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The Project, which in short time was able to win wide popularity and love of the audience – “Bachelor”. Maxim Cherniavsky, the main character of the show, from 25 beautiful women must choose only one. The project is nearing final, but his persona certainly did not cease to excite the fans for a long time. We offer get to know him better!

Maxim Cherniavsky: a biography

A Young man born into a wealthy family of Kiev on 30 August 1986. In this city he spent all his childhood and youth. His father was a businessman and his mother worked as an accountant. Parents were always busy career, so most of the time Maxim spent with his grandmother – Marina Chernyavskaya. She was engaged in construction business, and quite successful, owning a chain of hypermarkets “Maxi”, which was named in honor of the beloved grandson. Maxim himself had told me that grandmother had played the most important role in his upbringing. He spent almost all his time with her, even at work. Nobody was surprised when the young man decided to engage in the construction business, that is to follow in the footsteps of grandmother and father. After school he graduated with honors from capital University.Maxim Cherniavsky: biography


After school, Maxim went to work in the hypermarket cashier grandmother. When he was 17 years old. It is worth noting that he rapidly advanced through the ranks and after 2 years took over as Director. It was then decided to start his own business Maxim Cherniavsky. His biography as a successful businessman starts from this point. Many believe that helped him grandma, and she continues to do it. According to Maxim, at the age of 22 he got the initial capital from selling my first company. Now he earns a living by using their own construction company, sold real estate. Maxim Cherniavsky says, he realized that he wanted to do it, building your dream home. But still many believe that for his position he needs to thank the famous grandmother.


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Moving to America

Maxim said that he fell in love with Los Angeles as soon as arrived to this city. Less than a month after moving, he took in the metropolis apartment. At the same time, a young man decides to move their business the US, the same goes for courses in architecture.Maxim Cherniavsky

It is easily accustomed to new surroundings, and not experienced any difficulties in communication and easily overcome language barriers. This is not surprising because Maxim went to school with a language bias. He does not want to return to his native Ukraine, because there is at home in a modern style, do not use special popularity, and to build in the spirit of the Soviet Union, the young man does not want to.

Personal life

Anna Sedakova and Maxim Cherniavsky was one of the most prominent couples of the Russian show-business. But, unfortunately, their marriage did not last long. They were married in February, and in the summer they had a beautiful daughter, Monica. Soon, max filed for divorce, although it was rumored that the couple reconciled. But the divorce still happened. A young man very keen to talk about this marriage, saying that would like to restore friendly relations with Anya.Anna Sedakova and Maxim Cherniavsky

But he has a great relationship with my daughter: he loves her, adores, pampers gifts, trying to spend as much time as possible and often takes her with him. Maxim hopes that the daughter character will be like him and choose for yourself a serious matter. He would not want to Monica was like a mother and was only interested in fashion novelties.

After the divorce, he grieved long and after 1.5 months has been seen with a young Ukrainian model Anna Andres. Gossip said that the new Maxim girl was like his ex-wife. But these relationships were not serious.

An affair with Santa Dimopulos

Maxim Cherniavsky photo

According to some rumors, one of the reasons for the divorce, Maxims and Anna was Roman male colleague and ex-wife. It was Santa Dimopoulos. This affair stirred up the public and vigorously debated. After all, Santa was the closest person to Anne, and while she was working on a new project, she was fooling around with her husband. Of course, Santa denies this relationship, assuring all that the guys have divorced for another reason, and they with Maxim are just friends.

The Real reason of the divorce the young man calls ex-wife's desire to deal only with career. Maxim says that, at every opportunity, Anna was broke and went to Moscow for the shooting or concerts. But despite this, he considers the years spent with Sedokova, the happiest in his life.

“Bachelor”. Season 2

The protagonist of the new season was it Maxim Cherniavsky. A photo of it and participating in the project shortly after the series began to enjoy great popularity. Now show the final stages, I can even say that it has been completed. In the latest issue of Maxim was expecting two dates with cute girls, Masha and Alena, after which he had to make a difficult, maybe the most important choice in his life. In the end, the bachelor chose Mary Grigolo, which attracted him by its sincerity, directness and purity.

the Bachelor Maxim Cherniavsky

Andpretty young mom Alena Pavlova was forced to go home with a broken heart, unable to get any reciprocity.

It would Seem that this point can be put, but viewers will have to wait a while to see the issue post-show with Anfisa Chekhova, where they are waiting for something interesting, according to the announcement. The former member will ask tough questions, and the choice will be questioned.

It only remains for Us only to wait for this release and worry about the guys, but anyway I want to wish them only happiness, great love and tenderness to each other! And fans of the show already looking forward to next season and new love stories.

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