the tree is from June till November, and in some regions until December. Hence came such names smoke tree as parikova or smoky wood. Foliage shrub with the arrival of the first autumn days, too, changes color and gradually becomes to cold scarlet mixed with blue, orange and metallic tones. Autumn sumac becomes the main decoration of the garden, because the Bush or tree literally breaks out and attracts attention with its bright color.

About the varieties "Royal purple" and "young lady"

By far the most widespread in European countries sumac leather "Royal purple", but, unfortunately, she's Moody enough. Very often this variety freezes before snow cover, and sometimes to the roots. Because of this sumac leather royal purple in our latitude needs strong pruning of the shoots every spring, and it is grown most often in the form of bushes. The foliage of this variety is very decorative – bright, with a reddish-brown hue in the autumn takes on a bluish tinge. "Royal purple" is usually used for single plantings and in mixed borders. Very often this variety planted in single to arrange the color accents in the garden. To leather coggygria "Royal purple" wintered well and should be planted in sheltered places, with high snow cover, and to Spud for the winter.

sumac leather Royal purple

In the culture grown about a dozen varieties, of which the most frequent leather coggygria "young lady", grace and purpureus. The main difference varieties not in the flowers or the shape and size of the Bush, and in the color of the foliage. The smoke tree is a very ornamental foliage and some varieties in autumn the leaves turn orange-red shade or become bright red.


For planting a smoke tree on the plot you should choose a Sunny place, well heated and protected from the wind. If the shrub will grow in an area where little of the sun, its shoots will not have time to travelnet and therefore will be much to freeze in the cold of winter.

sumac leather care

This plant can tolerate acidic soil, but for the smoke tree is preferable to alkaline or calcareous soils. The land should be airy, breathable, though this shrub tolerates heavy soil. Indispensable sumac strengthening of slopes, which are prone to water erosion, and the plant will develop well even on rocks. It should be noted that sumac does not tolerate water stagnation, and therefore, selecting its landing site, should prevent stagnation of the spring meltwater.


Great attention is required when growing sumac leather? The care of this plant consists in the regular formation of the Bush.Sumac – it is a wonderful ornamental plant for novice growers, as it is almost not affected by diseases and pests. There is an annual pruning bushes, removing the frozen shoots, and weak. Severe pruning of the bushes is carried out every two years in late spring, but before leafing. Annual growth during hard pruning should be shortened to 2/3. Old smoke tree bushes can be rejuvenated, strongly cutting off shoots “may”. After such pruning the Bush will give a strong growth and will form a young globular crown, will be well to develop leaves.

Sumac will delight you not only for its summer flowering. You can cut the flowers, dry them and use to make winter bouquets. To dry delicate flowers of the smoke tree does not crumble, you can sprinkle them with hairspray.

sumac leather royal purple


Sumac leather Propagated by seeds or vegetatively. Seeds should be sown in the spring, closing up them into the soil to a depth of 2 cm Seeds smoke tree do not lose their germination capacity for several years and have laboratory germination of 35%.

For the vegetative propagation of smoke tree using cuttings or cuttings, shoots. Vegetatively propagate this plant very easily – the branch bends to the ground, slightly notched on her bark, pin wooden spear and sprinkle the ground. After the formation of roots the young plant can be separated from the parent and transplant.

Cuttings should be harvested in late June. Planted cuttings in the greenhouse and in the initial period of rooting them it is necessary very often to water or put in the greenhouse romanobritish. Rooting takes about three weeks. Rooted about a third of the planted cuttings.

Reviews gardeners

Try on your plot or garden to grow sumac leather, which is sure to be your pride and a favorite among garden plants. Bright outfit, simplicity – all this makes this shrub a welcome inhabitant of any garden or Park. For reviews of gardeners have been successfully growing sumac on their sites, it is possible to judge that this is a very undemanding plant that doesn't require such meticulous daily care, like a rose or a Lily. Your sumac will not need regular watering, except during severe drought, and will improve your garden, will make him rich and unusual.

sumac leather Royal purple

Many gardeners and gardeners grow sumac because of its autumn decoration and suggest anyone who likes bright outfits autumn nature, planted this plant on the site.

Difficulty farming

The Sumac in its beauty and strangeness can argue with the acknowledged Queen of the autumn ball – the chrysanthemums, but it does not require such care and attention. The only thing that might prevent to fully enjoy the plant – it is low enough, frost-resistant quality. Many gardeners have noted that in cold regions the sumac need to be covered for winter and sometimes do severe pruning in the spring. Strong pruning every year can hurt the plant and reduce flowering, and not every grower is why decided to put the sumac.

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