How to create an FTP server on your own?


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Many of you are wondering about how to create an FTP server. I want to bring some clarity. In order to understand what was going on, let's find out what is it all about? Not to go deep into the jungle, let's just say that it is a repository of large files on the Internet. Also, this server sometimes referred to as a program.

how to create ftp server

There are many specific software, which makes simple computer to the FTP server. These programs can monitor all incoming client requests, and then send a reply to each of them. During installation, you specify the desired path and the selected catalogue will be available to the relevant customers. That is on this principle works the FTP server of Windows.

Let us Now consider what the FTP Protocol. It is designed to transfer files on the Internet. For this they use different network transmission of data and commands between the server and the client. That is, the Protocol allows to exchange files via communication with the remote device. Of all the companies that provide hosting services to give its clients the opportunity.

ftp server

So, how to create an FTP server? First, you need login with a password. When you use the services of hosting company should provide you with FTP details after registration, which usually come via e-mail. If not, you should contact the relevant support service. That is the answer to the question about how to create an FTP server, very simple: it happens automatically on the host.


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If you want to give access to your website some individuals (for example, to edit templates), it is possible to create an additional account in which to determine the path only to the desired directory. Thus, employees will only have access to what you allow.

windows ftp server

How to do it? Take any hosting provider. Go to the FTP tab on the control panel. When you do, you will immediately see a window that will allow you to make necessary settings. The root directory is called "sayt/public_htm". If you specify it, you get full access to all website files.

To create a separate account, you must enter your password to login, and the directory path. For example, if it is the subject, first write "sayt/public_htm" (root directory), then "/wp-content" (the folder containing themes, plugins, and other data), then the "/themes", where you define the name of the theme. Specify this path in the window and select "Create".

If your account is not yet configured, it can be done, based on the above material. It will not present any difficulty. That is, in principle, and the whole setup procedure. Now you understand how it works and know how to create an FTP server. I think I understand and clearly explained for you in this article. As you can see, nothing complicated and supernatural in this matter is not observed. In that case, if your friends also interested in this topic, tell them about it or let me read the material. Thank you all for your attention.

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