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The restaurant, O2 Lounge, located on the roof of the hotel «the Ritz-Carlton” in the center of Moscow, is a wide and scenic panoramic views of the Kremlin and Red square, a refined and luxurious interior halls and terraces, a gorgeous kitchen with variety of dishes and excellent service.

restaurant O2 lounge

A Few words about the hotel

“the Ritz-Carlton” is a combination of new (modern) architecture with elements of history, which is maintained all the buildings in the street Tver – one of the oldest streets of the capital of the Russian Federation. Including and neighboring the hotel «national».

Surround cornice with consoles, pillars, pilasters and other decorative supporting structures, clearly expressed on the facade give the building a majestic look. And the extraordinary lightness of the upper floors of the hotel, where is located the restaurant O2 Lounge (Moscow), as well as other bars and cafes.

Luxury rooms with all facilities and beautiful interior room in modern style are a continuation of the grandiose exterior of the building.

The hotel services are many “fun” a sauna and Spa, swimming pool, more than a dozen types of treatments, a fitness center.

As well As delicious dishes, desserts and drinks provided by the café Russe (Russian cuisine), a bar-restaurant “Novikov" (Asian and European cuisine), a restaurant, O2 Lounge (international, Japanese and Peruvian cuisine).


The establishment a stylish interior with rich furnishings and natural materials. Beautiful combination of tones, soft lighting, thanks to the gorgeous chandeliers and modern lighting, create a special atmosphere of relaxation and romance.


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Every visitor to the restaurant, O2 Lounge, but gently dip into the world of true beauty, elegance, pleasure. Cosy rooms and splendid terrace with views of the Central part of the city. This is a favorite of many Muscovites and tourists a place for a photo session on the background of the Kremlin.

Ritz Carlton

The Kitchen offers the splendor of exotic and favorite French, Japanese and Peruvian dishes. Great cocktail menu, wide selection of wines and other beverages.

There is Parking, Internet, music nights (on Fridays at school are the best DJs of the capital).

O2 lounge restaurant


For gourmets in the restaurant, O2 Lounge create delicious meals sushi chef Marco Villafuerte from Peru and chef Florian Corriol from France. Thanks to the excellent craftsmanship of these culinary wizards, and the dishes turn out just perfect! It is constantly appreciated by the visitors.

In Addition to the delicacies and subtleties in terms of the compatibility of the ingredients, there is a nice presentation of each dish.

The Products are of the highest quality and freshness.


The O2 Lounge restaurant offers to taste dishes of international, Japanese and Peruvian cuisine.


  • With Kamchatka crab;
  • Branded “the O2 Lounge»;
  • Salad with green beans;
  • “Prosciutto di Parma”.

Cold Appetizers

  • Tartar of salmon meat;
  • Tartare of beef;
  • Carpaccio of octopus meat;
  • Assorted fine cheeses (served with grapes, dried fruits, crackers, honey);
  • Crab with vegetables.

Hot Appetizers

  • Shrimps;
  • Season;
  • Crab fritters.


  • Coconut milk soup and seafood;
  • Noodle soup with chicken white meat and vegetables;
  • Soup from the chef;
  • Cold soup "Gazpacho".

Fish main dishes: O2 lounge restaurant menu

  • Catch of the day with vegetables;
  • Mediterranean sea bass with vegetables, sauce and cheese;
  • Lobster with pasta;
  • Mussels in white wine.

Meat main dishes

  • Rib eye steak on the grill;
  • Fried chicken with potatoes and vegetables;
  • Beef cheeks sauce;
  • Rack of lamb (grilled);
  • Grilled beef;
  • Shrimps;
  • King crab;
  • Tuna and more.


  • Seafood tower with bread, sauce;
  • Seafood platter;
  • Shrimps;
  • Mediterranean oysters;
  • Pancakes with caviar (sturgeon, salmon, Beluga);
  • Live king crab in the broth;
  • Live lobster with vegetable salad, grilled;
  • Roasted langoustine with bread and butter;
  • Tuna with vegetables in tempura;
  • Ham with spicy bread;
  • Beef;
  • Vegetable noodles with seafood (optional).

Sushi rolls

  • Assorted land;
  • Assorted rolls;
  • Sushi fillings (altoholic, tuna, salmon, smoked eel, king crab, shrimp, squid, beef, bream, scallops).


  • Beans;
  • Seaweed salad;
  • Rice with smoked eel;
  • Marble beef with sauce;
  • The flesh of a salmon sauce;
  • European Dorado with sauce;
  • Dim sum with shrimp;
  • Dim sum with pork;
  • Miso soup;
  • Tartare of tuna.


  • Ventresca tuna;
  • Altoholic;
  • Tuna akami;
  • Salmon;
  • Crab;
  • Smoked eel;
  • Shrimps;
  • Squid.


  • Spicy tuna;
  • Spicy salmon;
  • Salmon;
  • Scallop;
  • Royal crab.


  • “California”;
  • Brand “Seiji”;
  • Cucumbers;
  • Stuffed vegetables;
  • «Philadelphia»;
  • Spicy salmon;
  • Avocado;
  • Crab andstrawberries;
  • Spicy selloholicmom;
  • Smoked salmon and red caviar;
  • Mango roll;
  • Roll ‘Sakura’.

Desserts restaurant O2 Lounge:

  1. “Millefeuille” with cream and berries.
  2. Cheesecake.
  3. “cat lady”.
  4. Almond sponge cake.
  5. Assorted seasonal fruits.
  6. Assorted berries.
  7. Brand cake “the Ritz-Carlton”.
  8. Ice cream and sorbets.


O2 lounge restaurant reviews

The restaurant on the top floor of the hotel «the Ritz-Carlton" - O2 Lounge-attracts visitors not only a delicious culinary delights and panoramic views but also a wide range of alcoholic beverages including cocktails, liqueurs.

Bartenders create masterpieces from a variety of beverages and natural supplements.

For Example, cocktails based on vodka:

  • "Red Square";
  • "White Russian";
  • "Holiday";
  • Moscow mule;
  • "Moscow sling";
  • "Vodka Martini."

Cocktails based on whiskey.

  • "Bourbon milk punch";
  • "new York sour";
  • "Mint julep";
  • "view kind";
  • "Alaska";
  • "Rob Roy" and so on.

As well As wines and champagnes for every taste.


For an Institution with a terrace, scenic views and good food would be a good place for celebrations-from family gatherings, dinners with friends and romantic encounter with your loved one, to weddings, theme parties, presentations and so on.

The Room can accommodate up to 800 people. The arrangement of tables, decorations, service, menu, music – all by agreement and mutual consent of the administrator and the visitor is resolved in a relatively short time.

A friendly and cohesive team of professionals restaurant O2 Lounge will do my best.


The restaurant O2 Lounge is truly the best panoramic place in the center of Moscow.

restaurant O2 lounge address

Feedback from visitors as follows:

  1. Great place.
  2. Creative approach from the staff to fulfill orders.
  3. Stunning views from the Windows.
  4. Despite the relatively high bill, here is just coffee.
  5. Decent contingent.
  6. Good selection of wines and cocktails.
  7. Delicious Peruvian sweets.
  8. Very friendly service.
  9. Japanese cuisine at the highest level.
  10. Excellent meat dishes.
  11. Impressive interior.
  12. Good location.


The address of the restaurant O2 Lounge: Moscow, Tverskaya street, 3. The nearest subway station - "Ryad".

Working hours: from 12.00 to 02.00 daily.

The Average check of the institution: 3000-4000 rubles per person.

Welcome to the restaurant O2 Lounge!

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