How to make a house for dolls with your hands? Large house with furniture for Barbie dolls


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A Doll's house – a dream of most little girls. At such a young age, every girl visualizes the real life and tries to turn their dreams into reality. So parents, it is important to know how to make the house of dolls, which will all the rooms, furniture and household items in a reduced form. This will help the child to understand the purpose of many of them, as well as to develop their abstract thinking, design skills and other creative to make the house of dolls

Use these classes

If you still don't know how to make the house of dolls, the learning process will become fascinating lesson for yourself and for the little girl. Step-by-step pick up building materials. Linking them together and combining, you will be able to teach your child the first lecture on the construction and installation. The girl learns some of the properties of materials such as wood, plastic, cardboard (and other that you will use). The next step will be the layout of the house, which, by itself, will give the child to understand how to put the premises in residential houses. In the end you will put the furniture in the house, thus appealing to the daughter of such popular profession as a designer. Well, begin to build a house for dolls with furniture is one of the for Barbie

Select a structure

The housing for the doll must open – can be tipped to the roof or the main wall, through which will be viewed all the rooms and floors. I have to say that the second option is much simpler in construction, since the basis for it is in almost every home. As it stands an old dresser, Cabinet, shelf and similar furniture items. You probably already know how to make a house for dolls of those things, and what it takes. Depending on the shelves will vary and the number of levels, so if the shelf is "storey", the house can be divided just for the room. If you make another overlap, the toy of the month will not. When the inner wall is installed, paste them with Wallpaper or paint in the colors that will choose the girl. Put in room miniature furniture and put the live little friends.the great house of dolls


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More complex version-folding roof

On the question on how to make a doll house with hinged roof, there are two answers. First – as a basis to take some kind of stand, and work with her more closely than in the previous case. Remove the surface of the tables, and remove all partitions. To avoid this, it is advisable to start with simple, single-tiered shelves. The open edges hammered with plywood, and then paint the house outside. It is worth noting that the design of this type can be of only one storey, so it is advisable to choose a shelf with a large area and with low sides to place her furniture and toys was easier. Now come up with the layout of the house, and with the help of wooden partitions (pre-need to make measurements and cut the plywood) install the wall. Fasten them with nails come with glue. Don't forget to create an interior in the house – pokleit Wallpaper, arrange furniture and accessories.dolls house with furniture

Are building from scratch

To build a large house for dolls, you will need men's help, the drawings for which will be made all the elements of puppet house, and the necessary materials. Among the latter we call plywood or chipboard, bolts, screws and subpoverty, nails, thick cardboard. Designing the house on paper, do not forget that it needs to lean one wall or the roof. In the first case it is possible to make the construction of two - or three-storey, the second can only be one tier. Dispensing room in a similar house, do not complicate the layout. The structure may be three-storey with a total height of one meter. The first level divide the kitchen and dining room. The second largest part of the area reserved for the living room, and a smaller arrange the office. The third floor will become a bedroom and bathroom. It is also important, producing the construction of this house, to take into account the parameters of the toys that will live there. So if this house for Barbie doll, it is appropriate to divide it only into two floors and a total height to slightly increase. Also choose the appropriate the length of the bed and the sofa, the width of the chairs and so on. Smaller “darlings” can be placed in closer for girls dolls at home

Puppet housing on wheels

Every little girl will be immensely happy puppet house, which is not only divided into rooms and has a furniture. This element, as the wheels that allow you to move this building across the apartment, will be the true reason for delight. It is important to choose the appropriate parameters of these parts to the weight of the main structure and toys that will it be not deformed them. If you built a house of their own from plywood, perfectly suits the wheels from an old baby cot (can be taken from the Soviet, if you still retain this). Similarly durable and reliable willto keep casters from office chairs, home furniture, from small trucks. Dolls and toys in the house, furniture and partitions will not cause breakage of these parts, because they are designed for much more weight.dolls and toys in the home

Design doll house quickly

If you know that your daughter fidget, her hand burns and breaks down, maybe need to give her such a complicated design there. Therefore, to replace the three-storey house with chipboard on a cardboard dwelling for the doll, which quickly built, easily restored and transformirovalsya in the blink of an eye. In this project we also can not do without the basics, and in her role will be a box from under footwear, equipment or something similar. If you take a large container, divide it into various rooms. Small boxes can be glued together, thereby creating room for living dolls and toys. This house can be placed on the wall, attach the boxes with glue.

Educational games for girls

House for dolls-the toy with which a girl learns to be a homemaker. Watching your daughter playing with dolls, how she furnishes their rooms, and how often cleaning the house, you can adjust the plan of her education. Maybe the baby will have to explain how you need to keep the home, what to do and what not. Don't forget it to give the tiny accessories that can be placed in the house for extra coziness. It can be a toy household items, small fluorescent lamps and interior details, and even things like combs for dolls, mirrors and personal hygiene items.

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