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The metro Station "Tverskaya" Zamoskvoretskaya line of the Moscow metro has quite an unusual history going back to the depth of the 1930-ies, when the future of the Moscow metro was in the design stage. Plans strip lines has been revised, and the so-called "reserve", that is, empty underground space in the place where today is the metro station "Tverskaya", was created in the period of laying the first lines through the densely populated center of Moscow. From the creation station on this site in those days had to be abandoned for a number of reasons of a technical nature. Returned to this station only after 40 years.

metro Tverskaya

Metro Station "Tverskaya". Features construction technologies

This station was still built using the old grazed at depth beneath Pushkin square. She was commissioned in the summer of 1979 and until 1990 was called "Gorky". According to their constructive type, metro station "Tverskaya" is a three-vault pylon station deep Foundation. Like it quite a lot, the architecture is not unusual. But many of the design decisions during its construction can be called unique. Construction was complicated by the fact that the station was built on already existing stretch "Mayakovskaya"-"Theatrical". The geological conditions were more than difficult, and urban development in the city center is very dense. These circumstances forced to abandon the construction of a separate mine shaft and use the existing shaft of the station "Pushkinskaya".


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 metro station TverskayaJust had to abandon the bypass tunnels that ensure the smooth movement of the Zamoskvoretskaya line during construction of the new station on the already existing stage. Temporary paved path right along the axial line of a future metro station "Tverskaya". Photos, diagrams and calculations, engineering solutions included in the textbooks on architecture and construction as an example of rationally selected construction strategies and technologies. It's a classic of Soviet engineering, experience design and construction of subway lines in the Central part of big cities. Preserving the integrity of their historic buildings and cultural heritage. Station creates a convenient hub with the transition to "Chekhovskaya" and "Pushkinskaya".

metro Tverskaya photo

Metro "Tverskaya". Architectural features

The interior of the station is dominated by white marble and red granite. The thematic concept of the aesthetic design are works of Soviet classic of Maxim Gorky, whose name the station originally wore. "The stormy Petrel of the revolution" dedicated to the sculpture, which had to be moved from the face of the station when the need arose for the construction of transition to the station "Chekhovskaya". Pushkin square has a dense historic buildings, so the station "Tverskaya" is an underground lobby. It is combined with the lobby of the station "Pushkinskaya" Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line. You can also get to the shopping center "Tver passage" in the basement of the complex editorial "News".

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