Uncrowned Queen of England lady Jane grey: biography, life history and interesting facts


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Lady Jane grey's fate gave only 17 years of life. But no! Grandniece of Henry VIII – king of England - he paid with his life for what was related to the famous old Tudor. In history she is known as the uncrowned Queen. What was the fact that this girl left so early from life? The story of the most mysterious of the Queen of England, you will learn by reading this article.

England: characteristics of the time

To fully understand the tragic fate of lady Jane grey, a biography which is just full of different events, take a look at what was England in the sixteenth century. It was a time when the Tudors were in power. Historians karakteriziraju this period as the time of dawn and rich splendor. With England began to be reckoned with in the world, because now she has mastered the seas and began to rule the world of trading.

However, political instability, religious strife and scandals did not leave the land. We can say that wealth and luxury were extracted using the block and multiple executions. It was at this period have a short, nine-day reign of lady Jane grey.

Early years

The Parents of the future Queen was: Henry grey (Marquis of Dorset) and lady Frances Brandon. Later her father will be awarded the title of Duke of Suffolk. The girl was born in the autumn of 1537.

This was not the first child who appeared at the family estate of grey. Still, the first children of a couple: a boy and a girl, died shortly after birth. Dreaming about the son of a family of gray soon got two daughters – sisters, Jane.


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From the earliest years of lady Jane grey, childhood and adolescence which took place in the ancestral home, interested in different Sciences. Time for this unpopular female employment favored. Henry VIII held Reformation, and the women were allowed not only to do housework, but also to learn.

lady Jane greyTo Join the Sciences could only girls of rich families, for our heroine it was no problem. She mastered the art of dance, played musical instruments, and was fluent in several languages. Jane loved to read, and devoted to this occupation all my free time. Her family held a puritanical view of life, so she almost did not take any part in secular life.

Testament of the king

In Anticipation of his death, Henry VIII took care of the will. In it he named his heirs children: Mary, Elizabeth and Edward. In the will there was a PostScript which said that if the children of the king will not leave after his death, the heirs, the right of succession will pass to the niece of the king – lady Frances with her daughters. So, the mother of lady Jane grey and she was in the list of pretenders to the throne.

When the king died, the throne was inherited by his son, who was the same age as Jane.

Thoughts on the throne

Jane was very friendly with the king. The education of girls do not even let her think about how she was close to the throne. And if a girl in his friendship with the king could see nothing else, people around her began to think that it would be nice this couple to marry.

In particular, Lord Seymour Saddle, who was her guardian, began seriously to plan this marriage. However, these plans were never realized. At that time, anyone could fall into disgrace and be subject to penalty. It happened with Lord Seymour.

The girl's Mother, despite the fact that lady Jane grey in the list of contenders for the throne was not the first, was engaged in its education, in which the emphasis was on the fact that she may be future Queen.

Jane and the king

The Idea of marriage to Jane and the king after the death of her guardian firmly stuck in the head of her mother. She really wanted her daughter became Queen.

In fact, the king liked Jane, but a very different love. He valued her education and intelligence, and his heart was going to give overseas the Princess to strengthen his position.

The Mother blamed only his daughter. Lady Frances thought that Jane would have better to seduce king Edward. The discontent she showed through the punishment of the daughter. It is known that the girl was flogged with rods, deprived of food and locked in a room for a few days.

Biography of Jane grey briefly Is divided into 2 periods: childhood and becoming Queen, because, in fact, this girl was happy only in childhood, the rest of the time she just suffered from the ambitions and desires of her loved ones.


Soon in the game for the throne shall be the Duke of Northumberland, Regent 16-year-old king. lady Jane grey nine days QueenAccording to historians, he urges Jane to marriage with her fourth son. And later takes an active part in that of the king of England is developing a deadly disease.

The Wedding has played a very lush and rich. The newly-minted husband was only a year older than his wife, and already find fame as the drunkard and the brawler. Of course, such a Union did not like Jane, but her family was her law. It should be noted that Jane's husband, seeing his young wife, fell in love and promised to stop their dubious adventures.

The Duke of Northumberland is so “handled” the young king that he was removed from the list of pretenders to the throne of his sisters. Henry VIII in his will indicated stepsisters Edward as direct heirs. However, at the behest of the young kingthe Parliament declared them illegitimate.

So lady Jane Grey, who after marriage Jane Dudley approached the throne.

The Death king

Sick Edward, removing competitors to the throne, dies. The death occurred in the night, it all happened so quietly and without fuss, that if it was possible to hide for a while, Jane would become Queen without problems.

The problem with the Jane and those who have supported her ascension to the throne was. Mary, the daughter of Henry VIII, had to hide in the tower of London.

Immediately after the tragic events of Duke Dudley sends for Mary, who already warned about the death of her brother, the Council, the cavalry unit of the guard.

