Phacosclerosis eyes - what is it? Sclerosis of the lens of the eye: causes, symptoms and treatment


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Perhaps most people is trying to monitor his eyes, as aware of the importance of this body. It is therefore necessary to know the main characteristics of the most common ophthalmic diseases, to early on to notice the pathological process and its treatment. In this paper, we consider phacosclerosis eyes. What is it?

Changes to the lens of the eye, age related

The Lens is an important part of the eye, which from the birth undergoes various changes of a physiological nature. For example, immediately after birth, it has the shape of a ball, is soft and no color. However, with age, the front of the lens it becomes flat. The color of the lens in this period is still transparent, but gradually appears more and yellow, with the age of receiving more vivid expression. Now the surgery to replace the lens of the eye are very popular.phacosclerosis eyes what's this

Needless to say, changing not only the appearance of the lens, but also its elasticity, the lens is over time becoming more solid. When a man forty years of age the elasticity decreases to such an extent that there is a risk of development of diseases of this type, as presbyopia, commonly known as “presbyopia”. Once a man turns sixty years, he has sclerosis of the lens that affect the functioning of the body.

Research scientists in this field

Scientists have paid attention to this problem and began to explore it comprehensively. For this was specially invited representatives of different age groups, after which they were carried out to measure the degree of hardening of the lenses of the lens. Quickly cope with this task, Australian scientists have helped this device as mechanical analyzer, through which they carried out measurements at certain points. The results showed that the increase in stiffness of the lens begins with fourteen years. Especially actively this process develops in the cortical divisions and in the nucleus. So, up to thirty years of age young people cortex parts have a higher hardness than the core. However, as you get closer to the mark in thirty-five years, these figures become identical. Further, the hardness of the core becomes higher.


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surgery to replace the lens of the eye

Although the results were obvious, scientists have not been able to substantiate this phenomenon. Expressed only hypothesis. For example, according to one of them, finding the lens sufficient hardness is due to compaction of the substance from which it is formation during dehydration. However, when conducting special analyses of phacosclerosis eyes (what it is, interesting to many) it was found that the amount of water that is contained in the crystalline lens over time does not change and remains the same throughout human life. This result refuted the hypothesis.

Functionality of the lens

Generally speaking, the functional characteristics of the lens are determined primarily such qualities as softness and elasticity, which is also confirmed by the theory put forward by Hermann von Gelmgoltsa. He argued that the human eye has such optical characteristics that, when using near vision increases the curvature of the surface of the lens. However, no changes in sphericity when this happens, the process is carried out through reductions in ciliary and ciliary muscles. Symptoms of phacosclerosis eye is presented below.

Since the lens need to constantly change its shape, it needs to maintain its elasticity. However, its rigidity increases, and change shape is not so easy, and at some point he basically loses the ability. Because of this, people are forced to use aging points.sclerosis of the lens of the eye


Phacosclerosis eyes (what it is, we said) is such a pathological process which is characterized by compaction of the fibers of the lens. To identify this disease, you must know its major symptoms, which include:

  • Decreased visual acuity and the occurrence of myopia;
  • Dry eyes or, conversely, tearing;
  • Eye fatigue due to prolonged over-voltage;
  • Sharp pains that appear in the eyeballs;
  • Gradual loss of ability to distinguish colors;
  • High sensitivity to bright light;
  • Loss of clear vision, the letters “float” before the eyes while reading.

Sometimes phacosclerosis both eyes.

phacosclerosis both eyes


We have found that the majority of patients is the development of the disease because of changes in ocular tissues due to age. But experts say that there are other factors causing this disease:

  • Iridocyclitis and corneal ulcer;
  • Varying degrees of myopia;
  • Diabetes;
  • Glaucoma and cataract with complications;
  • Predisposition from the point of view of heredity.

How to diagnose multiple sclerosisthe lens of the eye?

To confirm the diagnosis, the specialist need to analyze the condition of the lens at the side light, using the lens of 20 D. in addition, the lens is also studied in transmitted light, whereby it is possible to judge about changes of its shape, if any.

phacosclerosis eye symptoms

Is also Mandatory procedure biomicroscopy of the eye, which is slit lamp. The inspection process is the possibility of detecting minimal changes in color, shape and position of the lens. In addition, there are also ultrasonic A-scan, or echobiometry. This diagnostic method allows to specify the place in which there was a seal of the lens, and to determine the presence of turbidity.

Treatment of diseases

Phacosclerosis different from other ophthalmic diseases that does not cause a reduction of visual acuity. Therefore, do not require special treatment. In most cases, the doctor prescribes corrective eyeglasses, which are selected depending on the age changes of the patient. But severe cases require surgery to replace the lens of the eye.

Because until now, experts still could not determine the specific mechanism of occurrence of phacosclerosis, there are no effective therapeutic methods. Experts can only offer a set of measures aimed at maintaining the condition of the patient, so you can slow the hardening of the lens and the symptomatic manifestations. Therapy for the diagnosis of "fakesters eyes" is reduced to such actions:diagnosis phacosclerosis eyes

  • Proper nutrition of the patient;
  • Physical activity
  • The use of nutrients and certain vitamins;
  • The abandonment of bad habits.

Traditional methods

There are also folk treatments, which contribute to maintaining healthy eyes. Patients are encouraged to eat as much blueberries, carrots, honey and other products used by healers since ancient times to improve qualitative characteristics of view. Any time is relevant this recommendation, as concern about the required level of the General state of the human body. With proper software it can draw all its resources and will help the lens to maintain its elasticity up to a ripe old age. You also need to keep track of how much sugar is in the blood, be sure to record the slightest change in the state of the eye, to try to avoid injury and regularly to come on reception to the ophthalmologist.

The article describes phacosclerosis eyes, what it is, now I understand.

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