Honoring the uncrowned Queen

In light of what happened, Jane was sent to the house of Dudley, who was in Zion. She arrived the first: we sat and waited, watching as the house began to gather high-ranking officials.

lady Jane grey Queen of England"Jane grey-was Queen of England," he heard the girl, when all the guests were assembled. Heard so startled her that she lost consciousness, because Jane never wanted to be Queen. This fate she was destined to move only thanks to the efforts of their loved ones.

The Fact is that the first to greet the new Queen are the ones who are the first to betray her, taking the side of Mary. It will count Arundell and the Earl of Pembroke. And while senior Earls and lords tried to persuade Jane to agree to become Queen.

Everyone knew that the coronation Jane is only possible in case, if Elizabeth and Mary are captured and placed in the tower. This has not happened yet. And that Count Arundell will help to hide Mary, and betraying Jane, will continue to help her.

The Uncrowned Queen of England lady Jane grey arrived in London 4 days after the death of the king, and was proclaimed Queen.

Shortest reign

On the second day of his reign, Jane has already received the bad news: Princess Mary is also proclaimed herself Queen and loudly claimed their rights to the throne. Began preparation of a solution of the conflict through military intervention.

biography of Jane grey brieflyHistorians agree that Jane was able to hold the throne if she did not allow during his short reign of a few bugs.

First, she appointed commander of the army of the Duke of Northumberland, who was not popular with soldiers. Moreover, he hated the bulk of the army, which were petty nobility. If the army commanded by the Duke of Suffolk, the army would have supported Jane, and appointed her commander of the soldiers supported her rival – Mary.

It took Five days to assemble the army and to oppose Mary. All this time the young Queen issued new decrees, trying to win the love of the common people. uncrowned Queen of England lady Jane greyShe tried to convene Parliament for the adoption of laws on the transfer of monastic lands to the poor in perpetuity, to open schools for the poor and that people ceased to stigmatize.

The Struggle for the throne

Maria, whose popularity among the people was very great, did not wait until they get to her, she fled. The army, which was trying to overtake her, moving deeper into England. Success the army had, as the inhabitants of England, and the military themselves, often betraying a new Queen, he defected to Mary.

In London, too, became restless, frequent riots, which tried to suppress the guards of the Queen. While Jane struggled with the rebels, many members of the Council, members of her entourage had simply betrayed her, moving to the side of the daughters of Henry VIII.

Over time, England was divided into 2 camps. Jane spared, but supported Mary.

Dedicated to all

The Situation has worsened so much that on the 9th day, the Council also betrayed Jane. That's why she went down in history as lady Jane grey - nine days Queen.

Only 2 people: the Duke of Suffolk and Archbishop Cranmer remained faithful to her. The girl-Queen was betrayed by everyone: the Council, commander in chief of the army, of which she was appointed, people from her entourage. Courtiers, guards and servants, too, left her.

Just nine days completely changed the fate of Jane and turned the history of England in the opposite direction.

The fact that she is no longer Queen, Jane learned from her father. She was even happy with this news, because the role of the Queen just weighed it. The girl took the crown, and, leaving her, went to other chambers.


Two women in history lady Jane grey played a fatal role. First the mother pushed her to the throne, hoping that her daughter will rule England. Then the Princess Mary, trying to take away this throne, took her life.

Mary came to the throne peacefully, bloodshed almost was not, after all, its all supported. One of the first orders of the new Queen was to arrest Jane. Not only arrested the former Queen, but also her entire family. However, the parents were later released. John Dudley's sons were sentenced to death.

First at the hands of the executioner died the main instigator of the story with the young Queen, the Duke of Northumberland. All of his sons, besides her husband, Jane was pardoned, although they lost all their titles and positions.

The couple: Guildford and Jane, to avoid collusion, placed in the tower at differentcameras. It is known that the girl was imprisoned in the Bloody tower, and her husband – in the tower called the Beauchamp. women in history lady Jane greyNow guides show tourists the inscription "Jane", which, according to tradition, drew on the wall of the tower with a deep love for the young man.

In November 1553 the couple was tried and sentenced to death. The Queen herself had to decide how to death to the guilty: by burning or by beheading.

Jane witnessed the execution of her husband. Through the window she saw her husband took advantage of the death at the hands of the executioner, he was beheaded. She knew that soon her turn.

lady Jane grey's childhood and adolescenceThe Execution of lady Jane grey Took place almost without witnesses, in a closed courtyard of the tower because Mary was afraid of discontent of the crowd. Witnesses say that Jane's own hands bound his eyes, and fell on the chopping block. After reading the prayer, the executioner cut off her head.

Executed the girl was buried with her husband in the chapel of St. Peter.

Thus ended the girl's suffering, which is only 9 days have been the Queen.

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